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Lonyan's Room Escape 14 Walkthrough

Lonyan's Room Escape 14

Lo.Nyan's Room Escape 14 is another point and click room escape game by Lo Nyans. In this game, you try to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

Play Lonyans Escape 14

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Upside-Down Text Spoiler Maker
To decode, copy the upside-down text and paste into the left box
Spoiler:   Use This:


Placing the plant gives the hint to get to a new room.

Crayons/centimeters is the hint for the 4 colour box.

Hi small-tool!
so far: 5 crayons, 2 railway waggon, battery, book, photo from shelf with books
Used photo from clock to get a key, photo from centimeters and number from cayons to get a knob, used key and knob too

ah - its getting later in the room :) - now you can take a new photo from clock! Got another key!

Got now the train, used battery in it and put it on the rails

Hi Anja :)
Same place.
Did not take pics just wrote everything down :)

Click on train and on signals - gives hint for the driver - gives key for dog box

The buttons from dog box go in the bird house (trick: you can flip the buttons!) - got blue key

With blue key got crayon box and new green key. That gives hint for cat box (together with the crayons)

Out. Thought this is very straight forward.

Do I have to push something? Did the cat slider with crayons hint, but it doesn't open :(

S-T, Don't need to push anything. There's one more clue for the order of colors.

The skewer from cat box go in bear (hint from book shelf) gives last key and...
Very nice game!!!

S-T, Don't need to push anything. There's one more clue for the order of colors.

Just found out NH, but thanks anyway :)
Thought I solve the slider first and use the key later, but nope.

@small-toll: hint in crayons box: black crayon is lowest :)

Very nice game indeed :)
Like the fact you can take pics of the hints and after about item you can put the hints on the left side of the screen.
Wish I had found out earlier (made a lot of notes on paper) :)

Click on train but can't see any signal. Just see the red light flashing. Please help

Zoom in on the red light.
It starts with LLR

The signals are going too fast for me. Seems like just LRLRLR continuously?

Lovely game, thanks for the hints all :)

It doesn't go that fast Smarties. Just don't get distracted by the fact if left goes off, you think something happens on the right. Only pay attention to the real lights.

Nope, think I'm not getting there in time either as it doesn't seem to start with two lefts.

Bit lame of me but, spoiler please?

Thanks s-t! Just miss that view.


L/R hint:


Thank you!

Out with perfect. Nice game

It's been a while since I've made it through a LoNyan game without help, so maybe this was a little easier than usual.

Lovely as always!

What a great game! Thanks again for the spoiler.

Where is the hint how to put the buttons into the birdhouse ?

That hint was in the book, but don't remember where the book was :(

Ohh so i am missing the book and i only have 4 crayons.

Found it in the little room under bed.

Out too !! What a great game !

Where is the LR clue used?

Cyberjar, it's used on the steering wheel thing that's on the shelves in the clock view

Glad some of you are finding it easy, I need some help! I don't have enough train pieces, I guess, can't put them on tracks. And where is the book please?


OK, got train, thanks for signals hint!

Still can't find book. Is that the hint for the birds?


the book is in the little room under the bed, zoom to the right of the dresser

Sorry Unknown, I don't know where you mean. There's the hidden room with the flower on the door, no book there. I can't zoom in on the dresser anywhere. :(

You can turn right in the room. You should see a desk with a lamp and a box on it. Under the desk there's the bird book

Aha! Thanks Unknown, I managed to miss that right turn about fifty times. OK, finally understanding all the other hints now. :)

Happy to help, q :)

Squeeeeee! Oh my favorite. Thank you so much Lo Nyan!

       Anonymous  4/3/15, 5:45 AM  

Thank you Anja for the hint about the clock (it's getting late, let's use the clock another time). That was the only thing I needed to complete this very nice game.

I find it easy to go out with normal end. But where is happy end?

Simply beautiful and thoughtful game. I so love these! @suyu sun, there is a little clover on the books, bottom L, that will give you the perfect end.

@anja, thank you! I noticed the sunset and thought it was such a nice touch....lol, needed your hint to recheck the clock. Merci!

You can take a picture of the LR hint--just click on the signal lights with the camera while they're flashing.

Not trying to live up to my name.....I have the same problem as Q....I an see the dresser and then the small door with the flower...can't find the hot spot for the desk & lamp???

This comment has been removed by the author.

Thank you for your hint! Got it.

And I also have found the author was so careful. If you take picture of the book shelf before you get the clover, there is also a clover on the photo. But if you get the clover first, no clover exists on photo!

By the way, as a Chinese, it is so difficult to gain access to various websites, such as Lo.nyan's Room, Escape Games 24, Facebook, Google, etc.

suyu sun, I sympathize, wish your gov't would allow more access to the internet.

My, what a FANTASTIC game.

