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There Tend to Escape

Ugounou - There Tend to Escape Game is a new Japanese point and click type escape the room game. In this game, you try to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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This is probably a good game.
Information seems plentiful, there is a save function and items are easily collected.
There is however a slight problem in that I do not have the slightest idea what is going on!
Any Japanese speakers are cordially invited to translate the many presumably helpful messages which are liberally dotted around the place.

Im with you Austen

Much as I hate to admit defeat I'm afraid that without some Oriental assistance I will soon be forced to call it a day on this one.
It's a shame because otherwise it seems pretty good.

I will not give a star rating on this game as that would be unfair.
Just because I am unable to proceed due to the language barrier does not make it a bad game.
Good luck to all who give it a go.

This comment has been removed by the author.

I'm not so sure it's good, Austen ~ I went into a room, picked up a piece of glass, looked up and got stuck in an endless white screen. Pretty sure it was a bug. Restarting now to doublecheck

Sorry to be late for translating.
I think this is quite hard even for Japanese speakers...

The following is almost spoiler to color the picture.
4 Japanese names are on the paper right to the coloring and they are the hints to be colored.
some hints are relating to the meaning of the Chinese characters and the others are from pronunciation of the names.
(colors and items are hidden in the letters and pronounsation.)
I hope this will help you...

1 東村 早希
higashi mura sa ki
murasaki ・・・purple
木・・・ tree

2 服部 晴二
月 ・・・moon

3 黄瀬 順也

4 福 盛  茜
  fuku mori akane
aka・・・ red

・・and I haven't find the answer for the clock. calculating S=H+M+4 many times though. can't figure it out...

Just saw sth which I thnk means seconds = hours + minutes + 4. Also saw RPG w/ some colors earlier (Role Playing Game?)
I'm about to enter the dangerous room again...

thanks @kei kei, glad you're here - in my restarted game there's no arrow to look up, so that was a nasty bug, but it disappeared at least
I followed above instructions and got a purple key
Don't understand clock either, numbers don't add up

OMG that looks like a ghost-leg spider-web
with only Japanese instructions, I'm despairing here
there's also a 4-# code and a drawer that needs a handle

lol, I'll look around a bit more, but I don't think I can solve any of this

It's a ghost-leg all right - each path leads to a different color

if only I knew why...

This comment has been removed by the author.

okay, colors outside the door are grby

green is SW
red is W
blue is NW
yellow is E

does it mean anything though?

that is, you start on the SW path from the center, and follow the legs, you get to green.

sth round you've got is a lid of a "bento" box.

Hey I just put what I thought was a ring on the ground in the spiderweb room - it's a pan, now collecting water under a leak.

or a lid, lol

I can see from your explanation of the hints above, kei kei that this programmer's mind is twisted and diabolical (thanks v much for doing all that work btw)

But I'm also seeing that he's not nearly as good a programmer as Haretoki or Gatamari, for instance

I think I'm bailing out of this game, I don't have faith in it, sorry!

well, it seems like the puzzles are good ones even if I can't understand it. 4 stars from me.

Solved 4-digit code by following direction and count path to center.
Get a note with hiragana "はのまされ" and stuck.


nice going tautau! I should have thought of that...

I've closed my game but I have a suggestion - try dipping the paper in the water

This comment has been removed by the author.
       Anonymous  12/3/14, 3:33 AM  

Austen, I disagree.

Unplayable is unplayable, no matter what the reason, and should be given one star.

the ladder bars are related to the clock
I put 5:45:54 and have rotated the bars

remove leaves with glass
I put the word that was in the wet paper
this has taken me a while :) は の ま さ れ
thanks for the above hints

And after that you go out with the yellow key.
Great find on the clock code, Sisli :)

What was the pan for?

It is better not to rate a game you can't understand. Not 1 star, not 4 stars.

       Anonymous  12/3/14, 6:05 AM  

Magdalena, I would agree with that, except for two things.

First, there is a difference between not understanding a game, and not being able to play it.
I have played plenty of games that I didn't understand, and had a blast!
Language does not have to be a barrier, it is a choice by the developer, as is submitting it to an English language game hosting site.

Second, the ratings are not just there for us, they are aslo there for the people who make the games as well.
It is not fair to them to deprive them of the feedback they count on to direct their development.
Any game you try to play, you should rate.
Since the worst thing that could happen is that a game is not playable, that is what ought to get one star.

The star ratings are absurdly inaccurate, largely beause people are impatient. Herpington, this game is playable, as you can see above; we solved it with teamwork.
I'm not saying that makes it a great game, but a tricky and confusing game will often get a low rating before anyone understands it.

Lol, I'm off to play the new Hilgreed, I know that's going to be a good game - as always, I'll pay no attention at all to the ratings.

Can someone please explain how to figure out the clock code?

kei kei - T

Thank you for coming here to help with your translations. In a game like this where the language is such a barrier, your efforts are very much appreciated - even though it is a difficult and challenging game, thank you for the help! I hope you come back and help us more often!

I rejoined as i found Sili’s hint for the clock and got out. Thank you Sisli!
Tautau, i think some timbers in front of the door upstairs are the hint.
When you tint your neck to left side, you’ll see the time, and S=H+M+4. i thought that way, but if wrong , please correct...

kei kei, I think to make it to be able to open the door upstairs, the timber needs to be in the position of 5:45. Note that the timber position is the same as the clock.

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This comment has been removed by the author.

Ms Roma, this is an English forum. I know people from all over the world play games here, but the communication is all done in English. There is no point in posting games that rely on understanding of another language.

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