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[REPLAY] Neutral - Elements Escape is another Japanese point and click room escape game developed by Neutral. Somehow you find yourself in a locked room. Escape from the room by finding items and using your brain while solving puzzles. This time you are locked in a dusky room with a large double door. The level of difficulty is most challenging! This game is geared to players who like to puzzle out fiddly riddles with pen and paper. Good luck and have fun!

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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Elements Walkthrough

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And here we go again, hope there are no colour/slider puzzles in this one......

A live Neutral? Yay!

Welcome back, I'm sure Neutral holds other challenges for us. Slow loading, an indication for well made graphics.

Oh! it's Neutral! Let's go!

Let me take a first round to collect things and clues.

Put two red marbles in the box with two holes, and take a coin.

Done that too, nira, and there's a sneaky coin with an arrow when you open the picture door above the sofa. You'll find it at the backside of the open door.

One pic is clue for the 3 buttons of the box on the desk.

The lamp on the table gives a left-right code.

And the triangle thing from the plant can be put into the sun picture on the shelf. Need more clues for that.

THERE IT IS! The new Neutral one, which Nini announced long ago. Joining in...

New Neutral!!!! Can't sleep just yet

There is a bottom view on the cabinet with the red squares code.

I thought the chess board pic would be the clue for the box in the shelf but no.

Missed that key under the white cube over the sofa.....

If you lift up the four things on the shelf above the sofa, look on their bottoms, they are a clue for the doors bottom left of the big cupboard.

There is a drawer bottom right of the sofa.

Put 4 coins in the machine, and get a key,
Don't forget to press a button again, you can take 4 coins back.

You should combine two clues with 4x4 box.
(One hint is black & white chess board,
and another clue is the paper with spiral arrows)

Emmes you need two clues to open box

Thx MegiPoland, no paper clue yet. Got a key from the coin box. Looking for the matching keyhole. Thx for posting the game, it's great.

Game is a "really escape game" artwork is super, love it!

Where did you find the arrows paper? And I could swear the mold where we found one of the red marbles has sth to do with the cupboard and the red squares.

And some day I'll find the reason for the red X's. ;-)

cheeky coin on inside of picture frame above desk

Can anybody tell where the paperclue for the chessboard box is ?

Put triangle shape in the hole at the box near the right side of the sofa.
This is a clue for sun-like shapes.

Got the paper, it is in the wall safe top right of the sofa.

Thanks, nira, I had missed that view, now I have a keyhole for my key.

For lamp in the cb, first enter the l-r sequence from the lamp on the desk, then watch the "new" sequence and enter it too.

Sneaky spot in the yin yang door.

Has anybody opened the lower drawer of the desk ? I think it contains the torn page from the book.

I'm sorry I can't find last coin (arrow shape) and I can't find the place to set triangle (except in sun in cupboard with no effect).. right of sofa when you are sitting is the coin box.. and left (maybe right when you play) is a grey safe with a key hole ..but none to put a triangle shape that goes in cupboard.. hope you understand my frustration and my poor english

Big progress! I had four red X, and according to the picture the fifth had to be next to the door. Click on the floor in front of it, you'll find a "thing with two thorns". It must be for the door of the big cupboard.

Things on shelf above the sofa:

This would be 'I I ' symbol, square, circle and four dots.
But I can't get the cb open with that. Where am I wrong in my thinking ??

@gre-nadine It's extremely well hidden: 1) open picture above desk. Now DO NOT look where the yin-yang symbol is, nor on the lines, but on the open door on the hinges.

Get it? =p

gre-nadine, don't worry... The arrow coin should be above the desk. Open the picture and look at the backside of the open door.

arby circle is brown

gre-nadine, you need the key to open the grey wall safe first. then you can use the triangle. Did you find the coin hidden on the pic that you open to reveal the yin-yang safe ?

arby, you're right but mind you need the white square and the black circle. The trick for me was to zoom out, the door should be open then.

aaah ok .. now I get that coin .. thxxx :-)

arby, when you enter the symbols, there is no "click" to tell you it is right. Zoom out again and click the doors.

haha now she got same hint thrice, that should really do now :P

@Emmes ooooh that's mean. Thanks. Of course I wanted to hear a click :P

I am stuck, have nippers with a wire around, the coins and the hint book with torn page. Can't get the screwdriver or open the lower drawer of the desk. Anybody ?

