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Mini Escape 5

Zxcvbnm - Mini Escape 5 is another new mini point and click room escape game developed by Zxcvbnm. In this game, you try to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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Spoiler:   Use This:


nsew won't work for me

       Anonymous  3/14/15, 11:46 AM  

look where the arrow is pointing
I cannot figure out the letter code

look at the point of triangle on cb

North is bottom arrow (because point up)

same here stuck with papers

Me too - see four letter puzzle on bottom right of chest but can't correlate to papers

Well, it's not "open"

Lol, Janet exit doesn't work either

Well - open I got because there are 14 places btwn a=n and 15 places btwn s=g letter 14 is "n" letter 15 is "o". Wishful thinking for the e and p

There's another piece of paper above the open window that says 3--2, still don't know what to do with both pieces...

For 3 arrow arrow 2 was thinking 3 (+1-2) 2 but adding and subtracting letters from the ones I got doesn't work either

Where's s-t when you need him ;-)

Janet - Yes! Completely stumped by this!

Maybe it's 3-4-1-2?

This game developer loves cats. Nice ones.

Arrie - did you figure it out? I was so desperate I did even try cats lol

That's a nice way to open the drawer in large cabinet. I thought I needed a sd.
Clue on the balcony, right side: NSWEWS.
= forgot how you call it. sigh. I'm tired.

It cuts a branch of the plant next to the door.
That branch is used to take a piece of paper above the open window.
I'm sure I'm repeating someone. I'll delete afterwards.

Waiting with "baited breath" for your next one, Arrie....

Please don't delete! Multiple posts are sometimes my godsend.

LOL, No Janet, my first comment was not meant to say "out, nice game and btw he loves cats". hahaaa, no I'm starting and now also stuck with 3--2.

Arrie U r so cruel!

Joe, you're flattering me ..

So, a word is needed at the right side of the cabinet.
It can't be difficult, cause the game is logical so far.
Come on, let's do this.
It's not:
any other ideas?

Dont I owe you some chocolate from an E addict game some time ago Arrie?


It has to do with something inside the game. That's why I thought about using the NEWS letters again.

Are you trying to inspire me, Janet?
Do you know if 'he' is in cbox?

My letters were:

A=N - 14 spaces btwn

?=R - If also 14 spaces btwn = E

S=G - 15 spaces btwn

? = R - If also 15 spaces btwn ? = F

What if it's something like:

A - N
O - R
S - G
H - R


Why 14 spaces? Why A=N?

We are forgetting there are 2 papers
The NRGR and the 3--2

You must be on the right path, you both come up with almost the same letters!

This comment has been removed by the author.

Ah, I see, there is a second piece of paper .. at bottom right of chest? eh .... what chest?

I normally give up at this point, I have tried everything but I'm so infuriated by this I HAVE to know.

There is a four letter word puzzle at the right side of the chest we opened with the NSEW clue

Somehow the word has to do with both the letter paper and the 3 ->->2 paper but dang if I can figure it out

I did the NSEW but stuck at the same place you are.

Are we sure it's a word? Could it just be 4 letters?

Wait, I opened a cabinet drawer and got the tool, not a piece of paper with letters on it.
There is no chest is this game, or I'm in a different one LOL.

It's not CATS...;(

This comment has been removed by the author.

Chest - for me meant the tall cupboard next to the tall plant - need to open bottom drawer by figuring out puzzle on the bottom right side of the cabinet

It's also not NEKO (cat)

Okay, phew, thank you, but Joe said he has a second paper with letters on it? NRGR?

Those are the second column of letters on the one piece of paper. Drat - have to go shopping, please solve it by the time I get back!!!

This comment has been removed by the author.

Ohhh, lololol, we are working so well together, ROFL,
so funny. The second column of letters on the one piece of paper.
Rrrright ... lol.
Needless to say, my paper is different.

Still live?

JANET, you're deleting too fast ....

Second paper - open cabinet with NSWEWS clue - move clothes and 2nd paper is on wall (lol arrie - so much easier when I make typo's in chat - don't have to delete and re-post)

Yay NinixD rescue us, dear, please?

Welcome Nini - please help

Hi @arrie lol.. well I've just started,.. got 2 papers (1 with letters and 1 with numbers)

Janet, is that the exact order of letters? I used that of course, but the large doors are still closed. I only opened the drawer.

No, they stay closed ... amazement here.

Arrie letters to open cb are on balcony

Are u stuck on the 4-letter code?

The large doors - zoom in on the four triangles. Push each triangle according to the NSWEWS clue from the balcony railing. Back out and click on large doors - they will open

AHAHAHAHA SEB, Now I get your hint.
I humbly withdraw myself and remain silent for the coming month.
North ... click the part that points north .....
(blush blush)

We surely are and have been stuck for quite a while now

when cb opened, click on clothes to get letters paper hint

Lol Arrie :)

Lol - We won't hold you to that

I thibnk we are all at the same place here
2 pieces of paper
One with 6 letters and 2 ?
One with 3--2
have tried lots of words
Some even beginning with F and S
No help

Bangs head on desk...

