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Spring Hotel Escape Walkthrough

Spring Hotel Escape

[REPLAY] Spring Hotel Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by TomaTea. In this game, you are locked in a room and your aim is to escape from there by finding and using items and hints for solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun! ☺ [Submitted by Liloo]

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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Upside-Down Text Spoiler Maker
To decode, copy the upside-down text and paste into the left box
Spoiler:   Use This:


What? I'm in!

I am in too, but "I have no clue how to solve this.":)
left right-code: the birds above

The opened present is the hint for the 4x4 grid, but I don't see how :(

how did you open the present? I can't find a scissor...

You firsthave to get the screwdriver. (copy the screwdriver on the grid).

This is where I'm stuck, trying to draw the screwdriver. I have a doll head (put in the picture), three tiles, a yellow birdhouse, and a remote - of course without the battery.

Got the screwdriver! :-D

Yellow, and grey are both one line and red 2x a red line. (diagonal as the screwdriver is.

the candys/pralines are a memory game...

Nvm, you can click the stuff inside the present.

Battery from the clock.

Tv gives hint for the 5 button cupboard.

you can press and take the red button

Opened 5 button cupboard gives hint for the 4 letter code.

Doh! I could have sworn I had clicked a pair...

use 4 tiles, where you got the screw driver

Tiles give colour order.
Use key on clock.

blue house: using winding key on clock

thanks again small-tool!!

Hm, I did the doll as the pink dancer in the window, but nothing :(

Oops, you can move her body as well. Got the end key now.
Very nice one again :)

small-tool is smarter than me. I put the houses in and am trying to make something out of that.

Place and use the red button and then look at the shadows above the bed.

click again on the houses...

Feeling even more dumb. Thank you!

Out now! Well, I know who the master is. Thank you guys!

please help with hint tv half circle, circle and ...

Oh found, missed triangle !

Look at the letters (on tv), what shapes do they have?
Like an R has a semi circle, an A a triangle etc.

The screwdriver is driving me crazy. I just can't get it right.

I hate to ask but can someone post a pic of what the screwdriver pic should look like? I've read ST's comment and tried a bunch of different combinations and it just won't work!



thanks Small tool, could you help me with for code 4 letters (hint purple letters but ??)

Cute game!

When you push the red button in the right cupboard, 4 letters (a word actually) blinks.

ooooh!!! thanks Small tool :)

Start in the bottom left corner with five yellow squares, going to the top right until the half, go further with five grey squares. Put five red squares on each side of the yellow ones.

I click on birds house, but I can't read black ...numbers ??

Thanks so much, Small-Tool!

Shadows above the bed, Seb.

thanks but i have nothing above the bed (not found legs for girl )

I see shadows above bed but no numbers or colors. What is clue for sequence of houses?

Ok got shadows (forgot red button)


POP! Birds in picture. D'oh!

Colour order is the 4 birds in the finished jigsaw/tiles puzzle.

I did it. No hints..

Is there something else i have to do after seeing the bird-house clue numbers above the bed? It wont let me enter the numbers on the cupboard, because 'i have no clue to solve this'.

Got it. I had seen the numbers, but hadnt moved the red button to the actual bird houses.

Thanks for the help everyone and particularly for that pic of the screwdriver, small.

Too late...
But cannot miss a tomatea :D

Thanks for all the clues
(sd puzzle and house order... )

thank you for all the hints, even with them the game took some thought but I enjoyed it

I think that was a glitch - shouldn't have been able to see the shadows before i moved the switch & put the light on

Thank you so much Small-Tool :)

Very good as always except for the screwdriver thing.

Not the artist's best, but still much better than the offerings from the factories (Games2whatever, etc.). Didn't care for drawing the screwdriver. Otherwise I enjoyed it.

I loved this one, and barely needed any help!!! Absolutely beautiful game!!

Clever and challenging - excellent as ever :)

Omigosh, omigoodness!! I can't even! Love, love love Tomatea! I'm going in to stay as long as possible. Happy dance!