Coin shape is actually a number.
Hint is on the clock.
You can see what is 1, 2, 3, 6, 9
If you put two or more coins in the machine, it adds them.

Emmes, look at my big-progress-shout. After doing as described you can open the bottom right door of the big cupboard which gives you a book (with a lock) and a bottle of wine. After that I'm stuck too.

Emmes, burn wire on dragon fire (

nira, stupid question: which clock? Did I miss that too?

Thx meritneith, had missed your earlier post.

open book using screwdriver

This is a image of the ordered books (1 ~ 9, left to right)
You can check coin's shape and numbers.

And which dragon fire? Are we still in the same game? LOL

When the screwdriver doesn't come to the book, the book comes to the screwdriver....

Book with locks - you don't need a key.
You can open a book with screwdriver.

The key from the book is for the lovely little dragon, he will help you to burn the rope around the corkscrewer.

How many times will I fall for that again? Thanks.

Pour the wine in the white dish on the left shelf.

I got 5th coin, and I have to put them in 3x3 box..
But I have no clue.

A new Neutral!? I'd totally given up on them! It's literally been years! Yay! \o/

LOL, I had try to open the bottle with the screwdriver too. In my younger years we used the most weird stuff when we had no corkscrew...

The funny looking sword helps you to get the paper from the lower desk drawer.

Wow - that´s the best escaper I´ve played for months - just left the room, but it´s not over...

I got it!
Put paper clue of the 5th coin
to the fire (dragon mouth)
You can see 3x3 clue for 5 coins.

Oh God, the second room is a game on its own! I have to make a break, my boss called me an hour ago and I said I'd call him back as I was busy. ;-)

Use funny sword on lamp clue in the book.

Huge new room and a lot of clues...

hmmm - game heve stucked - I put the 2 grey balls to the "machine" with the "5"-symbol, but can´t left that screen anymore :-(
(no idea which combination I need...)

of course I'm still far from you cause I don't understand what happens with lamps (I enter one LR in the cupboard lamps and I repeat new code in same - nothing happens).. I don't find the fourth red x (and so no more fith), I click the floor in front of.. everything.. I find no book, of course no dragon.. and so on... I feel sometimes so stupid..

If you combine 3 clues with black & white shapes in the tower,
you can get all 9 numbers of 3x3 board. (and 5 is in the middle)


maybe I'll come back later. ... thank you anyway everybody

Oh my god.. this game is really huge...
One more room with lots of clues....

gre-nadie, have you opened the deskdrawer with the photo of the room showing you a red x behind the sofa ? Then you can click on the floor in front of the door.

For those who are stuck after placing the two spheres before jotting down the code from the ceiling:


Have to give it a break. What a great game !

Can't see any "spheres" here ... are we talking about Game II ? (Tower part)


Thanks for all the clues so far.
Not sure how the circle/square clue relates to the lamp. How do we know whether to press the top or the bottom circles/squares?

Can someone please tell me what to do after you find the books with code and clock? Do I need more coins to solve the books?
Gre-Nadine: the code for the lamps is backwards. If you push the buttons, the lamps show you what pattern you've put in.

AAAH got them! One of them is hidden in the bricks (inspect wall in close-up view, off to find 2nd one)

There was a code on the ceiling???

smarties, you need to put the "sword" on the book to see what buttons to push. Don't forget to look at the arrow for right direction.

help please, I have no thing to cut the "rope" on sort of tool (bottle opener perhaps,)

First of all enter: RLRRLLR
Then it flashes a new code at you which you then enter:

I haven't seen a clock...

Thanks Winnie!
seb - you have to use a key on the dragon in the yinyang cupboard to get the wire off the bottle opener.

@Winnie books must be arranged from 1 to 9. Every rune (yes there are runes) corresponds to one and the same number.
To figure out missing numbers, you must know about the values of each of the coins you DO have. (4 max.)

Values range from 1 to 4. So if you want to know 6, chuck 1 and 2 and 3 into the box and the result will be "displayed" on the box.

thanks smarties but no found dragon key :(

Back again.

clock is in bottom drawer, you need a key for it. But I can't get past the books.... Everyone else moved on, no help anymore :-(

And now I've got the clock! (from the locked drawer)

I have got the bottom of the yin yang symbols. I got a key from using coins in machine and retrieved coins afterwards. I still have what looks like a peg with a wire around it. I have no idea what to do next. Can't open locks on desk or bookcase. Can't open semi-open drawer. Can't find anything to use screwdriver from cabinet on. Can't unscrew picture on wall. I am lost...

