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July 14, 2018

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Cube Escape: Seasons Walkthrough

Cube Escape: Seasons

[REPLAY] Cube Escape: Seasons is another point & click room escape game developed by RustyLake. Cube Escape is one of the most mysterious room escape games you will ever play. Try to unfold the story and mysteries behind the cubes. You will start with your first memory, spring 1964. It brings you to a calm and friendly room. The room contains a clock, a kitchen and a garden window. Your parrot Harvey has a bad mood. Explore and start gathering items, you will quickly realise that something is wrong. Unlock the other memory cubes by creating a path between the cubes. Maybe it's not to late... Click on the arrows to navigate inside the cabin. Interact with objects by clicking. Select found items in your inventory and click somewhere on screen to use them. Good luck and have fun!
[Submitted by Andrea]

Warning: There are some scary scenes in this game, so it's not recommended for children!

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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Video Walkthrough


This game is awesome!

and once again, don't miss to scroll down the inventory...

Need some help. Stuck with cube, matches and spoon. What to do with radio, picture or stove?

Mezzmorized,have you lit the fireplace? place cube behind picture above fireplace.

In all different years you need to light the fire, complete the picture above the fire place, then use the cube on it. Stuck in 1981, hope you all catch up quickly.

Need to find a fourth item for fuel. Got the prozac, mushroom and cactus fruit.

Still stuck in 1981 with ax, matches and glass of water. Found all pic pieces and broke the window. Filled the blender with water. Any hints ?

Go back in time to change things for the future.

I've lit the fire place, placed the cube behind. I don't get the colours.

Set clock to time from radio clock for blue cube.

Which colours?

stuck in fall 1971. Only found a bloody knife, two puzzel pieces and a number 6 on television. What do I miss?

Joke, press the buttons on the right according to the numbers on tv.

I don't understand that: the buttons on the television? I only see a number 6 when I press button 3. The other ones give nothing, and I don't see other numbers when I wait on number 3

How do you go back in time?

After [placing the cube, the picture changes from red to yellow.

If the tv shows 6, you click on 6, etc...

ah... thnx! stupid me :-(

When you place the cube in 1981 you will be able to go back in time. What a great game !

Oh ok, missing the last blue print piece then...

Stuck after freeing the bird. :(

The code you see through the binoculars is used twice.

Oh wow, amazing game!

have you yanked open the window for the bird? use the log from the fireplace for that. If you've already done that, go to 1981 and see what's changed, play with everything there.

Oooohhhhh nooooo ! Wanted to go back to 1964 and got a black screen !!!!

All I saw changed is seeing the bird outside. :( And a shadow of a person.


That happened to me too. The game autosaves, so I could continue where I left off after refreshing the page.

make a hole in the window for the bird and play some music

Thanks! I needed some music!

Thanks you guys, now I can finally take a shower. :p

Thx Unknown but I set the autosave off....... that will teach me....

Just got out of 1964. Took a while to work out I needed matches to light stove. Cube was in the boiled egg. Along with loads of flies...

Ha! Memories of mangled tapes!

Stuck in summer 1971. What do I do with the mangled tape? Have 3 bits of picture and a shrimp in the oven that won't cook.


Burn the tape, turn on the oven using your matches, I think there was a knob you have to hit first before using the matches.

Ha! Exactly the same as last time - use the matches...

Thanks unknown.

Sorry, how do I burn the tape? Tried candle, hob and oven.

Put it in the fireplace

Dur - put it in the fireplace and then light it.

Thanks again anyway.

Had to switch off main light and then switch on lamp to get 4th bit of pic. Out of summer 71 now.

Make juices to go in correct canisters

Phew, Fall 71 was a doddle in comparison. Feel bad about stabbing budgie though.

Oh my, that was hard. There's a video walkthrough thankfully.
One top - check dots at bottom of 4 canisters before filling them!

This game was absolutely fantastic. Something I rarely say. Mateus Skutnik and These guys. SD could learn something from these people.

Where's the CUBE please? Still in the first season. I don't want to read too many comments before I do more myself.

BUG? I put the egg in the cup before lighting the stove, now I can't take it back to put it in the water.

Really enjoying this game. I like the multiple navigation directions. Back to it...

Noooo!!! Game crashed three quarters (or more) through! Progress lost!

I started in 1964 and have a spoon and matches left. I fed the bird, have an uncooked egg in a holder, and cube is visible since I did the puzzle, but not able to take. Hints please.

Okay, scrolling down in inventory did help! I forgot I had the orange pot. :)

I have a piece of the pic in my inventory at the bottom and it's not in a square (inventory square) and I can't get it to complete the pic in 1971. Anyone else?

Still liking this game. Noticed that in "1971" - putting the shrimp in the oven, it's feet are still wiggling. Bad day for shrimp I guess.

