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[REPLAY] Neutral - Elements Escape is another Japanese point and click room escape game developed by Neutral. Somehow you find yourself in a locked room. Escape from the room by finding items and using your brain while solving puzzles. This time you are locked in a dusky room with a large double door. The level of difficulty is most challenging! This game is geared to players who like to puzzle out fiddly riddles with pen and paper. Good luck and have fun!

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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Elements Walkthrough

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Any help with the valve...have to broodforce?

I know how you feel.. I actually wrote down "Dragon mouth", but went round and round looking for place to use the nippers! (And same thing later with the SD lol)

I, for the life of me, cannot get the snail dial cupboard open. I have tried every combo

Man this game is tough! I'm trying to solve the 4 wheels inside the room in the garden according to the windows but it's very tough! what to do with the litle T thing?

Have you seen the clue? If yes, it's a matter of working out how to connect the dots.

I drew out the picture, and turned it around as needed.
So for example, for the first valve, which is right next to the spot where the red X is, from the diagram, if you are facing the valve (the red X behind you), you'd need to set the valve like 3 o'clock position.

It's too tedious to brute force.. there are 4 valves, with 4 possible positions. too many combinations :)

Where can I find the order these symbols are inserted in?

thanks mhtyhr :)

@aridza, look at my previous comment.
The "T" thing comes in later, so don't worry about it now.

Just do it in order.
So for the first snail in the clue, only the right side can be positioned that way, so move it accordingly. then the 2nd nail in the clue can only be achived by the snail on the left, so move it again.. If i remember correctly, you alternate between left and right

@Billy, which symbols?

I am back but still stuck in stained glass room. Unable to open golden safe on cabinet and inside wall. Can't understand hint from left key picture. Can't use telescope thing and 2-pronged button.

@miles follow hint as a clock
on the handle right put on 3, on the handle left put on 4, on the right put on 9.....

But I'm very confused about your clue, what red X and diagram? only clue I saw were the windows

From the lit-up wall. I got eight symbols, and I'm trying to inset them into the door. I don't know what order they are inserted in.

Got it - Thank you mhtyhr!!! Can finally move on

Thanks also to Seb!

Oooh sorry Aridza, I mistook it for another puzzle.

To solve the wheel, first work out the position where you need the needle to go in each position.
(Look at the "dark" part of the rings on the window. Then start from top left, top right, then bottom right and bottom left.

The way the math works, it doesn't create any complications.

I found stone slabs and got 4 symbols which correspond to buttons in safe in the cupboard in the basement. But that cupboard has no handle to open it. Nor do I know which symbol to start off first. When I press the upper safe, I cannot get anything useful because the handle just rotates. Can someone pls help?

@Billy, the symbols are actually lighted up in order.
The easiest way to watch it would be to just shuffle the one right next to the square box . When you first "unsolve" the grid, the lights disappear. Once you put it in the right way again, you will be able to watch the symbols light up in order

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Where are you? Which basement? The one with the dragon puzzle?

stuck, in room with 3 squares grid I have chain and pickaxe but dont know what to do? please

Have you solved the dragon puzzle?

I am sooooo stuck and even reading all the comments somehow doesn't help.

I'm in the top room with the 3 big windows. All I have is a button with 2 small pins and a stone with 4 symbols on it's back.

I don't know what to do with the lighthouse, safes on and in cupboard, birdcage, code below butterflies or the two key-pictures.

I saw the hint about the black and white squares, but seems I can't use them yet, since I haven't seen a clue about that.

what's the next step I should focus on?



There's a word that I'm looking for to describe such a diminutive and simple detail that stops me in my tracks from solving the much larger puzzle at hand. And again I am peeved that I didn't think to do that. Thank you for the hint.

And Elements is a fantastic game. This was worth the wait.