I cleared the top of the tower.. and it's not ending!
ANOTHER ROOM in the basement..

thank you arby! I get it.

Where is the third black & white shape? I have only 7124 and 8617. Also, don't know what to do with the 3 sphere and screen. Can't get the hanging key too.

What you find in the upper drawer of the "sword cabinet" later in the game, is a pocket watch or fob watch. It'd be a clock if it was put on a table or hung on the wall...

NVM, it is in the book. I just miss it.

Sorry arby!

       Anonymous  5/20/15, 3:34 AM  

when you go up with the lift there's game III and then you go down to the basement where is game IV awaiting where I'm stuck at the moment...
What a great work of neutral!

Please help, nira. I'm stuck with a telescope thing and a two-pronged button.

@smarties for Pete's sake, NOT YOU!!
That was to the others who've now repeatedly called the thing a clock (some of them probably having English as first language, but calling it wrongly after all)

And so the Big Day has come: the long-roumored new Neutral game is here.

For the grey spheres in the tower: one is on the handrail, the other is when you leave the first room, go ahead one step and then not upstairs but to the right. Click on the dragon cage once and then on the brick below the lamp at the right. You'll find binoculars when you zoom in at the cage.

This comment has been removed by the author.
       Anonymous  5/20/15, 3:38 AM  

Jenn, the button thing combined with another thing is a remote that you use on the ceiling

thanks @meritneith, so no point to search all other brick walls :P

Yowzers - I can't get past the lamps? I've sorted out the order but how many times do I have to repeat that order??

Thanks Mako, where/how can I find that other thing?

Now a new problem. I have put the grey spheres in two holes to both sides of a golden ball. I look at a screen with a triangle pointing to the left. I can lighten up some squares but nothing happens and I can't zoom out!

I tried a pattern I found on the stairs and one in the book but nothing!

@Stray this ain't SIMON :P So don't just repeat what the lamps give you. Instead, go to the other two lamps (those you need no bulbs for), and note down the 7-step sequence. Hit in that 7-step sequence in the other lamps. Lamps will then give you another 7-step sequence which you must repeat correctly ONCE.
After that, the lamps will give a 3rd (different) sequence but after that the center part will open, so no need to repeat the 3rd as well.

found dragon key in Brown book, click on sd with book (return book first)

Will I be stuck in that game forever? :-o

Don't worry meritneith, at least you won't be alone. :p

Cold comfort, Jenn... Maybe I should start over, I saved the last time when I got into the tower.

Can't someone post a partial walkthrough so I can get unstuck please? Nobody responded to my cry of help so now I am really going to cry...

Girls, it's lunchtime in Europe :) So this is probably the reason why this entry is less busy at the moment ;)

@Mako Where did you use the clue from ceiling? Are we supposed to combine it with the clue from below the spherish thing?

Tania, the code of the left cupboard can be found on the shelf with the 4 objects. See if you can find he code ;)

So far I got a telescope, a plug like stuff with brown button and a anemoscope...stuck for over 15 mins, anyone please give me some hints TT please...

meritneith: combine my first post with nira's at 2:49 AM.

I've started again.

Stuck at basement. Unsolved 4-digit code, 4-button chest, 3x5 matrix.....

okay I miss the hidden point where you can find the hint from the photo in the drawer with butterfles on top...

finally! Lunch finished. Continuing my comprehensive quest...

Thanks, Jenn. I'll try again - right after saving!

Cleared basement .. and not ending..
Now in the garden... I'll take a rest.

A sphere that is part of the artsy pillar decoration...I'll be damned.

I can zoom into the game but this time also zoom out. Must have been a bug first time.

@tautau @nira Please tell me how you got in the basement. I'm stuck with the lines and dot clue from the ceiling and a telescope.

Still have part of a anemometer, dragonfly fossil (with code hint), 2-leg plug with button. What to do next?

Need help with the glow-in-the-dark hint.

@linecka, enter the key code (see with binoculars) in the screen and get a key....

Back from washing up and have just found the staircase...