Beautiful game, Tomatea!

This took some serious thinking. Very interesting. Very enjoyable.

(spoilers below)

Goal is to complete the textile artwork by finding and placing 3 girlie-parts and making the girlie dance like the pink dancer at the window.

- Below the pillow is girlie-part one, her lovely smiling face.
- Right side of the bed, there is a puzzle-tile and a pin in the vase with daffodils.
- Pull up the blinds to get a second puzzle-tile and look at the ballet-dancers and the text opposite of the street.
- Click the panel left of the tv and use the position of the little black dots to open the first safe, the left-right one.
= a puzzle-tile and a remote without (ofcourse) a battery, sigh ...

- In the door view, click the board with 100 little black squares (I counted them), it holds three other colours: red, yellow and grey.
Click the locked up screwdriver and notice the same colours. Copy that pattern on the board to get the sd.
Click the button on the box in which the sd was to get the puzzle. One more tile to be found ...

- Use the sd on the box below the tv to get scissors. (A spring is missing).
- Open the present left of the bed = hooray, a memory game, start eating two the same sweets till you gained 5 kilograms.
= a spring and the pattern for the dresser-door, left of the bed.
= steps. About item and unfold it.
Place it below the clock left of the door, turn it, get the battery. Place the battery in the remote.

- Use the remote on the tv, the ROAD B is the hint for one of the safes, the one on the right.
Click till you see all the shapes. That helps to find the connection with the letters.
= a pin, a red button.
Push the button = four letters are steady.
They open the word-safe = puzzle-tile and girlie-part.

- Place the puzzle-tiles, turn the tiles = a winding key and the colour order for placing the pins on the box below the tv.
- Use the winding key on the 6 on the clock = the last pin.
- Place the spring below the pink pin and place the pins on the box, click one of them.

- Open the safe on the right again, use the sd to take the red button.
- Zoom in on the box with pins again and place the button on the outline on the right, click the button. Go to the other side of the room and read the numbers.
- Open the last safe for girlie-part with legs.

Whether you think you are artistic or not, complete the textile artwork. All her parts can move. Look at pink dancer at the window and give girlie the same position = exitkey.

safe: RLLRLR

board with 100 squares:
start down left corner to up right corner : 5 yellow, 5 grey.
Now, make 5 reds left and right of the yellow ones. Click the button below the board.

road b-safe: r-moon, o-circle, a-triangle, d-moon, b-divided circle.

girlie position:
arms in a straight line.
upper body once to the right (from our view).
right leg in line with right arm, left leg down.

love these games!

Excellent! Always excellent!

I love these games too! Allways happy to see a new one, they allways deserve 5 stars!

SCREWDRIVER: The yellow goes all the way into the corner, unlike the picture. One line of yellow, surrounded by one line of red on each side, one line of gray into the corner. ty ST.

Getting better with these, only needed help with the screwdriver. Great game.

Dank ou, Arri NL. I'd do a lot better if I didn't consistently confuse left and right!!

Dank ou, Arri NL. I'd do a lot better if I didn't consistently confuse left and right!!

       Anonymous  10/18/17, 5:34 AM  

caught this one from the random section

HA, now I'm dead sure that TomaTea is now Amajeto - it's the same room concept...! ☻

anyway, thx TomaTea/Amajeto for all your great creations, that are such a joy to play ☺

Fantastic, thanks for giving it to us for replaying! I did like these somewhat more than the new Amajetos.

TomaTea - Amajeto - almost an anagram!

beautiful game! :)))) from start to finish, the puzzles, the drawings/art, the music, the atmosphere.... perfect!

I really miss Tomatea. Lovely and just the right amount of challenge!

I don't know if anyone is around anymore, but I'm trying to replay the game and the left-right cabinet when opened has nothing in it. The comments show it's should have a remote control and puzzle piece in it.

I emailed Tomatea and they fixed it within an hour!
Also my email reply said they are soon coming out with a new game!!!!!!!!

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