I get the memo for the 6 position (order in middle device) but I don't know how to enter. I know the dial position for the shape. But there are 2 button on the right. What to press? Please help

No mhtyhr it's not active :(

POP! found the small wings, but have trouble like others had before placing it on the windmill/lighthouse


You need a green gem. DId you put it on the chest? If yes, take it back first.. You'd need to first solve the dragon puzzle

mhtyhr, what other basement? What dragon puzzle? I am at basement where you can see shadow from windmill and you have a rounded thing in middle with something on ceiling, a stone slab with a clue behind that I took using a french key, a puzzle with stone pieces in the window, ammonites, butterflies...

tautau, only upper button of those two is needed for the final safe to open (combine with dial)

thanks a lot mhtyhr

@Tania, that's actually the tower on top! Not the basement :)

Do you have a windmill sail to put on the windmill?

Maybe I am too tired. I re-enter and it is ok. Thx Winnie!

Back from short break, hope i can solve these codesssss in the GARDEN

are these two things supposed to be combined? Windmill/Lighthouse and wings?

WINDMILL? (right click and open in a new window/tab)

OK, stone puzzle gives lights sequence if you press key and then you can open bottom safe that gives a wooden piece. Will try it on upper safe too just in case.

You're welcome tautau. I'm waiting for you in the basement so hurry up! I need help! ;-)

mhtyr, you are kidding me! LOL I wasn't watching the elevator scene so assumed I was on ground level. Big eye roll time. I have to close my eyes occasionally when I sneeze... :) tee hee

thanks Tania! that helped me! I didn't notice the lower safe is different than the upped one.

unfortunatly I have to leave. will continue later

glad I could help Casual, don't forget to save game so you can return to it later!

OMG, the wooden piece I got from bottom safe goes on wooden windmill and when you turn it, it gives different symbols which I bet you will be used in butterfly or whatever it is place.

anybody here? how to open chest i basement?? i have a blue ball that fits in slot, but it doesn't stay there

That minotaurus statue in the garden FREAKS me out...

At least to me it looks as if the symbols (or better: a spiderweb of messy lines) are only black and white.
I just don't understand how I can combine the cake-style diagrams with these four hard-to-define symbols.


Take back the ball.. put it on the dragon figure, and light it up according to the clue.

never mind, i didn't notice, there are two more pages of comments :oD found the answer

What can I do with the watering can in the garden? I used it to clean the chessboard like on the ground, used the patern to open the box, got the note and turned the handles right, but don't know what else to do

Aarrrghggh!! I decided to do one quick game and here I am 6 hours later. It is wine o'clock (well, in 20 mins' time but heh ho). I have the lit-up symbols and want to input them somewhere. People are talking about putting them in the door in the garden, but I think I need a screwdriver and don't have one. I'm SO nearly there I know it, but I still have a knob thing with a T-shaped lock on the reverse that I don't know what to do with - thought it might go back upstairs, but nope :(

@aridza, When you opened the fishy box, did you look carefully at the box again?

I'm stuck in the garden with shovel, T-handle and empty watering can. Can't solve the valves and don't know what to do with the 6 flower hints

@Anja, if you look at the 4 valves, they have green outer lines that match up with some of the flower pictures.

I'm in the basement without tautau and I have no clue what to do. Found notebook with several hints. Thought the arrows would be clue to open lock on chain, but no go so far... Anyone wish to share? No wine o clock for me, more like ouz-o-clock....

       Anonymous  5/20/15, 9:55 AM  


Thank you ! Now I'm in the tower, stuck again (of course). I can see some numbers+squares hints : on a stair, on the notepad, on a wall, and a number on the ceiling (with binoculars). I've found the 3 balls for the device downstairs. I've tried to enter the patterns on the grid, but it doesn't work.

Solve the wall puzzle and get a notebook. But still struggling for the padlock. The arrow in the notebook does not match the lock.

Thank you so much!!!!

Doh, of course I know where the screwdriver is!! Where it was 6 hours ago when I started.

You need to see three 3x3 grid hint, and the code for the key.

BAsically it's about working out where each of the 9 symbols go on the 3x3. (the one right in the middle is the "play" button)
Then, press it in order.

@tautau and @winnie. Did you exit into the dark, turn around and see the lit up clue? That shows you the arrow in relation to the shape.