A becomes N, sounds like a riddle.
The alphabet, where N now becomes the first letter.

Maybe 3 ->-> 2 is C -> -> B, in that case (following the gap between letters from the second paper), we'd have:

C + 13 + 12 = B?

No idea what to with that :P

Ouch Leroy .... use a cushion while doing that, will you?
This destroys your weekend.

called "mini escape" humm ;)

Will check in later
sorry guys I am strung out

The question marks should be an E.

And, ya know, when someone finally gets it, we'll all go "of course!"

LOl I been playing numbers here

This comment has been removed by the author.

yes Seb, mini hrmpf..
5 steps, 72 comments. lol.

I got S A F E but no :(

I figured 1st ? is E, 2nd ? is F (+14 A-N, +15 S-G)

so if the R goes S??
means O-R and H-R...

This comment has been removed by the author.

sorry S A D E... I'll try anagramming

Yes I had that too but doesn't take into account the 3->->2 paper

I does.. if u count the gap.. u'll have 12 and 13.

C = 3 so, 3 +12 +13 = 28 . 28-26 =2 = B

sorry - going in circles here - tried so much i'm getting confused

OK, found the screwdriver!!!
.Just kidding ;-)

Do you want a spoiler?

Could you please hint at the method but not a spoiler

wow ... lol.
I must admit, for a moment ....

How far off were we???

lol Roberto plz! And the explanatio too!

Hint is good Roberto, we're all still working on it.
For example, what to work with: the left line? AESE, or the right one? NRGR.
In combination with ..?

LOL it can't be that hard. we must be overthinking it xD

I hacked the file. Cannot tell you the method.

I'm pretty sure the two ? are E and D...

You're far from the answer. lol

See, I thought they were E and F - got safe but it didn't work

No E in answer.

How far - Siberia or another planet?

lol .. so our methods are all wrong hahaha!
Time to think of something else

a mix of both.

Roberto does it have A or S, or both?

Roberto, you HACKED it?
But surely, working backwards, you can tell if it makes sense in some way?

1st letter is S.

Roberto, 3 and 2 = C and B or not please?

I'm trying arrie, but can't find a sense so far.

Okay, s was kind of a given - is another letter A?

No C, no B.

3rd is A.

Yes S and A were the two letters we were given - but how to figure out the two ? letters?

So S and A swapped places.

yes Janet but why in this order ... on paper A is first and S 3rd place

This comment has been removed by the author.

Just give us the spoiler xD

BF it LOL not a word..


Better I spoil the answer and you try to give it a sense.

Now how did that happen????

Yup.. bfed lol!

You didn't want the spoiler but bf"d? lol.

thanks, perhaps relation with balcony code because S second place and W 3rd

Well, when/if someone figures out the logic behind this, could you please post it? Thanks

Self Searching Answer Wrestling.

but there's no A there @seb

Hhhmmm - seb that does make sense but - lol - never would have thought of it

Some Sense At Work.

And why the R's??

So, Solving All Worries?

Simply Silly And Weird

but no explanation fot the "??" on paper

I will not rate this game - still want someone (yoo hoo s-t) to explain the logic. Just because I didn't get it doesn't mean anything.

I agree with you Janet

The W is on 2 3 in the normal alphabet.
But that's a coincidence I think.

And look it's Rega answering the door!!!

I don't think so, Rega has laser eyes!

There is a sequence. If you transfer the letters to N=1.
You get 1 5 20 5.
It starts with the third and ends with the 2nd, making 1 20 5 5.
Don't know how to turn that around to S S A W, but it's strange.

Whatever the logic for the 4 letter answer turns out to be, we owe thanks to Roberto for pointing us in the right direction thus allowing us to have some kind of closure, of sorts, for the odd logic puzzle in this game.

Thanx Roberto
Wish I knew the logic

It is about season. 3 -> -> 2 means third ? ? second of the words.

A -> N means A????N
S -> G means S????G

The earlier instalments of this series were mostly good - but here the guy clearly overthought something with that cursed 4-letter code...

I think the code is logically. The four season is changing: spring -> summer -> autumn -> winter. But I admit the clue is not clear enough.

tautau - thank you for the explanation. The explanation makes sense and okay the 3 -> -> 2 paper is now shown to be the order. But, there was nowhere at all that I could see where the seasons - spring, summer, autumn, winter were referenced. Not in the title, not in any graphics - I really felt that there was no significant clue at all.

Yes ! thanks a lot Tautau

Janet, the clue was in the leaves (or lack of) on the plants. Makes sense now that the papers were explained.

Thanks Tautau.
The lack of leaves inside the house. well to see winter in that, I don't know. But the idea is a nice one.
Glad we have the explanation.

A > N is Autumn
? > R is Winter
S > G is Spring
? > R is Summer

But without Tautau's great insight, I would never have seen the relation!

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