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[REPLAY] Neutral - Elements Escape is another Japanese point and click room escape game developed by Neutral. Somehow you find yourself in a locked room. Escape from the room by finding items and using your brain while solving puzzles. This time you are locked in a dusky room with a large double door. The level of difficulty is most challenging! This game is geared to players who like to puzzle out fiddly riddles with pen and paper. Good luck and have fun!

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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Elements Walkthrough

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@cyndee you need to arrange books, from #1 to #9. Yes these can change places, if you want that.

Yes I know Arby, and it was working correctly but I back out of the scene and the cabinet door slammed shut. Then when I opened it all the books had the same symbol and I could not move them. I had not finished arranging them correctly yet.

Thank you so much "Neutral" for such a great game! 1000 stars for that!

Cyndee there is a green book missing , you find it in bottom drawer in cb where sword was
when you add green book you can move books

In final part now...

Got symbols right from the computer board, but I need a clue for their order...

(counter-clockwise did not work LOL)

       Anonymous  5/20/15, 1:50 PM  

I'll try to continue the game tomorrow. I don't know what to do in the underground room : the lever for the light won't stay on. I've found only 2 gems (used). I'm still carrying my telescope...

Arby - there was a comment at 9.11 if I remember rightly. Click a piece to break the pattern, then click it so it fits back - the letters light up one by one.


unsteady lever + chain + heavy box = immobile lever :)

@MountainGoat no, that's not what I mean. I already DO have the symbols at the border.
The only question is in what order do they have to be put into the very last golden box?

@arby u mean the puzzle at the final door?
You need to know in what order the symbols light up :)

But if you go back to the grid and move a grid piece, then all the symbols will go dark. When you move that single piece back to how it should be, those symbols will all be the same... but you can watch them light up one by one - that's the order you want.

NVM got it. You have to look where the square is (i. e. where you put the button before) and "destroy" your "work" so that all is black. Then "repair" the pipeline again and this time WATCH how the stream goes.
This will give you the correct order for the symbols (which is mandatory to complete the game, of course)

It was a very clever concept but too tiring for me. There should have been a warning in the game that it is an all-day game. Hence the save function. You do a room and come back later or another day altogether to continue. By the end, I did not care any more and just followed walkthrough on youtube to get out. Ten hours of my life!!!

Sorry, to clarify - swivel the grid piece at the input (the square symbol), then they'll all go dark. And relight when you swivel it back to the correct place.

And Congratz @arby and @Tania :P

Thanks for WT video Lottie

I'd say I've spent over 5 hours on this beautiful game,
I had to wait over 2 years for it but it was worth every minute.

This game is now Legend!

Thank you Mya

       Anonymous  5/20/15, 2:43 PM  


Thank you, but I miss the chain and the heavy box !

       Anonymous  5/20/15, 2:45 PM  

I've found the 3rd gem that opens a box where there is a paper.
I'm trying to understand what happens with the stone grids on the wall. I'll go on tomorrow, it's getting late, here !

This is the most epic escape game ever...10 hours straight playing for me just to prove myself i can make it on my own and it worth every single minute...Everytime you solve a code is a unique exciting moment!...I have played all Neutral,Teshie,Robamimi,Haretoki,Kotoninosu,Tomatea etc and this is beyond everything...
Big thanks to the delevoper for her/his effort to provide an exceptional free game for millions of players all over the world!

I can't find the words. It took me near 5h to complete by myself. Amazing. This is THE escape game, a benchmark for past and future games. Out of scale. Simply umbelieavable.

       Anonymous  5/20/15, 3:05 PM  

this game was unbelievable. amazing! and gorgeous.

for a game of this level, this calibre - I would totally happily donate to Mya / [Neutral] but I can't find any paypal link :(
(I know paypal is not popular/common in Japan as it is in NA/US)

Hey my first comment here for today....i am playing since some hours now, i made it to the garden and the shed, but i am not yet out. This game really is inbelievable ! A real artwork, full of phantasy and wonderful animations (the lift for ex) and so very well executed. I am very thankfull for a game like thisone. They are unique. Thank you so much Neutral ! I will finish tomorrow but already 10 stars !!!!

That was impossible and amazing! What a great game!!

Superb game, until the dragon puzzle at the end. I just don't get it.

       Anonymous  5/20/15, 3:57 PM  

wow wow wow 55555 stars
I got quite lost in the illogical garden
the rest was soooooo great
8 hours on my own till the you tube part 2 was dreadfully needed
thank you for the best yet Neutral

well, that was a piece of cake, lol

no, seriously: best! game! ever!
even for Neutral's/Mya's very high standards, this was just amazing.
thanks everyone for helping and leaving comments/hints!

btw, what I find it even more impressing that a game like this is not only free, but the ads are very unobtrusive.
there is not even a "donate" button. and I would definitly pay for games like this in the future.

great, great piece of work!

