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July 8, 2018

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The 7 Bulbs Escape Walkthrough

The 7 Bulbs Escape

[REPLAY] CoolEscapers - The 7 Bulbs Escape is another free online point and click room escape game developed by our EG24 player Roberto for CoolEscapers. In this game, find items and hints to solve puzzles to eventually be able to escape from the room. Good luck and have fun! ☺ [Submitted by Roberto]

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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Yippee today my escape day...

Ty Roberto! I'm in!

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hmm gonna be hard one I reckon

I been thinking colours for that C< etc

wordplay the candle\sucker?

C=cyan so one colour before? etc

I bet the colors have something to do with the levers.. but still can't see the logic..

Leroy I was thinking more about Center Right and Left.......

and I'm horrible with puns LOL!

so Center Left Right , and 7 colors so i tried the Red as the center and going left and right as suggested but ... Nothing !!!

I'm away

first one opened. Think opposites for the candle one

could be that damn picture on wall LOL

I thought ・・・
>=Go right 1
>>= Go right 2
<=Go left 1
<<= Go left 2

But, that didn't have no means.

opposites ?!

@enzed I tried "Dark" and "sour" .. no go.. xD

I told u I'm horrible with those..

why I thought colours
cyan\light blue
and R for red

it gives 5 different colours..

if you're talking about the levers,the dots and < > are the clue

On channel 47 add the center color c to the color one color to the > right of it: c> means "yellow+red=orange"

what to do ?!!! lol .. channel 47 ? hmmm i must be so tired !

Ermm so I guess we were on the wrong track huh....

Channel 35 is greater-than/less-than equations for the colored sliders by the door.

I guess u've already turned the TV on @Elmer..

help with the candle thing plz aha

The position of the channel displays on the tv are c;ues to the order to click the corners of the flower picture.

Elmer is 100% right with his description

3 lamps so far for me- opened levers, candle, colours, keylocked

What word can you do to a candle that is the opposite of a word you can do to a sucker... both with your mouth.

oh my.. o.o got it..

Nini- look at what Leroy called the two items at 5:45- one of them is almost perfect

Elmer- I tried that but it didn't work- tried it again after you said it and of course it did- TY

Great ! Thanks everyone i'll check back later !

Ok... so levers solved, colors solved and cadle/lollipop solved..

just the green dials and letters? to go

same Kevaus

Channel 12:' one fragment of a letter shape can be added to one letter in each word to make it a real word.

@Elmer clever!

Ugh... bit of a language barrier here xD

On channel 68, L and must be Left and Right. T and B might be Top and Bottom. But we only have 4 rows of clues for 5 dials. Hmmm....

got it xD

Yeah @Elmer.. I'm thinking the same..

Im slow today LOL

5 dials though give 4 junctions between the so we are probably talking about the combinations

** between them**

What if TL/BL... reffer to the channels again?

both clues have "-" on them.. like "on line - 68"

hmmm whatever .. anyone else lagging or am i the only one ? still can't get the what to do safe ? Leroy ? lol

have you solved the 4 digit number- I haven't got that one yet either

E-Addict,by safe do you mean 4 digit door ?

LOL blow candle suck lollipop

4 dig number is by using -TL - BL etc clue (take TL and BL segments away to get number)

ehhehe the letter code was wrong on sooooo many levels.

Yeah I think channel 68 refers to the channel numbers again. Below the 4 green dots is an icon that looks like the channel buttons on the remote.

LOL Thanks leroy .. for a moment i thought it's the who wants to be a millionaire show , new version !!! lol

thanks Kev- I was trying to solve the rotary dials with that

Yeah E I didnt want to believe answer myself LOL

Wow.. I've been applying hints at the wrong places all throughout the game..

Channel 68 is s split screen- clue to number puzzle on left, clue to green dials on right?

I seem to have locked myself in the lamp room but only have 6 bulbs

LOL nini

had to restart after locking myself in- just the dials to go. I'm wondering if the channels off/on might have something to do with it

@enzed I thought about it but still no idea

got the green dials !!! you are on the right track enzed

will spoil if you want

Gosh I'm soo slow today.....

you could try a hint rather than spoiling if possible

lights in c/b have a on/off sequence,gives a number,but don't know where to use it yet

well soo on/off are for the lamps not for the dials..

hint for dials is same method for painting,except it is either l or right

@kevaus there's a right view after u go through the door

there is a keypad by the door- that's what locked me in and made me restart

but no- I haven't got the green dials- so HELP!

eg ch 12 was tl for painting but on dials it is just l

yay.. got it..
Phew out!!

ty for the hints everybody!

yep nini found that after posting about dials,but thanks all the same !!!