       Anonymous  5/20/15, 10:03 AM  

Ah ah, finally I got the key from the 3 x 3 grid. The patterns of square show where the numbers are positionned. That is :
2 4 7
6 5 9
8 1 3

OMG thank you so much MountainGoat. Chop chop, off we go tautau!

Now I used the watering can on the ground and got the pattern, used it on the box but it wont open - my poor brain hurts! I got so far on my own and now my heas is empty :)

I mean my "head" LOL

stuck at the last puzzle in the garden...where to find the order of the 8 symbols?


For the 4x4, you need to make the pattern as per the clue.
The way the box works: when you press the button at the bottom, every 2nd click will disappear.

so e.g if you press the top row, in this order:
1 2 3 4
When you press the button, you will end up with 1 X 3 X

Seba, see mhtyhr's comment at 9.11 to help with order.

       Anonymous  5/20/15, 10:17 AM  

The tower seems to be a windmill...
I used the shells hint and the butterfly hint, but I don't understand what the missing corners mean on the back of the dragonfly stone.


See my comment @9:11

Please: How can I open the box in the "valves-room". I got the pattern but it wont open

@Anja, click the white button in the middle.

The water will start running after that

How to deal with the dinosaur bone? I am going to give up.

@pdgph that would be the position for the windmill. Look at the missing top and note the "numbers" (signs) at each position.

@mhtyhr: Thanx for trying to help me!
I got the water already - I don't get the pattern box

don't give up tautau, I'm still with you, strugling with you every step of the way out of this hellhole... dear lord this cannot be called a "game", it's a fight! :-)

OH- Ah
Thank you mhtyhr - Now I got it!!!!

Tatau, my connection is very slow, sorry. I'm in top chamber, I have telescope too, photo of chamber shows a hidden drawer where you find third part of "black wind roller?" that goes top of the the black bird. It moves right and left, then it does a complete turnin around. What for? Is this a hint? Still have the two-plug thing with brown button

geez... This is hard!! I've solved tons of puzzles but this keeps going and going!!

Back playing again. Had to take a brief break for my sanity. I can't open safe on top of cabinet and I also have a safe behind a picture with two missing buttons. I tried making up signs on the safe on top of cabinet with clicking handle but it is not working - maybe I am doing it wrong. Can anyone give me a helpful push towards the right direction?

Don't tell me that nobody's out till now! :-O

I had to leave five hours ago after some hours playing. Just wanted to have a look how things were going. Man, this seems to be one of the hardest games ever (but also one of the best). I'll go on tomorrow (at work, don't tell my boss) as I saved after doing not to bad in the windmill room, still not out there.

Wow, 476 comments on an escape game??? I think I'm in for a long one, here :D

@meritneith I guess I saw 1 person who escaped.. dunno who xD

@Tania have u gotten all 4 coins? (Are u in the 1st room? lol)
Use them on devicefor a key.

Giuse, look through the peephole in the cupboard that is below the blackbird.

I thought I was doing really well, stuck in first room. Someone clever PLEASE write a walkthrough...:)

@meritneith I guess I saw 1 person who escaped.. dunno who xD

@Tania have u gotten all 4 coins? (Are u in the 1st room? lol)
Use them on devicefor a key.

This is the 2nd longest I've ever spent on an escape game.. the longest being Kanji by 45rpm, but that's mostly the crazy language puzzles..

I was banging my head many times when stuck, but finally when all solved, I realised the puzzles were all very logical. You just really need to think in mny different ways. (E.g with the light box in the garden shed... usually we see a clue, and we think, okay, I need to enter that.. but this is a case where we need to make the clue)
I would give it gazillion stars if I could :)

I got to the underground (dragon fossil on the wall room)..
I read there is still a garden... oh my...

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Hi Daisy Dorset - There's a walkthru part 1 from Casual somewhere (second page of comments I think). Hope you've got plenty of time! I finished 20 mins ago after starting 6 hours before!!! Great game :)

Fill chest with stone and then what next?

       Anonymous  5/20/15, 10:38 AM  

The anemometer turns on the bird cage, but how is it supposed to help ?