Feeling v torn now about whether to get back to work or not.

By the way - was looking for more runes but you only need 5. Hold paper clue over lit dragon mouth for placement.

Linecka: Use that paper hint with the hint in front of the half-globe-thingey and use that on the box behind the key picture.

Ah, found last blue gem!

Alex, I am way past the left cupboard. I am talking about the bookcase or dresser whatever you call it, the one with the red lights when you press up and down, no idea where clue for that is.

There is a lamp on the bookcase with two round buttons and two square ones. Where is the clue for that? I am still in first room in case anyone's wondering... :)

       Anonymous  5/20/15, 4:21 AM  

tautau, go to the dark space, turn aroun, zoom in the sign on the wall and look on the clue paper in the inventory

Tania, you get a bottle of red wine from somewhere, open it with the corkscrew and pour it into what looks like an icetray on one of the shelves. That gives the code for the red/white lights on the cupboard.

       Anonymous  5/20/15, 4:22 AM  

it's not the end! there is also a garden!

The clue for the square/circle lamp comes from a combination of a book with torn page, missing page from partially opened drawer and the sword from the cupboard.

I'm finally stuck, but I don't really know how to ask for help...

Took the elevator-like thingy to the top(?), and have two-pronged button, a thingy that looks like wings of a windmill, a stone tablet with clue at the back, and a black thingy with 2 semicircles..

Have not solved the 5x3 grid, or the 4 shape puzzle below butterfly, or the gold safe with lights thingy

Ah great smarties! Let's move back a step, then. How do I open the drawer that won't open fully? To get that torn page? No idea about red wine, of course. The way I am doing, I might consider drowning my sorrows in a bottle of wine! I want to catch up!!!!!!!!!!!

@Tania, you need the sword from the cupboard

Maybe my brain's too sludgy now - I'm stuck.

I'm in the tower. I have the notebook, the spheres (put into the holes with the golden ball), and the binoculars.

I have seen the three b/w patterns with the numbers 7124, 8617, and 4916. Also seen the code for the key 24315.

I've been clicking every pattern in the golden-ball-screen but nothing.

Don't forget nira's hint!!!

Well, more like a spoiler. :p

What to do with the empty chest?

@meritneith, it's basically working out which shape goes to which square in the 3x3 grid. The 2 missing symbols from the clue are <- and the play button thingy, and the middle is the play button..

I don't even know if that makes any sense.

I'm still stuck.. Help?

Put stones in the empty chest, and use chain.
Put this in the lever to light.

Thanks guys for your patience! Yes, I have seen nira's spoiler (too hard for me to work it out by myself). What do I have to do now? When I lighten up the squares for the key in the order 24315 nothing happens. Would that be correct?

1 2 X
X 5 X
X 4 3

For the butterflies, use the stone slab hint with the windmill+sails.

Im still at the top floor of the tower...
stuck with unsolved box near the tower model,
box behind the black key picture and with the plug with brown button and a telescope

did I miss points or hints for the boxes? help please

@meritneith, that should be right.. You can get a stone slab thingy for the elevator I think

That's what worked for me, meritneith.

@Jenn, thanks.. but there are no shape on the windmill? Should I put it somewhere first?

Where's the fifth coin? I'm way behind!

OMG I don't know how it happeend.. I swear I tried putting the windmill on the miniature tower/lighthouse thingy, and it won't go it.. but it just did!

@mhthyr: Did you put the sails on the mill yet?

Fifth coin is in the flowerpot.

@Jenn Thanks. Now I'm stuck in the basement. The arrows hint from the notebook doesn't seem to work with the lock...?

Spooky! I have done it again four times now, and it suddenly worked. That screen wasn't my friend. Thank you so much. Way to go!

@Jenn Nevermind :)

@Jenn, where is the windmill?

PLEASE someone write a walkthrough, even if it is partial! I am going round in circles. Seems I need a sword which I cannot get until I have opened the drawer anyway - madness!

OK here is what I have so far: Desk scene - I have operated radio using clue on poster above sofa. I have seen clue on notebook. I have checked out desk lamp. It opens as if you can put something in it but I have nothing to put in it. Rubbish bin contained a red ball. Red X on floor. Drawer that won't open fully. Locked drawer.

@Lottie: I´m at the same point - no idea .....

So I know I have to get the sword, but how do i open that cabinet? Where do I find the code?