Any more hints for green dials?

green dials SPllOrILElR

but that either gives 4 (numbered) channels or 7 including off line ones. I'm not sure how to equate that to 5 knobs

@Elmer just do what kevaus said>

u have 1 2 3 4 5

start with 1 and check the channels. CH 12 is on the left side. so the 1st dial should be poiting left.. dial 2 is the same thing, . and so on

ah now I see- just use the first 5 (doh!)

that was a great game,really had us all thinking !!

Can't come up with the word...
Any hints?

Thanks. Tricky... it uses left and right, with no ups and downs for some reason. How did you figure that out?

lol I was useless .. gotta get a grip lol!

now where to use the six bulbs ?

Time to leave! Good evening everyone and thx again for all the useful hints.

Pochan, which word?

POP Make word in each row.
I was thinking vertical word.

oh still the paining .. where's the clue for it ?

that was a really superb game- thanks everyone for help, and trying to hint throughout rather than blatant spoiling

never mind lol the channels again !

paining or painting,enzed ? lol

Thank you everyone for great hints.
Enjoyed it very much.

E-Addict- the position of the channel indicators on each channel are the clue: the digits 1 and 2 appear in the upper left, so you click the painting twice on the upper left. Now find 3...

oopps meant E-Addict,sorry enzed

and OUT !!! not the millionaire but out whatsoever lol .. Thanks everyone .. Leroy and Kevaus in particular !

and Roberto it shouldn't be your last game at all .. because i just heard so ! lol

Yeah, thanks guys. Great game, but pretty hard. I'd have never finished without your help. Great community here.

Once I turned on the correct bulbs, I got a 5-digit number.. Was that the end of the game? There's nowhere to put it..

Elmo you can go right from the bulbs view !

and @Roberto just one more thing , was the B/S combination really needed ?!!! lol

:( No game for me -- game window covered by an advert for another game site.

i can't figure out the digit number...

Kiki- think of a 7 segment display then remove the things it tells you to subtract

ok. finally solved it.. thanks enzed!

can anyone spoil the 5 colors? That's my last and I'm just not getting it....

The first was red and yellow to make orange.

I can't remember the rest and can't replay now- sorry

I'm stuck at the beginning with the 5 colours/CLR too. Have seen the explanations above but don't get it.

Thanks anyhow @enzed....I just don't understand the 1 arrow and 2 arrow thingy.. >, >>

same here @smarties....what gets me upset is that I made it through without I'm so badly stuck and I feel stupid.

Makes more sense now I've found the remote for the tv!

You're not stupid! Turn to channel 47 on the tv. See the 3 colours - one on left, one in centre and one on right.
But I don't know what to do about the ones where it implies there are colours to the right of the righthand one.

Following enzed's tip, I can see how the first three are orange, purple, green.
C> = Yellow's in the centre and red is one space to the right of it so you combine them to make orange.
But the last two?

2 word puzzle


what to do

iron ball from 2 word puzzle gives key from device

get remote from locked CB

       Anonymous  2/17/15, 2:32 AM  

An excellent game! Those words were tricky.

I came that far too @smarties but with my logic last 2 should be purple and orange again....where am I thinking wrong?

and now it worked??? confused.... """"

5 coloured dot puzzle


hint on tv channel 47

hint on puzzle CB
C> / L>> / C< / R<< / R<

C=centre, L=left, R=right
< > = direction arrows


mix colours
Y in centre mixed with going right once from Y+ R = orange
B left mixed with going right twice from B + R = purple
Y in centre mixed with going left once from Y + B = green
R right mixed with going left twice from R + B = purple
R right mixed with going left once from R + Y = orange

Well thanks for that Marcel. I tried again and this time it worked!

And Alpha for taking the time to explain.

where is the hint to light (or no) 7 bulbs please?

moving pic


tv channels as corner order hint

12 top left - TL
35 bottom right - BR
47 bottom left - BL
68 top right - TR

corner order 1-8

found, on tv follow ON OFF

Oh my! That was really hard. Thanks for all the clues.

coloured sliders


tv channel 47
Red > Blue
red is higher than blue (blue lower than red)
Green < Blue
green is lower than blue (blue higher than green)
Black > Green
black is higher than green (green lower than black)
Blue < Black
blue is lower than black (black higher than blue)
Purple > Blue
purple is higher than blue (blue lower than purple)

follow tv hint from top to bottom
adjust each step
Red > Blue
move Red 1 line up = Red in the middle
Green < Blue
move blue 1 line up = Blue in the middle, so Red has to be moved higher than Blue, 1 line more up = Red on top
Black > Green
move Black one line up = Black in the middle
Blue < Black
Blue is in the middle, so Black has to be moved higher than Blue, 1 line more up = Black on top
Purple > Blue
Blue is in the midlle, so Purple has to be moved higher than Blue = Purple on top

end result

letter lines


tv channel 12

new words with puzzle lines

lines added
\ _ V -|

click on puzzle

I need more clues for #4


tv channel 68 left side
-BL -T -B

imagine digital number 8 with 7 segments - sth like this

removing segments for each number

-TL -BL = top left & bottom left
= 3
-TR -BL = top right & bottom left
-BL = bottom left
-BL -T -B = bottom left, top & bottom


Can someone please give another clue for the 4 digit number?