Nini xD, I haven't got 4 coins, where do I get them from? I have two unsolved safes and the sphere on the floor with the light-up Π. I have a telescope and the 2 prong device. That's all.

This is incredible ! Still live ! I started early this morning, played for hours and there are still a team of people trying to solve this game ! I will try to finish this tomorrow. Wow, what a game ! Makers can be proud, this doesn't come along very often.
Meritneith, hope to catch you tomorrow. By the way, where is byassen ?

Tautau, you'll need something to wrap around chest so heavy chest becomes useful.

@Tania... so u are on the windmill room..

Well, after u get all stone parts, u get a hint for the no lever safe.
After u opened the key pic, u need to combine lever hint + buttons hint (from the no lever safe0 to solve the broken safe

Use chain with chest on switch. Get out of basement.

@Tania, I'm not sure at what point you are, but if it helps, the order of doing things in the tower:
- Color box (using butterfly clue) for key to the right drawer
- Snail drawer
- Right drawer safe (using shape clue from middle window)
- Windmill sail on the miniature windmill + dragonfly tablet gives clue to the drawer below butterflies.
- Picture in drawer shows secret compartment for a black thingy to complete your anemo-something
- Place anemo-something on the birdcage for 3x5 grid clue
- Open key pictures
- From left key picture, we know how the dial works (it adds "decoration" to the basic inverted V, inverted U shape etc). Use that in combination with the hint from the right key picture to open the safe next to windmill
- Open the skylight thingy with remote
- Use note from skylight with the 3x2 button at the bottom of the globe for the left key safe. get a connector for the globe..

p.s that sort of not walkthrough walktrough is a continuation from where the other person left it off..

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lol, this morning there were "only" about 74 comments, now look.
Saving this one for the weekend ..

Nini xD, I tried to combine hints but can't. I have an upside U with a dot inside. What position do I put the handle in and do I turn handle before or after I press button? It is so confusing.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Again, not a walkthrough but just a general flow so you know where to go next

In the basement,
- Turn on light
- Find 3 gems to get paper clue
- Use paper clue in the dark. Also look out for the 5-sided shape + arrow clue
- Solve wall using paper clue, get a book with 5-sided shape hint, dragon hint
- Open lock for pickaxe, chain & lock
- Get green gem, stones
- Use green gem on dragon, solve. Take the brighter gem back, use on chest for green medal. Use pickaxe to open grill
- Fill chest with stone, use chain & lock, turn on the light
- USe book clue to place medal somewhere in middle of stair, place laser thingy from tower on the hexagon stand, and you'll get a boulder rolling down

- Go back to main house, look for new entrance to garden

       Anonymous  5/20/15, 10:51 AM  

The anemometer and the metal bird turn in the cage, but I can't see how it could help for the grid on the wall !

@Tania always turn handle _before_ pressing button, as the combination matters a lot.

@Tania every position gives a different symbol. U need to form the symbols the other pic tells u to. Eg: the 1st one is a curved top with a dot inside. The lever tells u the "dot" is top left. And the no lever safe tells u that the cirved top is the 4th button (bottom one).
Do the same for the rest.

       Anonymous  5/20/15, 10:52 AM  

LOL, feeling very stupid : I've just remembered to look UNDER the cage, in the cupboard...

@Nini sorry for correcting you, but in this case it's better to use directions as on a compass, because there is west as well as south-west as well as north-west, for instance.

Nini I must be missing a clue then because I have nothing that shows me that the dot is NW corner.

@arby that's ok :P I just found it easier to name the directions that way but maybe yours is better xD

Oh and I'm sorry.. dot is top RIGHT (NE) sorry sorry!!

@pdgph BTW I solved this puzzle without help. You must note that there are two *invariable* pieces on the 3x5 board on the wall. So it's like the snake that bites into its own tail (figuratively) :) That reads, you have to imagine the sequence as if going round a cylindric object.

So I solved it like this:
wrote down groups of 3 with the symbols. then I rotated the scheme so long until the invariable pieces matched.

@Nini the top left, bottom right thing makes sense as long there are ONLY diagonals. ( " X " ) . But if you imagine the X getting struck by one vertical line and one horizontal line, things are getting rough...