Last photo piece in 1971, for me, was tricky with the room light and the lamp interaction and I liked that you had to use the SD to make use of the plug for the lamp.
Going back in...

I had to reset the game in order to continue, as the puzzle piece was stuck at the bottom of my inventory. Thankfully, it was easy to get back to where I was.

TV clue sequence in fall 1971 is very clever! Gives 3rd black box.
Got my 4th photo piece, finally.
From the raining blood, look up to lamp, click eye until piece drops, clicked on and it went to inventory. Worked for me.

I had the unfortunate experience of the game crashing on me a couple of times and even though autosave was on, I ended up with a wall-colored blank screen or I was otherwise unable to continue. I haven't actually seen the ending myself, but I knew others were able to finish and it was a FANTASTIC game, so I subbed it anyway.

I played this one yesterday. If u need any help I can try to remember what to do. Just a reminder: u'll need to revisit previous levels to "change" the future. :)

This was such a great game...and then it crashed, just like Andrea described. I made it all the way to where I changed events in the past scenes, and I got there all on my own, so I felt pretty proud of that. But I also don't have the energy to restart! Awesome awesome game, wish they were all more like this.

This was such a great game...and then it crashed, just like Andrea described. I made it all the way to where I changed events in the past scenes, and I got there all on my own, so I felt pretty proud of that. But I also don't have the energy to restart! Awesome awesome game, wish they were all more like this.

Wierd because my game crashed only once and I was able to continue from where I left it ... :(

Excellent game! Now onto playing the next game in the series :) I hope they make more of these.

The game has "black screened" me several times but have been able to resume, just an annoyance, but worth it for a game this interesting! Moving forwards and backwards in time is very interesting addition to this style of game.

The dead bird's feet are still moving like the shrimps were in the oven. Funny, that.
Still working on stuff. Got the bird outside in the tree, seed planted for cactus flower in winter 1981 and shroom into the blender and that's it so far...going back in.....
Jeez, I gotta get a life!

Bumjelly, music will help you with the bird :)

Wonderful game! Please give more like these!!!!!

Figured out the process for the "wall squeezie jars" in 1981.
Gotta find "things" use blender and glass, put in correct jar and flip switch on.
Done the shroom and cactus fruit so far.
Need Prozac (who doesn't now days, lol ) and flower for blender...

Bumjelly light the candles

Numbers by 3 pics on wall, in Winter equal time to set at each clock in different seasons.
09:05 unlocks clock door in Spring = key, shovel and hanger
03:55 gives Wrench for stoves gas pipe to get shroom
11:25 in fall = ??? knife maybe, can't remember.

Thanks, Nini. :-O>

Prozac juice done, 3 down and now for the flower...hmmm....

Flower has to be from Spring. Got window up, birds outside in tree, see woman outside but can't get farther than that...
Saw "me" dark shadow dude at window also...

Clickity, clickity, clickity...

This is the best escape game ever, can't wait for more like this.

Bumjelly did you shut the window after the bird goes outside?

You need to play the radio in the last one to attract the bird.

OK, trying those tips now...Thanks!

GOTTA finish but RL is intruding, be back in a bit.
Window open / closed and radio on / off,cycling through the seasons and it seems to makes no diff., as of yet...

Make sure the bird is outside in spring, go straight to winter and tune the radio to play music, I think this was how I got the bird to bring the flower.

How do you get the bird to go outside? I have the bird on the windowsill in spring, but can't open the window. The window is broken in winter, but this does not affect the other seasons. The only 'ingredient' I have so far is the prozac, and I don't really seem to be able to do anything more.

OK, back at it!
Can't not finish a good game like this one...

You get the mushroom from using wrench on gas pipeline by stove - time travel some - and then get mushroom from black spot on floor, if I remember right...

Thanks Bumjelly. I had used the wrench on the stove, but not checked that spot again in other seasons. That's one more progress at least!

Ah! Take back the pan with water (that you used to boil the egg) and use it to put out the fire. Use the firewood to prop open the window and let the bird out. Moving on (I hope!)...

Boom! Flower juice! Just one more left to get now...

Tried to get bird and flower by going to Winter, but the clock radio doesn't put out music anymore.

Trying the other radio now...

Use the radio in winter. Music comes out when the 13.10 flashes.

I'm going in circles again looking for whatever the last thing is :) Looks like a sun on the picture.

OK, that does it!
Spring w/ bird outside, window propped up with wood, big radio playing music - go directly to Winter and then the bird is at window with flower!!!
Thanks for the tips, i needed them. Now lets see what happens...

All righty then,
All 4 jars filled and switched on, activate brown master switch @ fireplace. Go back to Spring, use phone and clock shadow is now woman. Click on everything and soon end of "this"game!!!