Moving on to the right: Armoir with sword locked by lights lock. Can't get to it, yet. Below, drawer that needs key to open. Don't have key. Turn right. Big wall unit. I have opened left cabinet and operated lamp. Got a screwdriver which is attached to side. Above I found clue for shapes to open cabinet. Lifted a bird but nothing underneath. To the right is cabinet door that needs a strange key to open which I don't have. Above that was box with squares to press which I pressed according to a paper clue I got somewhere and the picture on wall (clockwise bottom left to centre.)

@Lottie & Pichler: The box behind picture and the one next to the windmill are the same, with different codes.
The box next to the windmill uses the code from the key picture on the right.

Super stuck on the top floor, continue after dinner :(<<
michael I hope you can get out from the top floor asap, fight :)

Continuing: Above is light with round and square switches, no idea how to operate. Move right. Sofa scene. Got coins placed in slot of box and got key. Opened a sofa drawer for something which I cannot remember what it was. Opened cabinet behind plant on the right of sofa. It has a strange prismatic hole but maybe it is nothing? I turn right again and face double doors with nothing to do there. And STUCK!

@Tania, what do you have in your inventory?

@TB Tabby: which flower pot? I'm missing the 5th coin as well.

Jenn, I have the four coins and the thing with the rope stuck around it... I have unlocked most of the cabinets, so I just have to get that paper in the bottom drawer to find the next red X

I'm stuck with a trowel myself, fyi. :p

thanks Jenn , i miss 2 buttons for the box behind the black key picture,did I miss something important...?

Hopefully someone can help me get unstuck now that I described exactly what I've done and what I cannot access yet? :)

@lottie, if you change the position of the dial, the picture changes

Forgot to mention sun dial which I have no clue of... It's on wall unit. I placed triangle in it.

@ Marcel, the tiny one.

@unknown, the rope can be burnt and the thing can be used to open bottle.

@Lottie, you don't need the 2 buttons.

how to open the key picture ?!!

@Jenn, I don't have the bottle, because I can't get into the cabinet until I get the paper from the bottom drawer.

That's what I'm looking for. I have to open the cabinet where the sword is in. How do I do that?

Sorry, I meant to add, if you use that as reference, you can figure out how to open the gold safe next to the mini windmill

@Unknown, you need the bottle to open the cabinet to get the sword for the drawer paper. ;)

You didn't Lottie, that box is only a hint for the lever-positions of the box with the broken display.

@Jenn: Thankx - I think that hint helps. I didn´t noticed that the box behind the picture have more then 2 symbols..... ;-)

where is the sun dial, why can i change the dial ??? I open the drawer with the dial code, i got the windmill, but i don't know how to solve the key under the butterflies ???

Tania put triangle piece in cb right of sofa (on hole) and click many times on to have the code for sun panel

thanks mhtyhr and Jenn
I can get different patterns of symbols when i turn the dial at different angles, but I still dont understand how to enter the 5 symbols as shown on the white key picture?
sorry my brain stuck today...

I assume nobody is here...
Have 4 coins, a ripped book and a tool that I can't open...
Still missing a lot of puzzles..

@Jenn, wow I spaced out there. So I finally got the key for the top drawer, the book and the paper with the x'es on it (somehow no one said the paper was in the top drawer :') ) Anyway, I opened the yin yang thing and I can see the little dragon, and I read that I could get a key from a book, but I currently have a book with a page ripped out, and the locked one. And I can't open it with the screwdriver?

@ Jenn: there is only 1 tiny flowerpot, the one with the red x below but there is no coin. wahhh I feel stupid.

Hi, I'm stuck at the top of the tower with the telescope and a hint paper with a white key on it, I'm thinking it has to do with the order under the half globe but I have no idea where to use it

So, who's volunteering to write a walkthrough? I gave up after getting to the staircase but would like to start again when I've got more time.

Oh wow nvm. I didn't realise you would actually have clicked to see the screws on the book before you could use the screwdriver..

Thanks SkyCharger001!!!! m(_)m

Use hint from 4-shape in middle window to open golden box inside cabinet. This gives windmill and then hint for 4-digit drawer. Stuck at two photo and telescope thing.

@Marcel, you can get it after seeing the hint.

what to do with the code under the sphere in the centre of the top floor ??? @Tania @Jenn

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