OMG, just found the hint!!! In the missing button safe, you click the middle buttons whilst turning the switch and it gives you different signs, argh!

Behind garden scene:
- Get stick
- Look near the grill for 3 shape clue, and pick up a ring
- enter 3 shapes on wall, use ring, out to the garden you go
- Look for 4 hexagon shape clues around the garden (wall near entrance to house, chalk board, dragon, 6x6 grid)
- Use it to solve the weird horn statue puzzle for shed key
- In the shed, turn on water using clue from the dials + stained windows
- Watering can + water for 4x4 grid in shed, get a piece of paper for valve & shovel
- Position valves so that the water flood the little drain inside the entrance to the house - get bottle for a coin
- Use coin on projector in shed for green chest clue
- Open green chest, take key, fill with water,
- Open locked drawer in shed, turn off water
- Meanwhile, collect 3 eggs, to reveal a lever puzzle behind chalkboard
- Use green chest clue to solve lever - this opens a round thingy that could not be opened previously for a square shape (look for the same mark as on top of the lever puzzle)
- Use square shape on 6x6, get nippers
- Get ring from dragon mouth (water need to be turned off first)
- Get into the house, take SD
- look for clues for the 6x6 shape
- Solve the 6x6 grid, watch out for the order that the symbols lit up
- Use SD on small door, Use T key, enter symbol, and off you go

@arby yeah that's exactly what I pictured.. LOL
so -> I would name only "right" hahah a bit confusing I know >_<

@mhtyhr I refuse to read ur comments lol ( I need to do this by myself!! hahahah)

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You can't imagine how many hours (yes, HOURS) I've been waiting for this early garden part to get covered by a WT!

Can someone tell me where the third gem is in the basement? Found 2 on the ground. I still have the telescope looking thingy.

... But still no clue for me how to turn these octagon hints into symbols/patterns in this $%#& statue...I just don't see it :(((

nvm. got the gem. I got the paper with three blank squares.... now what?

Solution for safe on top of cabinet -- Always set position first, then click button.

Handle ..... Button
NE --------- 4
SW -------- 1
W ---------- 3
NW -------- 1
SE --------- 2

Press long button on top

That's it, Tania. Well done! (even though a SPOILER and a few blank lines would have been better, but let's not be too strict will we)

each clickable dial on the horn statue is different. it corresponds to one of the hexagon shape.
E.g on the third dial, if you scroll through, you'll see this pattern of Black and White:
W, W, B, B, B, W, B, B
which corresponds to the shape on the chalkboard. In the chalkboard, arrow points to the middle black of the three consecutive blacks, so you need to make sure that middle black is selected in the dial.

LOL Nini..
I hear ya :P
One thing I love about Neutral - all the puzzles are logical, so if we spend long enough, we can eventually work it out.. This one is a real biggie .. so darn long!

Can someone post the solution of the basement puzzle with 3 squares? I pressed all the right buttons and then nothing. I dont get that one at all.

@ Tania.. thank you! I had one of the arrows wrong!

great fantastic game but im sooooo stuck
i will be back please someone do a walkthrough

Pheeewww just solved the dragon puzzle!
I still have a looong way to go haha

This comment has been removed by the author.

@mhtyhr you really deserve to be a part of my nightly prayer today...thank you SO MUCH.
So it's just W B W B ... counting and "hitting" on the right one indicated by the arrow.

Anyways, this is the most stupid puzzle in this whole huge game so far. Glad once I'll be past it.

@Chris, you can only press the buttons on the left to light them up, and on the right you can only rotate them.
Once you have both the left and the right panel look exactly the same as the paper clue, press the middle panel. (Don't press the button at the bottom of the left panel! that only clears the two panels and you've gotta start over again

I have a paper from ceiling that tells me: - I . II - L
I took it to mean directions for safe with missing buttons: E SW NE SE E SW but it is not working. Can anyone please help me figure this one out? Or am I barking up the wrong tree? Also, the ceiling opened and a metal rope fell down but I need a clip to tie it to the top of the bell (I assume to remove bell and see what's underneath).