Me too, instead of all the repetitive s***all the time. I would donate as well. Please other game makers, please take thisone as an example for someting really, really marvellous !

Well! No words to describe how wonderful this game is.
I don't believe another game can beat this one.
Very very well done. A masterpiece!
Congratulations to the author, and thanks a lot.

I get that the missing-buttons box is clue for lever positions on box beside windmill, but I haven't been able to figure out how to "enter" the positions on the gold box by windmill to get it to open. Any hints? Is there a sequence for the buttons, as well? I've tried every combination I can think of, given that two of the positions are displayed on the box with missing buttons.

Never mind..I missed that there are multiple pages of comments! Thanks for providing a spoiler for me...somewhere on previous page.

Outstanding Mya.

Absolutely brilliant.

This Free Flash Escape Game, is now Historical !

I can't open the book with the sd.
How do you do that?

can anyone explain again how the clue for the 4*4 grid puzzle in the garden work ? i read the comments , still not getting it though !

@Jullys i think you need to zoom in on the screws on the book first !

out anyway , will check later for a better explanation for the 4*4 grid puzzle .. Thanks Lottie for the WT ( specially the dragon lights sequence ) .. that was 5 stars fun !

E-A /

O = odd
E = even

If you click the blocks in that order, and press button, all even blocks will be removed.
That is the pattern in the garden.

I don't know if i was the first one, but last night i finally finish this gigantic and groovy puzzle ELEMENTS. The drawing and motion sequence is always stunning and the puzzle are more escalating to even harder than the last. Anyway, is there any of you guys know how to contact Mya the author? I really want to thank her/him for creating this coolest escape room game (my opinion only) because i have been waiting for years to play neutral newest escape room game.

Thank you @nira , sorry to disappoint you though , but no .. lol

this is the clue we got right ?


now i can't see how the clue could be interpreted this way .. and maybe i'm just tired but Thank you for trying anyway , will try myself later !


okay couldn't resist lol GOT IT .. Thank you @nira ~~ .. now everything makes sense !

It was an amazing game....but also only for amazing players. I used the walkthrough from the second room until the end. That was way too heavy for me. I guess the hardest Neutral I ever played.

I am going through this game a second time. Can someone tell me what the significance of the red Xs? I dont remember using it in the same at all.

@Chris, the red X's in the first room were placed so you could compare them to the star shape with red x's at points in the book. That way, you could see that one of the red X's should be in front of the double doors, and that would lead you to click on the floor there to reveal a secret chamber.

That was a game for the Ages! I'd like to write a WT picking up where Casual left off so I could at least contribute something, but it's 3 am here. I'll check back tomorrow to see if Casual or someone else has posted one. Meanwhile, I have to thank all the people who gave such valuable clues, and especially @mhtyhr, who never left us even long after finishing!

I can't find words for this game. I've resumed half an hour ago and made it out of the windmill room. Seems there's a long way to go by now. And mind that Emmes and me were the first yesterday!

Oh man, that lightening-up-rotating puzzle in the basement wasn't better than any other sliding thing!

Awesome game! I'm a bit lost in the garden at the moment, will have to resort to walkthrough.

Ahh, Nini... you know what took me so long to figure out that metallic box code? I thought the bottom left symbol on the hint sheet was a "-" and I only now realized it was a "_" :)

My god what journey

@Indra, you can contact him/her on her twitter

Just brilliant! I want more of these :-)
And I'd also pay for excellent games like this one. Thanks Neutral!

I am out :( + :D Loved this game ! Please, please make more. Cheers :)

I can't believe I finally got out. This game sets benchmarks. The rest has been said before by others (who seem to be much smarter than me, I think I needed 10 hours without breaks and lots of help), so I just want to thank all those from the Neutral team.


There are many other quality escape games......but they pale compared to this.

simply EPIC!!!

The only problem I had is that I saved the game yesterday and now I have no option to load it. Have to restart.

I started over and it was not a chore to do so, as the game is so beautiful, but I did have the extra book in place yesterday but something happened while I was arranging the books and they would not move.

The best game I ever played. Gorgeous! I would give 6 stars if possible. Thank you for the walkthrough. :)

@Casual, are you going to finish your Walkthrough? Don't wanna start something if you are ...

       Anonymous  5/21/15, 9:28 AM  

I'm at the (final ?) puzzle on the door. BTW, I would have given up without Lottie's excellent video WT and people's hints and comments.
My problem is that I don't know the order of the symbols (I didn't notice how they lighted on)...

Disconect it and connect it again.

The only thing I didn't understand is why you have to click the squares on the table in that order (1st white and then black)

Oh no, my save seems to have disappeared ! & I'd got as far as the garden !!!