Thank you, Alpha.

great game - muito obrigado, @Roberto :-)

also many thx @players above for the hints

oops, one to go



are placed in room behind red door
(key from letter line puzzle)

hint are tv channels off/on

get number
go right of bulbs to enter code

How do you know the sequence for the light bulbs please ?

Just saw your comment AlphaOmega - I'm just too stupid for this game - finally out

Thanks for playing friends but nobody got the correct clue to the dials. Nothing to do with channels, so you got it by chance. Sign bellow green dots do not refers to remote. Anyone?

Color < > hint:


Assign letters to colors to minimise confusion.

red =a
blue = b
green = c
black = d
melon = e

Then align every sign so that there are either only greater-thans or lesser-thans.

a > b
b > c
d > c
d > b
e > b

This will tell you the order of them.
This is how I solved it.

thanks Roberto
perhaps the hint is on panel where iron ball was put
and follow ball way ;)

@Roberto if I'm not thinking completely wrong, the order is NOT unique. The last two (greatest in value) can be swapped! You ought to put up 6 rules, not 5.

That's it seb! Great!
What puzzle are you talking about arby? color spots? You need to take the right color (red (R)) and move it twice to the left over the blue(B), getting purple.

@Roberto No. I'm not talking about the mixing-colors puzzle, but about the hint on channel 35 with the greater-lesser relations.

There should be one order to arrange them, but there are two possibilities, as the < > rules will also work if you swap the second biggest and the biggest (by value).

I hate to spoil but in my solution (5:13 AM post) it's those named 'a' and 'e'.
So you can order them X - X - X - e - a as well as X - X - X - a - e. Hope I was clear.


If red > blue and blue > green --> blue is middle, red top and green bottom, right?
black > green --> black can be middle or top.
black > blue --> (blue is middle, so black is top)
purple > blue --> (blue is middle, so purple is top)
Can't see a mistake! Donn't get your explanation.
Right the second answer you found, please.

*Write the second answer, not "Right"

@Roberto we both are right :)

There is no "mistake" as such. These five are not meant to be ordered smallest, second smallest, third smallest, second largest, largest as I did it.

I had just put them in a linear sequence. (c b d e a respectively c b d a e in my case), smallest to largest.

But if you restrict it to only positions bottom, center, top then there is no mistake in your logic.
Sorry for the noise...

Good for we both! lol Thanks anyway arby!

deleted my spoiler at 3:33 AM about dials, as this wasn't the right solution process (although it worked, too ;-P)



tv channel 68 right side
sign below green dots (dots also on dials) is referring to the panel where iron ball was put

follow ball way

ball goes = dials pointing


ball goes = dials pointing


That's really a nice twist of a long-time known idea, Roberto, but I confess that I would never have been able to figure that out myself. Amazing...

Great game but I would NEVER have gotten out without the help from here, much appreciated.

Roberto- thanks for this- it really was a GREAT game. I don't fullyunderstand the comment made earlier but please don't let it be your last.
Sure it was challenging, but that is what makes it so good.
Thank you!

i thought the panel where we got the ball was hint for the painting and tried all combinations first ! lol well Roberto the clues were so tangled let me say .. and btw i never enjoyed your games i played live because i always happen to play them with the Wrong Players lol .. i sent maybe 5 comments asking for a spoiler for the what to do safe and Elmer insisted on spoiling the channels clues instead ! but never mind Leroy got me started [ love you Leroy lol ] and the rest was relatively easier ... then Kevaus got us all out !

5 stars game again ! Thanks !

Thanks for the positive comments.
I never said it's my last game. I don't know where this comment came from.

I ALWAYS happen to play them with the Wrong Players

maybe you should look at the common factor, not the other players LOL

       Anonymous  2/17/15, 2:13 PM  

I can't solve any of the puzzles, I'm giving up. A candle and and some kind of pipette ? Weird.


yes a candle, but not a pipette

depending on where you're from this might be called a dummy, a pacifier, or maybe a SUCKer.
I hinted very early that we were talking opposites for this so what might you do to the candle?

Thank you @CoolEscapers..Roberto?? I really enjoyed this game. It was a wonderful challenge being incredibly simple and equally complicated. Really made me think in new ways...exactly why I like puzzles! Can't wait for more!

       Anonymous  7/5/18, 3:35 AM  

caught another creation of our player Roberto from the random section (but it had a broken link) & decided to post another game of him for the replay

muito obrigado for all your creations, Roberto ☺

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