@arby.. My least favorite puzzle is the garden valves ... I'm not that good with those sort of.,, spatial (?) visualiation stuff. I had to literally draw out the map, then turn them around as I set the valves around the garden :)

@Nini.. You're ALMOST there :)

So how do I attach the rope to the ball in the tower room?

Ohh I can see the garden! xD

did anyone get out of the garden?? i have spade and no idea what else to do.. i've never spent eight hours on one game :oD


It's very similar to the safe you just solved.

Combine that with the 3x2 panel at the bottom of the big globe (notice the upside-down U and the order that they lit up)

First one to light up: top row middle.. from paper: that's the I shape.. so you need to set the dial to I and press the 3rd button (Inverted U)

Can't get the levers in garden right: Thought it was 3 1 4 2 5 but the +thing wont open! What I'm doing wrong?

@Unknown, you need to solve the safe behind the left key picture for the connector.
See my comment to Tania @11:23

And finally IN the garden!


The first one should be 1 (Square, which is the deepest inside the chest)

arby, I am playing the game with high fever and feeling miserable but determined not to let it beat me. I have been at it for 7 hours I think... with short break for meals on the sofa. Sorry, I am not used to writing spoilers and as this is a frustrating game, I wanted to help others before I forgot what was what.

Thanks Mountain Goat, I forgot about the peephole. Now I'm just getting nut trying to get the right sequence of black and white square. I feel dizzy! Now I understand that if I ever get out of the window-chamber I'll find the garden Could anyone help with the W-B squares?

sorry mhtyhr I don't get the green chest and the lever clue...
how should i rank those balls weight? OTZ

@mhtyhr: no sorry - I tried your combination from 7:07 (13425) but that don't work too. In the chest for me is x the lowest then =, square, circle, triangel

@Tnia my deepest respect then!! I couldn't do that with high fever at all, let alone start playing such a marathon of a game...

mhtyhr, I don't get it. What do I press? Buttons under the dome are not clickable. If I have to press the safe, how?

@mhtyhr thanks a lot for you help
but when i do code 4x4 grid on box on table (hint with waering can) box don't open

what's wrong please?

W - - W
- WW -
- WW -
W - - W

try to lable white as press firstly and black press secondly

Thanks Lottie :)

@Seb, see my comment at 10:16

@Chris - where was the third gem???

@Tania notice the upside down U below the globe. That's your order (combined with the paper).
Do u remember how the symbols are related to the lever?
And u only need to press the 1st buttons (because u need a flat top )

OH OK! So for button less safe you need to first design the Π and add the lines from clue paper that fell off ceiling. that gives you designs for top button with combination of the handle. THEN you have to think of order of buttons, so you start with top middle, then bottom middle, then top left and so on. ARGH!

YOu can just click anywhere at the bottom, and just watch the order appears

In the drawer, you will see the Square X Circle = Triangle clue, that gives you the order.
Put them in the lever accordingly.
Square is the most deeply submerged so it shoould be at position 1, Triangle is the one that floats up the highest, so it's number 5

OMG - I have first to fill the chest with water!!!!

Made mistake: top middle, lower middle, BOTTOM left, then top left...

Can't believe you're all still here! And very glad I tore myself away to get on with work when I did.
Great respect for all your determination and resilience! Especially Tania, Seb and Arby who were about when I abandoned it. Hope you left good clues!

Wow. I understood the sequence of the left key safe, but I kept clicking the third button instead of the second.

Such a great game, So sorry to leave it unfinished! I'm in the stained window room, I can't really work out the 5x3 W-B square puzzle. So long everybody


Hmm... maybe it changes by game. This was how mine looked like:
And when I entered it as 13425, I could then go to one of the previously locked cylinder thingy


Maybe the same issue as Anja? You'd need to fill the chest with water first

oh!!! i thought the one in the drawer is an equation!
thanks mhtyhr!!!

SPOILER - Safe with missing buttons:

Place handle at following positions and click top round button every time:

NW - E - SE - W - NE - S

Now press big button to get hook for cable.