       Anonymous  5/21/15, 10:36 AM  


Thank you.... so it seems that I have to restart this puzzle to see the order of the symbols...

       Anonymous  5/21/15, 10:38 AM  

POP, disconnecting this puzzle means simply to turn the tile near the symbols that was absent before.

@pdgph NOOO! Just "destroy" it, e. g. just interrupt the "stream" so that nothing is "flowing", then correct it again so that the stream starts flowing from the beginning. This'll easily show you the order.

That's right. Interrupt the stream where the square symbol is, then establish it again.

Well... when a game developer who'se been among the very best of the top-shelf developers announces that they're developing a new game after years of sabbatical, of course one cannot help but building high expectations. When said game arrives, it's almost unfair to start playing it expecting a game thats gonna blow you away because IT MUST BE that good... That's when you end up feeling a bit disappointed although the game was very good - your expectations were simply through the roof. That's how I started playing this game.

And Neutral did it. Even with extremely high expectations it was a game that simply amazed me. It didn't only meet my expectations - it didn't even merely surpassed them - it obliterated them. It was like expecting to meet Beyoncé for a blind date - and then Megan Fox arrives...
Man... this game was simply amazing. Neutral at their best - and we all know what that means. A developer who brings us games like Sphere, Lights, Switch, RGB, Vison etc. continues to meet their own standards... Simply stunning.

This was a game I would have been happy to pay for to play it was so good.

I hate when people declare something "the this-or-that of the year" when the end of the year is still far away - but I don't think I'm taking any risk when I say this is the escape game of 2015. And easily.

Thanks, Mya. And also thanks for proving that great games take time to make - but it's a time well worth waiting. If this is what we get, I'm more than happy to wait anopther couple of years for the next one.

This game is really amazing and I'm still stuck at the first level. I can see by the comments that there are many floors. It's the 2nd day that I'm playing, but unfortunatelly loading doesn't work. So, continue the next day is not really an option...

Wow, a true masterpiece. very entertaining and imaginative.


the game has 4 distinct "levels", though you are gonna go back and forth :)

I remember when I opened the first door I tought to myslef "hey, it was a great game, true Neutral style - although it was a bit shorter and easier than I though it would be." - that was about 2 hours inrto playing this game... two days ago. And I finished it abaout an hour ago :)

Doris, i had the same issue with load. otherwise excellent.

how come the Load function doesn't work? It's supposed to do.

And - bad news, but I'mn ot at all sure it can be finished in one day without leaning on the helps every now and then... Most of the puzzles are tricky at best, not very-very hard - but there are A LOT of them to solve, and quite a few of them take some mindwork and/or intuition.

The Load function worked for me.

(Yeah, I know it doesn't really help you...)

Epic game! Started yesterday morning and finally out after 6 hours of play!

Wow - epic game! And I'm not done yet. The boxes in the basement will have to wait until tomorrow.
Thanks Neutral!!!

Okay, Walkthrough is finished !!!! ... up to the garden.

But ....

it's getting too late now.
Will publish it somewhere tomorrow, .... after work lol, if no one else does it before. That's okay, we all enjoyed it.

it took meg the ebst part of 8 hours of gameplay - might have even been closer to 9...
That's significant, even if I discount the about one and a falf hours I wasted because I thought a "-" was actually a "_" on one of the hints :D

lol, @bio, was that last post in Esperanto???

@arrie NL I'm sooooo glad you've done a WT! I can't wait to see it :)

Thanks to casual's 1st part WT after 2 days I've made it to the book clue for the lamps and it doesn't work! I've tried it the regular way and reversed and nothing happens.


I've spent 2 days on this game but am throwing in the towel in frustration. No logic and clues don't work.

Holy guacamole!

I saw this game up when it had but 6 comments - it was after midnight - I said to myself, I'll never be any good in a Neutral game without getting some sleep first. Boy, was I ever right about that!

Just got through the windmill room, which is an epic 5-star game just by itself. Glad Arrie is writing a WT, else I'd feel compelled to myself. I was stuck 4 or 5 times in that room. Very confusing with the boxes!
One stupid thing I was stuck on, is that the symbols in the middle, the first thing you see, is actually the last clue you use. Another: when you assemble the broken stones in the box under the window, press on the key symbol (rather than wandering around for an hour trying to figure out what it did, lol)! Then you use the box on top of the cupboard to open the switch-less box inside the cupboard. Then, you gotta open the one on top using the windmill, which opens the butterfly drawer, which tells you how to find the rest of your anemometer. This you put on the birdcage, then look under to see the clue for the 3x5. Start from the 3 black squares, they're in position 4, and go left, wrapping around.

There's lots more but I forget the order! The final box behind the key pic is very tricky, Tania's left a spoiler somewhere, which I didn't use, and it took me 20 minutes to get it open. Finally I just wrote. everything. down. Whew!