LoNyan has never deceived us! Loved the idea with the train traffic lights puzzle (thanks for the hint, it was the only one I needed - rest was pretty straightforward).

ps. I must have spent at least 5 minutes trying to alter the traffic lights to make the train *STOP* ;)

@suyu sun I believe that the Chinese would pray to the gods daily for the invention of proxies *evil_grin*

Multi-part clues for the birdhouse was nicely clever!

Took me a while to figure out changing open green to closed pink by clicking the question mark.


that was a great game i loved playing this but needed all the hints
thank you LoNyan

Lovely game! Out with no help.. I try my best not to read the hints when I come across such a great developer haha!

Great game - thanks small-tool for the L/R hint. I couldn't get that right!

I tried to solve the sliders by matching the books to the train picture above the bed! Should have known that since there was no black cat I was on the wrong track!
Beautiful, beautiful game.

excellent game!

wow .. that was a real JOY ! .. after a long busy day at work , it is just the perfect game to play , with such a relaxing type of music later !

just got here- too late for live but loved it all the same

aaand listening to the music again i think this type of music could be a nice choice while jogging .. why not ? never thought of it .. will try it tomorrow ! lol

@E-A Not my cup of tea TBH. I turned off the music instantly, as it sounded way too "kiddy" to me...

@arby okay maybe it was just circumstantial .. it was just the perfect day today at work and to play this game at the end of it , i was as happy as a kid could be ! lol .. will try it tomorrow whatsoever :) ..

E-A, I know what you mean. Awesome game.


The windows.
On the mat: crayon white 140 and wagon.
On the children’s table: crayon ye 175.
Beside the train-track: crayon bl 121.

The closet.
The clock. Note the dark blue positions.
Zoom in on the wooden box on the left in the closet.
Use the clue, push button = key in right opening.
Use key on yellow door on the right = plant.
Behind blue upper right door: camera.
Cats on the left up high: crayon gr 098 + battery.
Some locked doors.
A wheel which can turn Left/Right.

Click one of the brown symbols at the numbers of the dinosaur-ruler.
Use camera.

Zoom in on the bookcase.
Use camera.
Also take the clover off the flowers-cover.

The windows.
Click the plate in the window, place the plant.
See the position of the numbers.

Go to the drawerblock, click behind the bookcase,
zoom in on the flower. Click the petals as the plant shows.
Zoom out once, go through that door.

Take the ladder. Go right.
Take the book. Read it.
Click cat = crayon red 066.
A lever box.

The bed.
Place the ladder at the bed, climb up.
A doggie-box.
Combine the yellow, blue, red, green crayon with the picture of the dyno-ruler.
Look at the symbols behind the numbers.
Zoom in on the box, change the symbols accordingly.
Push the knob, click the lid = a knob and a sweet sweet song …
Climb down … go to window-view and notice the light fading …
(What a beautiful, beautiful game this is …).


The train.
Put the knob on the yellow door on the left at the closet = wagon.
Check the clock again. The dark blue positions have changed.
Use it to open the left part of the wooden box = key.
Use key on the green door on the left = locomotive.
Turn it, open the back, place battery, close it.
About item the three trainparts, click them together.
Place it on the track.

Click the train.
Zoom in on the lights for a Left/Right clue.
Use this on the wheel in the closet = doggie key.

The buttons.
Climb up the bed and open the doggie-box = buttons.
Clicking the ? will turn the buttons around.
Look inside the book what is needed. (Explanation below).
If done correctly an arrow to the left appears. Click it.

The little house.
Zoom in on the house at the wall.
Place the buttons as the book shows = a cuckoo with a key.

Room – the lever-box.
Open the left blue door at the closet = a crayon-box.
Click it = key for the green door on the right = colour-clue.
About item the crayon-box and put the crayons in = lever-clue.
An arrow to the left appears. Click it.

Combine the colour-clue with the heights of the crayons to open the lever-box.
Click the lid = wrist-bracelets.
An arrow to the left appears. Click it.

The bear.
Zoom in on the bear at the closet.
Place the bracelets in the openings as the picture shows.
Take the bears’ head, take the paper out of it.
Open the paper.

Zoom in on the drawerblock.
Click the corners as shown on the paper = a happy birthday-present.
Open it … a key.
Use the key on the door …. leave ….



Only one of them has pink-open (up left).
That leaves only one button with blue-closed (up right).
There are two buttons with green-open/pink-closed (down left/right).
Now only one button has the possibility of green-closed (down middle).
The last one is blue-open (up middle).

paperclue: gr ye wh bl re
in heights: 2 3 2 3 4

Saved this one for the weekend when I'd have more time. What a superb game!! Perfectly logical but you had to think. Wish I could give it 10 stars.

LoNyan still has totally got it.

A very nice game. Only thing that I did not like was the red lights, way too fast.

How did I miss this the first time around? Great game!
(And yes, those lights were too fast for me too)

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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