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Escape from Escape

[REPLAY] Escape from Escape is another Japanese point & click room escape game developed by EucalyTree. In this classical game, you are trapped in a balloon box without any obvious exit. Your aim is now to escape from there by finding and using items and hints for solving all puzzles at this place. Good luck and have fun! ☺

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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       Anonymous  5/14/15, 5:45 AM  

going in..

       Anonymous  5/14/15, 5:49 AM  

clue for the handle of the faucet under the pillow

       Anonymous  5/14/15, 5:53 AM  

red-blue button by the bed

Number on side of desk

       Anonymous  5/14/15, 5:56 AM  

clue for the 3# by the desk

Fix broken key at right corner of desk

...still doesn't unlock padlock though

       Anonymous  5/14/15, 6:02 AM  

can't work out on the 4 colors,wonder if you have to count the colored books in order

Put L-R metal clue on box under washbasin - gives 4-number clue

       Anonymous  5/14/15, 6:06 AM  

can't work it out

Computer gives hint for 4 colour-box

       Anonymous  5/14/15, 6:07 AM  

Zuleikha,that key is for the number on the desk,it will change it

Aha - putting key in desk corner slot changed 3 number clue...

They key will tell you how to open the desk drawer

"the" key...

Box in drawer seems related to 4-colour clue for books but haven't worked it out yet

       Anonymous  5/14/15, 6:10 AM  

Very clever and well-thought out game!

To open the lock on the book case you have to pick it with a wire.

go by bob are colors

Ty Dazz - saw your post too late, lol. Truss - where did u get lead for computer?

       Anonymous  5/14/15, 6:12 AM  

out, nice game

o is red... strange

Zuleika, I think it was in the left desk drawer

Ty - but how does that open? Or cupboards above washbasin...?

Look at the key, short-long, like on the drawers ;)
Don't know how to open the above cupboards, kinda stuck myself now, lol

This comment has been removed by the author.

Turn the wheels behind panel like the green knob of cb are showing, then it opens...

I am out all by myself wow lol, super game 5 stars from me !

O = orange, well it looks more like red but well....

Awesome - ty Truus ;)

Zazie, do I need the 4 digit code first, to get those wheels ? Must be missing a clue somewhere....

Yes the 4 digit code comes when you put the LLLLR thingy on the box under sink if i remember right, then click it again to break off a part and you see the 4 #s.

You also have to put the broken tap in the wheel panel top right side, so you can turn the wheels.

I have to leave now, hopefully i could help you Truus.

How to get computer to show color code? I have it plugged in.

And the broken part of LLLLR in your inventory opens the little padlock by bookshelf...

This comment has been removed by the author.

Great find, thanks Zazie ! Got it now

Bandy just click the start button below screen on the right side.

YW Truus, bye bye for now.

I tried the windows Icon and nothing?

ok, bye Zazie, and thanks again :)

Anyone help with color box?

bandytrc, notice the little line on the box and on the computer screen ;)

TY Truus just figured that out ! LOL

Awsome game!! Thanks for all the help.

Neither the 732 works on the drawer, nor the 7372 number works on the gray box.....I tried 1312, also, and 132...stuck on those.

For the 732 to work you have to leave the key in the desk. If you take it out it doesn't work.

Great game!!

Out - Loved this one! Enough of a challenge, but not too much!


I wonder why it said "Shut down PC come back to earth"?? I tried to shut down the computer, looking for a second ending, but I couldn't do it...

Oh, I see, at the end of the credits, there is a blinking spot. I clicked on it, and it zoomed out and the computer was there with a note that says "Did you really escape?" and to the upper left of the note is the computer button. Click on it, and you get the other ending...

It says:
"Shut down your PC
Let's go out

by Bob"

Then you can either see the second ending again, or restart the game....clever!!

Can't figure out "Go by Bob". I tried "GRY BY BRYB" on book shelf but nothing happens.

Oh! O=red, out now

Excellent game, for anyone who had trouble following clues

Under pillow gives you the L/R clue for unscrewing tap

Use the blue circle from the tap on the cupboard underneath sink,

then use the clue on the leg of the bed to open.

Put the L/R clue on the box and break of the R at the end and it gives you a number to open 4 digit cupboard on wall

Use key in desk and look at numbers at the side to open bedside drawer (732)

Look at key again and it will give you the clue to open desk drawers ...long handle short handle etc

Get computer lead and look at colours to use on box in desk drawer RGBY

Use the discarded R from L/R open it to view and click and it turns into a wire, use that on bookcase

Use wheel from drawer and put it in panel on wall, align the wheels to match the green handles on cupboard above sink

Use the message as clours Go + green and red etc

Move bookcase to get out.

wow! Fantastic game!

Thanks for all the help. Reminded me of Poopo. Can't wait for more of these. Thanks, EucalyTree. Loved it!

I'm stuck on the "Go by bob" thing. Did the book according to clue (green-red-blue-yellow-blue-red-blue) many times but it doesn't work. What I'm I doing wrong?

Ok found it. I had to unlock the padlock first.

Then follow Zoe's post for the second ending...so clever.

That was just wonderful.

"Put the L/R clue on the box and break of the R at the end and it gives you a number to open 4 digit cupboard on wall" - the box under the sink is not clickable.

OK just picked RL clue from under pillow. Never thought of clicking on it.

Woooow this is the first time I've seen a FULL five stars (even with 100 votes!), dis gonna be gooooood

SUPERB game!! Enjoyed it to the max.

Thanks for the go by bob clue, was stuck at this point after having solved all by myself before this point.

Didn't shut down notebook tho` (second ending?)

Anyways, nice product placement (Windows logo :D)
(As a Linux person, I was not too amused :P)

2018 and I just discovered this one...excellent game!! Thank you, Eucaly Tree! :)

       Anonymous  10/7/18, 1:40 PM  

(RE)HI all ☺

thx KK
you caught this one (apparently a litte gem) & I caught your comment while monitoring them ☻ & decided to post this one as a replay - enjoy!

thx for using EG24 as your (fav) gaming site ☺

thx for all your creations, ET ☺
& thx hector for the WT

Thanks for the excellent game; sorry I missed it in 2015.

Very good game indeed. Thanks.

Thx Alpha Omega for reposting this game, and TY to all previous players for their hints.
AO thx again for your selection, I'm playing them all again ☺

       Anonymous  10/8/18, 7:35 AM  

thx giuse ☺
for your feedback - much appreciated!
(now I know for sure that my replay choices taste at least 1 of our fellow players ;-Þ)

Thanks for reposting it, a real top game!

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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