My brain's fried already, I think I'll do the basement tomorrow.

Echo above comments that other game makers should really pay attention to this. Not just the great graphics and marvelous intricacy of it, but the fact that the page was user-friendly and there were no obnoxious ads. As others have said, if I knew how, I'd send Neutral 5 bucks, knowing it's worth a lot more, but hoping many others would do the same.

and...hi @zoz!! Glad to 'see' you again!

@lilrascal I too had problems here when I tried to solve things myself.

First of all, note that the arrow from the "sword skeleton" points to left, so you have to start from right.
Still doesn't work?
Then try to replace ALL "up" for "down" and vice versa. This worked for me.

Probably the most comprehensive escape game that I've seen in a very long while. Congrats, Neutral! You've really outdone yourselves.

@lilrascal for lamp , If you are always stuck (hope not !)

put sword on book to get hint from right to left

here is a screen shot


This was the most beautifully written escape games ever! I have been playing these games with my morning coffee sense 2005. I have watched the progression of many great game developers through out that time and Neutral just won an escape game Oscar! I have never been stuck on a game for 3 days straight! The logic behind most of these puzzles were the best I've seen in a long time. I appreciate the time and effort it takes to make even just the simplest of games and to know that someone put in THIS much effort is very impressive :)

Thank you so very much Neutral, I can't wait to see what you come up with next!

       Anonymous  5/22/15, 10:54 AM  


Thank you so much, Neutral, for this ... *speechless* ... game !!!

YAY! Love Neutral! Diving in! Thanks for all the, uh...wow, 688 comments should be enough to get me out! lol!

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So, here we go .... ?
Just 1 and I both loved working on this one, so we decided to divide it.
Thank you Casual for part 1.
Thanks to everyone for describing. If we are not clear, others will be up here.
And thanks to Lottie and many others for vid WT's.
Personally, I could not have done this without them.

An excellent start by Casual:

Walkthrough - Living Room

- open middle desk drawer and take BOX
- zoom below desk and take RED MARBLE #1 from trash can
- take RED MARBLE #2 from white dish in big cupboard
- place red marbles in box and take COIN #1

- take WINDING KEY from white dice above sofa
- look under the four objects above sofa and notice the symbols
- go to big cupboard and open left doors with symbols from the four objects
- take BOX #2, use winding key and take COIN #2
- open picture above desk and take COIN #3 from frame
- go to desk and align symbols according to picture above sofa and take COIN #4

- put all four coins in device left of sofa, push the button and take DIAMOND KEY
- zoom on plant left of desk and take TRIANGLE KNOB
- zoom on plant left of doors and click the upper left corner and open safe with diamond key, take PAPER
- insert triangle knob in safe and rotate it to see hint, take TRIANGLE KNOB back
- insert triangle knob on sun-device in big cupboard
- click triangles according to hint (2,4,5,7,8) and take YIN YANG #1
- combine chess picture and paper and use this on device next to small plant
- take LIGHT BULB #1
- take LIGHT BULB #2 from drawer on right side of sofa

- place light bulbs on lamp in big cupboard and repeat light sequence from desk (2122112)
- click the center button and watch NEW SEQUENCE (2112212)
- take YIN YANG #2

- place yin yangs on picture above desk, open the safe and take GOLD KEY from door (NOT inside the safe)
- use gold key on top drawer of desk, take BOOK #1 and notice RED X CLUE
- click slightly below door, remove floor tile and take SILVER PART
- open right doors of big cupboard with silver part
- take BOTTLE and BOOK#2
- zoom on screwdriver in left side of big cupboard and use book #2 on screwdriver
- open bottom drawer of shelf next to desk and take CORKSCREW
- open book #2 and take CIRCLE KEY
- use circle key on dragon above desk
- remove wire of corkscrew with flame
- open bottle with corkscrew
- use bottle on white dish and notice RED BUTTON SEQUENCE
- open doors shelf of shelf with red button sequence and take SWORD
- use sword on bottom drawer of desk and take TORN PAGE
- use torn page on book #1, use sword on square/circle sequence
(circle out, square out, c. on, s. out, c. on, s. on, s. out).
- use sequence of book #1 on lamp in big cupboard
- take KEY and open drawer of shelf beside desk
- take GREEN BOOK and notice watch in drawer with symbols.
The watch shows the symbols for 1, 2, 3, 6, 9.
To find the other numbers, put in coin 1 and 3 in the device next to sofa, it shows the symbol for 4, which is also on a coin.
Put in 1+4, shows 5, put in 3+4, shows 7, put in 1+3+4, shows 8.
- place green book in missing space in big cupboard, rearrange the books, pull handle.