And now I am in basement. Like others commented, scary down here but found a light switch. Not sure what to do. I can change left grid but not got pattern yet. Got a gem but no place to put it.

@Tania search everywhere for 3 gems. U need to place them on the white box behind bars.

For those who need a video walkthrough, they're on youtube now :3 Just search for Neutral elements walkthrough part 1/2/3/4

Way past my bedtime guys.. Have fun :)
I wonder how this maker's going to top this one, to be honest.


Thanx Unknown! But I think I need part 5, LOL
I'm now too tiered and stuck with nippers and the T-handle.

This 4x4 grid got me... but I'll solve it aaah!!! (I'm not asking for help I just need to share the pain lol)

Woohooo I'm out!!

POP!! Got it!

Good night mhtyhr - thanx a lot for all your help!!!!

Wow, I thought that when the stairway opened from the first room I was out. HAH! Now I see I have many more rooms to go. This is turning into Dreamhouse (and I love it)!

Anyone else have a bunch of scrap paper next to their computer with notes jotted down? A person who saw them would probably think I'm a crazy.

@Sam Lee: LOL - yes same here!

Well Sam I have a notepad xD

And wow! Chick with lasers! Run for your lives LOL

finally im out, thank you everyone who provide hints and support!!!

now ready for recording video WT...so sleepy...

Oh pleeease, what can i do in the garden? i only found a spade and same valves to turn.. oh and a wooden egg, that i gave to the wooden bird

@sinapis 1st u need to solve the "stone monster" puzzle.
Find hints all around the garden.

I'm finally out! took 8 hours (with a bunch of breaks though)!!!! Great game

oh i found lots of hints, i just don't knouw how to use them.. i'll try to kill that stone thing :o)

Grrrr why won't those levers work?!?!

Hehe had to use watercan on box :P

Wow... I could only get SD now! After 4 hours of gameplay LOL
(use nippers)

VALVES puzzle hot hint: I can only recommend making a screenshot of the clue paper and rotate the whole thing by 180 degrees!!
It was almost 50% easier to do that way for me. The only thing you need to know that you have to think upside-down for the valve near the computer-board (opposite door). This must be in an L shape.

I'm finally out. pheew This game was just over the top! But I LOVED IT!! This is what I call a real escape game xD

Gawd this was cool!

Finished lighting up dragon but now got an empty box...?

This is utterly the most complicated escape game i have ever seen. Out here as well with a LOT of help with here and google.

@Tania u need something heavy to be able to light up the corridor again:)

Please, someone.
I'm in the "second" room with the coloures glass windows, miniature windmill etc. I suppose I'm at the point where I should open the metallic box behind the left side "key picture" on the wall - the one with a black key and white background:


I believe I have two hints for that: the folded sheet of paper with the picture of a white key on it:


and this:


My question: are these two hints enough to opent that box, or do I need another one? I'm only looking a yes or no, not the solution, please.


@bio yes. Combine both hints and u'll know the order + what symbols u should make (and remember how the lever works)

I'm out (playing since game was out here with a lot of breaks for work, lunch, diner, take a shower, working ....)
That was the best game that I ever played! Lots of fun! I'm tired but very happy!!!
Thanx a lot for this game! And thanx a lot for all the people leaving hints and helping me!

Thanks Nini.

I've been trying to combine those two hints for the best part of the last two hours. Came up with about a dozen different ideas - realized for example that the key on the picture is black and is head up while on the hint sheet it's white and is head down, so I've tried to adjust the hint on the side accordingle...

Well, at least I know i have what I need to open the box.


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All of my books got stuck with the flag symbol (in the first room) and you can't pull down the handle. Bug???

I'm OUT!!! with a lot of help of clever people here, thanks everyone!!

       Anonymous  5/20/15, 1:34 PM  


Yes, thank you, I noticed that 2 pieces of the grid can't be changed. Finally, I've found the right combination. I've opened the 2 safes behind the key pictures... I'm going on, slowling, thanks to the hints and comments !

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I thought going back to the watch in the drawer might reset the books, but it did nothing. All my green books have the same symbol--the little flag, and the handle is stuck at the top. What happened???

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