VERY GOOD GAME!!! Well worth the time and effort,

It has earned the much sought after and highly coveted "Bumjelly Seal of Approval." lol...

"Sun" thing is the cactus fruit needed for the blender / jar procedure. Got it from the Winter season after planting the seed earlier in game, Spring probably...

I'm still looking for the last ingredient. I have prozac, the flower that the bird brought, and the mushroom. What/where is the last? I don't think I've planted a seed in the flower pot, but I did get something there from a bloody hand. And someone said you needed to use the number you see with the telescope twice...I've only used that once, but can't see where I might use it again.

Where do you get the seed, do you remember? I can't get anything from clicking on the birdseed I put in the cage.


spring - adjust clock for key (also for trowel & coathanger for radio), open cb below radio, use moon number again on safe for seed

when you (accidentally) put a juice not in the correct jar, you can take it out again with glass & put it back in blender

juice order on corkboard (winter)

Turns out I was basically answering my own questions...there are two safes, one of which I had missed, and contained the seed. My only problem now is that the cactus fruit won't blend.

Ah, thank you AlphaOmega :) I had got a little further on my own, and not checked in again here. Still can't blend the final ingredient though :/ There's water in the blender.

Again answering my own questions :D Hopefully I've got it now!

you may take out water out of blender with glass...

Yep, done! Thanks for your tips everyone!

Thanks so much for helping out Alpha and Bumjelly. I'm glad I persevered!

yw :-)

brill game!

Agreed. One that took me a while, but it was a nice change from the usual. And no bugs for me.

Good help Alpha!

For late comers: a few tidbits from my chicken scratched notes...
"Wall Jars" have a dot code, 1 thru 4

Grandfather clock scene - 3 dots and mushroom, from gas leak/ dark spot on floor by oven.
*Sink scene - 1 dot and Prozac pill from melted candle, light all 4
*Fireplace scene - 2 dots and Cactus "fruit" from big cactus.
*Sink scene - 4 dots and flower from bird

I tried and tried and tried to get the cactus fruit in the blender, but it wouldn't go. Too bad. I was really, really, really enjoying this game. But, I made it too far through to go back and do it all over again.

very impressive!

Maggie - I had the same problem untill I realised that you can't blend the cactus fruit with water - just put it in by-itself and it will blend

Excellent, excellent game!

and out.

In case you come back, the game autosaves!
Well worth the satisfaction to make it to the end, in my opinion.
As said in several posts above, in this game, it pays to really play with everything.
At least in this game, and others from the rustylake developers, it's not the useless clickity, clickity, clickity that we find in so many other games here that have developed a habit of demonstrating lesser "thinking out of the box," challenges for the old grey matter.

That was brilliant!
Very nicely done, rustygames!

My bad =)

This was so good I hope you make more of these types of games RustyLake!

A dark dark game... I feel blue after playing this game.

But the story is very easy to be guessed. When I saw 'pieces of memory', I guessed this was a dream when the hero (or heroine) was at the edge of life and death. When I saw 'mental health' in Spring, I guessed the heroine was in suicide process.

I guess four 'seasons' in four decades are just imaginary. The real story is the heroine got depressed and felt herself in the 'cage' in the morning (9:05). With poor mental health she could not sleep at night. Awake until 03:55, she decided to leave the world. At 11:25, she cut her throat. Soon she lost consciousness and had this dream. In the dream she thought those pieces of memory were from four seasons in four decades, but actually they were merely four time point within two days! Finally she realized she was suiciding and faced the choice 'to be or not to be'. She chose 'to be' and waked up at 13:10.

To be or not to be, that is a question? That is not a question...

How do you let the bird out? Neither the bird cage nor the window can be opened. The bird cage is locked, and the window is "too heavy to lift."

I'm not sure if this is related, but I can't go back to fall at all. Whenever I try to go back, I'm stuck on the moon screen with the woman in the window. The only way to get off that screen is to go to the main menu and select another season.

I accidently refilled the glass with water and the blender is full... how do I empty out my glass of water now?

i'm in winter and i cant get the flower i have played once before and the bird comes to the window but the bird wont and i cant figure out how to get him to come to the window

Bird wont fly to the window and give me the flower, and i am not reseting all my hard work. What do i do?

       Anonymous  7/13/18, 10:25 PM  

caught another one of this series from the random section & decided to post this one as a replay first (as you need a code from this game for «Cube Escape: The Lake», that will be also posted as another replay shortly)

thx for all your creations, RL ☺

possible bug: I am unable to kill the bird with the knife as previously shown throughout the walkthroughs I have seen. I have refreshed the page to no avail. help please

I am also stuck with water in the glass or blender. I had the liquids in the wrong spots and need to move them. But the extra water is in the way.

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