- zoom on center of big cupboard and take FRAME
- remove screws of frame with screwdriver and take PAPER
- use paper on dragon and reveal COIN ORDER
- click small plant in big cupboard and take COIN #5
- place coins on 3x3 grid in middle of big cupboard according to paper

WALKTHROUGH Pt. 2:The Spiral Stair

Step once up the stairs, turn right. Focus on the dragon's cage and find the BINOCULARS.
Back out, take 2 more steps up, look left at a clue. In this game, writing down all clues is a GOOD IDEA. The pattern you see will fit in a 3x3 grid.
Up 3 more steps, ignoring the door on your left for now, is another clue on the step. Also look to your right, there's an odd post in the railing. Take SPHERE 1 from the top of it.
2 more steps to the top. Look around at everything: when you look up, use your BINOCULARS to see another clue.
Turn around, enter the lift you can't use yet, Turn around again, and pick up NOTEBOOK in very dark righthand corner.

Funny, you can stand here and read the notebook in the dark. It shows you a key, which you've just seen, next a picture (click on it) which suggests there's something behind a brick in a place that can only be downstairs by the dragon cage. On the last page is the last clue you'll need downstairs.

Downstairs again, Go past the cage to the lamp, press on brick for SPHERE 2. Now look at the device on the right-hand wall and install both SPHERES.

(As far as I can tell, the symbols aren't runes, they just look Runic. Perhaps the author made them up.) You should know by now which symbol is which number; if not you can still go back to the bookshelf and make a list.

So you have 3 4-digit numbers. The 5 digits is the last thing. Making the shapes given in the clues, you need to figure out what number goes where. (Where I started is, they all have a 1 in them, so what square is common to all three shapes?)

I'll spoil it anyway, for the spatially challenged:


Once you have that, enter the key sequence:


and press the gold button. Grab that KEY, open the locked chest next to the lift, get ELEVATOR KEY, fit it in the stand to your right, enter elevator, and say goodbye to all that, because we're going to be up in the tower for a while.

Activate the lift, step forward into Part 3.

WALKTHROUGH Part 3: The Tower

There are many puzzles in this room, and they pretty much have to be done in a certain order. To begin, you can pick either the butterfly or the shell puzzle; after that, your fate is predetermined, more or less.

Look at the dome in the center and pick up ANEMOMETER PART. It's missing a 'wing'.
Turn left and open left cb for METAL PIECE 1.
Look to the right of the cb for BUTTERFLY INPUT DEVICE. (Well, what would you call it?)
Get HALF OF A REMOTE from the window on the left.
Focus on butterflies, take METAL PIECE 2 from left side.

Now we begin. Input the colors of butterflies' wings on your DEVICE, get a SMALL KEY. This opens the righthand cb. Take the WRENCH from behind the weird box.

Now take a good look at the shells, and note which way they spiral and where the spiral ends. You'll need to 'input' this on the handles of the little cb under the fossil dragonfly. While you're here, raise the door of the secret compartment at the base of the fossil, and use WRENCH. Take the FOSSIL.

You have to turn the handles in the order given by the shells left to right. The shells alternate thus: RLRLR. So you point them (SPOILER coming):


then the door will open when you click on it. Like many things in this game, there is no sound to tell you you got it right!

Retrieve HANDLE from the cb. Then insert it in the holes just above, behind the fossil's place. You have found the birdcage, and METAL PIECE 3.

Now it gets tricky. Go to the middle window, raise the trap door on the sill, and install METAL PIECES. You will be seeing a lot of these 4 shapes in various guises: what matters is their upper parts. For now, write down the sequence of the lights when you press the key button. Correctly input this sequence on the box in the cupboard to get WINDMILL BLADES.
To work the box, press the buttons on the right in sequence so that the correct shapes appear, then the button at the top. This is the least complicated box you will see.

Install the BLADES on the toy windmill nearby. Notice one blade has a cut corner. Now look at your FOSSIL and turn it around. This tells you to note the sequence of symbols that appear when the blades are in those positions. Go to the butterflies again and look at the drawer beneath them. You no longer need to remember what numbers they are, just input the symbols. Again there is no sound, but back up and you can open the drawer. Take the LASER which looks kinda like a telescope.

Notice the butterfly shape in the photo on the right; the one on the left tells you of a secret compartment under the 3x5 grid puzzle. Go find it and collect the missing ANEMOMETER PART. Focus on the other part, then add the new one to it. Go set it on top of the birdcage.

As it turns, so will the display in the peephole in the cb beneath. Go to the 3x5 grid on the wall, and find the 2 squares that are fixed as black. (2nd and 4th positions on bottom row.) There is only one possible way to input the sequence then. I started with the column that is all black, that is the fourth position. It is easiest to input what you see starting at 4th place, going left and wrapping around. It'll look like:


Press the button...no, take the BUTTON at the bottom.

You may recognize that shape of hole from the key picture on the opposite wall. Go put your BUTTON under the black key.

Open it up, find BUTTON 2 for the pic next door and install it. Press the button, and write down what you see.

to be continued...

Part 3 continued...

Now these are the same shapes we've already seen, but the bottom parts are changeable. We have here (I'll name them, for convenience' sake) arch w/ dot, tent w/ hook, M w/ bottom, tent with vertical line, staple w/ 2 vertical lines. There are 6 possible versions of each of the 4 basic symbols.

Now to open the box on the cb across the room, we have to study the box behind the key pic. There are buttons missing, so there are only 2 basic symbols, but all the variations can be seen, and mapped, by moving the switch on the left.


W=bottom line
NW=1 vertical line
NE= dot
E=middle horizontal line
SE=2 vertical lines

You'll use this several times. For now, go to the box on the cb and input the sequence given by the key pic. Set switch; hit button: set switch; hit button, etc. saving the button at the top for last. Here comes the spoiler:


Now you'll have your other REMOTE PART. Put the 2 together, and notice the shape from the photo in the drawer? So aim it at the ceiling. (It's a little finicky - you may have to about-item, click it, then aim again.) Pick up the CLUE PAPER.

This shows the 6 bottoms that can be added to our 4 basic shapes. It's a clue to open the last box, with the missing buttons. You need one more clue; it's the 1st thing you saw, the plate in front of the dome. Press it to see a sequence. Apply this sequence to the CLUE PAPER, and take note that the staple shape was used on the clue, so input all 6 with button 2. One more spoiler approaches...


Get a HOOK, which you attach to the dangling chain. Press the gold button next to the dome. Watch some stunning animation, then take that KEY that's been taunting you since Part 2. Open the box under the key pics; take DOWN ELEVATOR KEY, put it in its place, and go down, down, down, down the stairs to the now-empty dragon's cage, down, down the ladder, turn around, step forward (this is the point of no return) into the darkness, where I will leave you in arrieNL's most capable hands!

Many thanks to all above players for excellent teamwork in a most trying and confusing situation! And thanks again to the maker of this masterpiece, surely one of the 3 best game designers in the world.

Walkthrough -The Basement

Coming out of the elevator, look up, see dragon,
look at the metal decoration..
Go down the stairs, into dragons cage, climb down.
Walk into the dark, turn left or right, zoom in on the light, pull the handle.
Light in the basement goes on, pull handle again, does nothing.
Zoom out.

Blue gems:
1. facing the dark doorway, zoom in on the rock on the right.
2. go right, zoom in on the rock with crack, click little rock.
3. zoom in on candelabra behind the bars, click it’s top.
Place gems on the box next to candelabra = paper.

Step into dark dooropening, turn around, notice lightning arrow.
In this position, about item the paper = clue for grids on the wall.
The lightened squares on the right grid can be moved around,
the lightened squares on the left one can’t.
Find the way to build the pattern on the right grid, after that, click middle grid,
take notebook.

SSSSSpoiler, example:
left one: click up left, up middle, center.
right one: turn three times.
left one: click bottom middle and top right.

Scroll through notebook.
-use page 2 on the lock, but notice the position in which you’re holding the book, so tilt your head to the right = hammer and chain.
Use hammer on the crack in the rock = marble.
Take the stones.

-page 4 shows the dragon on the wall has to become green, apart from the tail-end.
Place marble in its eye, click tail-end, click next part that turns green.
Go on like this, till all is green.
Shining marble.
-place shining marble in the chest = special button.
-place hammer in opening, use it as a handle.
take chest from behind bars.

Open the chest, fill it with stones, attach chain.
Put this clever made weight on the handle at the dooropening.
There you go.
Climb up the ladder, climb the stairs.
Place the special button in the door halfway.
Place telescope on the railing where the ball was. Click it.

An amazing result ….

Run back to the room and be happy you’re not the owner of the place!!

Turn away from the damaged wall and enter the hallway to the garden.
Take a hook from the hole in the ground.
Notice the bottle out of reach.

Down left near the gate are symbols, a bit damaged.
Use hook to take the ring at the other side of the gate.
Turn around, put in the symbols in the wall safe, place the ring (you need a second one to be able to return).

Walkthrough The Garden – part 1
Step in, turn right, take egg #1 out of the pipe.
A handle is missing.

4 Circles with 8 segments
Notice at what segment the arrows are pointing.
1. on the left wall, near entrance.
2. at the crossing, going right, on the wall down left.
3. on the chalkboard.
4. at the fountain, on the dragon’s tail.
Write down the pattern of black/white segments.
Go to the stone with horns near the entrance.
Scroll through the 4 parts one by one vertically to see what circle belongs to what part.
Stop at the segments where the arrows are pointing at.

If done correctly = key for storage room
(other end of the path).

SSSSSSspoiler for the stone:
0 = blanc, X = scratched. from left to right:
1st: 0 X 0 0 X 0 0 X
2nd: X 0 0 X X 0 X 0
3rd: 0 0 X 0 0 X X 0
4th: X 0 X 0 0 0 X 0
The first ones should show.

Storage room
- Handle in drawer and a plate with symbols.
- Turn around, facing exit. egg #2 on the shelf, next to a camera.
- watering can on the floor.

Turn to the machine. Open door on the left, notice the dark/light lines.
Go outside, check 2 windows on the left and the 2 on the right.
Notice position of the petals.
Use this on the machine = Water ….
Go outside and relax … for awhile.

Zoom in on the fountain, fill the watering-can.
Go to the black grid on the ground at the crossing, empty the can, see the black/white pattern.
Go back into the storage room, zoom in on the box on the table.
Give the lid of the box the same pattern = paper

The paper shows how the water will flow through the pipes to the hole at the entrance.
Go outside, turn left, take the shovel.
Go to the area shown by the red cross on the paper.
Dig with shovel = handle.
Place this handle in the pipe at the entrance.

Turn the handles in the pipes into the direction as shown on the paper.
Go to the hole in the entrance, take bottle, about item, take coin.
Put coin in the camera in the storage room, click button.

FUNNY …. Look at the film shown on the wall.
Notice the shapes (not the sizes).
Go outside.
Turn right, click the shapes on the box to open it.
Take key from the lid.

Use key on the drawer of the table in the room for egg #3 and wheel.
Place wheel on the machine (on the right), turn it. Silence outside ….
Give three eggs to Mother Hen, near the fountain, she turns into Star Warss.
Chalkboard falls down. Notice the flower above the levers.
This refers to one of the pipes that is locked.

Fill the watering-can at the fountain, pour it in the box with balls.
note the weight of the balls, triangle is all up, square all down.
Check paper in the drawer to see the order of the symbols, and combine the two clues to set the levers in the right position.
Now the locked pipe is open … check it …
= a tile

Walkthrough The Garden – part 2

Place the tile on the grid at the wall at the crossing.
The metal box below it opens = cutters.
Go to the dragons mouth, cut the chain, take the box.
In it a ring
Place the ring next to the other one at the entrance.
Glad to be back home.

For the grid in the garden we need 4 patterns.
1. at the bottom of the fountain
2. in living room, behind picture above desk
3. in basement, the middle grid
4. on top of the stairs, the metal decoration on the chain.
If set correctly, the symbols will light up in a specific sequence.
Note that sequence!
If it goes too fast, break the chain of lines at the square and set it again.

Wait !! Remember the screwdriver in the cupboard?
Take it with the cutters.

Into the garden, use sd to take panel of the door, place the handle.
How familiar, search for the symbols at the grid and set them one by one.
Start with the square … Don’t forget to click the button at the end.
Click the door. Click the light.
Sit back … and enjoy …

SSSSolution arrows machine:
put top arrows in southeast position
put down arrows in west position
click button between arrows on the left once.

SSSSolution box on the table:
first click a square that has to become white, than the one next to it that will be black.
Go row by row, top to bottom, click the button when done.

SSSSSpoiler shapes box:
oval oval diamond down-triangle diamond up up triangle.

SSSSpoiler for the final door.
Starting with square.
North/south/west/east directions
west 2
east 2
NW 3
E 3
SE 1
NE 1
NW 4
SE 4

wow, wow, wow @just1 and arrie NL and Casual!!! That WT is truly an achievement !
@just1 I was wondering where you were - having survived The Rosefinch Curse I knew you would find this irresistible. @Casual, I have no doubt that I would have given up before making it through the first room without your early WT. And @arrie, your excellent WT was definitely worth waiting for.
Thank you all so much for the team effort!

The dragon pieces were a beast - I used the walkthrough.


Click the tail, then click the next piece that lights up, then the next one that lights up. Record the order. (Only one will light up at a time). Then start over and simply do the sequence in reverse, last click is the tail, and you're done the dragon!

It took me some days, but managed to finish without help.
No words for it, just sheer brilliance.
Many thanks to the developers!

as usual, great game!
congratulations mya, and thank you very much for your wonderful games!

Wow.... Let me express my heartfelt amazement at this game... I almost feel ashamed that it can be played for free... So much effort and creativity put into it! Thank you soooo much, Neutral!!! I can savely say this is the BEST I have ever played, and I've been playing escape games for years... You managed to create not an escape room, but an escape tower-- no, an escape world of your own design and imagination! Bravos!

I can only hope to see another escape game as great as this.

So much brilliance! Congrats, Mya and the Neutral team! This is the most spectacular escape game I have ever played! Thanks to the added brilliance of Just1, Casual and arrie NL for the amazing walkthrough! Gorgeous graphics. Loved the dragons. Worth the wait every time, Neutral. Wow...

Chapeau bas!

Starting to play everyday when escapegames24 had less than 500 Fans, almost never posting, but I can hardly think about the time you spent to entertain us, and this definitly deserves THANKS!

Dree and all who also loved this game should check out Cageling.

A truly awesome game that will take the most skilled player days to finish.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Nothing I can say that hasn't already been said, I can't think of many developers who can reach this standard, maybe te eeshi or robamimi but I can honestly say it was well worth the wait. I have been playing these games from the beginning and this is the most epic game I remember playing. When you play this kind of game is it any wonder you just scroll past the ena crap.

I loved this game, it was fantastic. I can't praise the creator enough, thank you so much!

this was the best escape game i EVER PLAYED.
a true masterpiece.
i just didn't want it to end.
went at it over the weekend.
thanks MYA or whoever you are.
i would LOVE to see an interview with this guy (or woman),
on how they do these.

and as hectorpector said above -
i personally would rather wait for a month without playing the hundreds of crappy low level games (out of boredom, no other reason), just to get one of these ones.
that's a true escape game.
flash512 and all those guys pale in comparison.

Took me quite long mainly because this was huge, but finally got out with no help. I still got the knack of solving these I see... :)

Oh, and this was probably the best escape game I've played. The balance of the puzzles was just great and like I said, this was huge.

I just finished playing and I have to agree with other players - this is definitely one of the best games I've ever played! It's even better then other Neutral games. I hope there will be a new such gem soon. Thanks for making games like this!

Holy cow. Three days and i finally had to use the walk through. I can NOT say enough about how in depth and beautifully thought out these games are. And this is their pinnacle indeed. Mya and the gang are genius at this. I hate to even have to compare these to the run of the mill games we get now. It isn't in the same class. Flash 512 and teshie e and such are all great games in their own right this is in the category at the top with Mateus Skutnik. No where near the bottom where SelfDefiant has seemed fit to settle. But hey. Ena and SD can compete with each other for ad clicks. These people at the top will be gods among men. THANK YOU so very much for this game.

Don't know what to say that hasn't already been stated way better than I could, but WOW. Easily my favorite game to date! This coming from one who anxiously awaits every new Robamimi & Tessh-i and Skutnik game...now Neutral is at the top of my impatience list ! :)

Took days to complete, trying to avoid any help because it's so hard not to read things you don't want to know yet. It was good to sleep on it and find new perspective the next day. But of course a few times I broke down, luckily the walkthroughs were posted so I could avoid looking ahead (thanks so much folks!).

It was like savoring the best meal ever, never imagining it could get any tastier and yet it DOES. Over and over again. Again, WOW.

Thanks Neutral !!!!

Top Shelf of a game!

Delightful game! She has no equal )

@Dazed, thanks for the tip about Cageling! I started it tonight and it's great!

I agree about Cageling! Pretty nice graphics for 10yrs ago. Although language is a bit of an issue, that's one thing that made Neutral so awesome - from what I recall, all symbolic which transcends language, accessible for everyone.

btw, is it possible to play Cageling somewhere that allows you to enlarge? It stays same size when I try to make bigger, and my eyes get tired after awhile.

Well, I can't see much updates, except for the fact that the Neutral site is no longer in Japanese gibberish :)

400 five-star votes.. well worth it.

I was playing this game since a few days now, step by step, always when I found a bit time I came back to play - and I have to say this game is incredibly perfect and sensational, brilliant, impressive.... if there would be the possibility, I'd give a million stars
it reminds me at the myst series, great graphics....

A BIG THANK YOU for developing and letting us play such a game for free

and also a big thank you for the players before me, who left all these wonderful hints :)

Maybe I should play this again. I remember how great it was to play this the first time.

       Anonymous  6/2/18, 2:27 PM  

caught this one while searching for games worth a replay

thx for all your creations, Neutral ☺
& thx Casual, arrie & just1 for the WTs

Pity of having put the video of a guy who copy on escapeskynet original walkthrough elements

       Anonymous  6/3/18, 2:06 AM  

btw, FYI:
(cit. CerKill, maker of the VWT)
«The author took three years to develop this game. Do not immediately use this walkthrough, try to solve the puzzles and find out for yourself the solution to problems. Thus you will make tribute to the work developed by its author.»

I KNEW this one was going to show up as a replay. Replayed this one like some weeks ago and it's such a marvelous game! One of my all-time favorites for sure.

When you see the games that get 3 and 4 stars, and then you come across games like this, you wonder what's the criteria for marking.

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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