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🖳 Butterfly Escape 11 Walkthrough

🖳 Butterfly Escape 11

[REPLAY] SniffMouse - Butterfly Escape 11 is another point and click room escape game created by Angelika for Sniff Mouse. There are 10 butterflies trapped in this room. You will need to solve different puzzles to find them all. Finally release them to the freedom. Good luck and have fun!

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So much that I am not going to get done. Go Butterfly!!!

Yay, just seen it on Facebook!

       Anonymous  6/12/15, 1:49 PM  

yay! angelika!

       Anonymous  6/12/15, 1:50 PM  

4 hidden under sofa

       Anonymous  6/12/15, 1:52 PM  

numbers go to where number clue is

       Anonymous  6/12/15, 1:53 PM  

lovely butterfly in globe

Opened the escape hatch, but have 6 butterflies to go.

       Anonymous  6/12/15, 1:54 PM  

attach bulb in lamp for 4#

I'm as far as Lurker. Dazz, where did you find the bulb?

Need one more butterfly to exit

       Anonymous  6/12/15, 1:57 PM  

lovely butterfly behind curtain top right

The 4-color wheel doesn't match where the colors go. Working on it.

       Anonymous  6/12/15, 1:57 PM  

meritneith, in a basket in white cupboard

       Anonymous  6/12/15, 1:58 PM  

use knife on first pink armchair

Also working on the blue & pink buttons.

Found him!

Thank you! *feelingdumb*

       Anonymous  6/12/15, 1:59 PM  

for the box of levers, look at the books in the cupboard

Check the curtains top right of couch

Got pink/blue by accident. I think it's clockwise, starting in upper left.

       Anonymous  6/12/15, 2:00 PM  

hi (again) folks :-)

for blue/pink buttons, combo tv hint with hint from solved slider box

Pink and Blue is combined with another clue

       Anonymous  6/12/15, 2:01 PM  

yw, meritneith, box will give bue-pink button clue

       Anonymous  6/12/15, 2:03 PM  

большое спасибо Angelika, for another cool game :-)

I apparently did stuff out of order. The TV remote gives the clue for the pink/blue buttons.

Lovely game - thank you!

       Anonymous  6/12/15, 2:04 PM  

coin under first glass

Oh, finished already!

Great game, Angelika! Thanks!

       Anonymous  6/12/15, 2:05 PM  

put battery in digital clock in the cupboard left

The cog with the four colours in it is for the middle puzzle of the three in the sideboard - the one with the moveable coloured squares.

Short but fun, thank you again, Angelika!

Will stay some minutes if help is needed, I noticed down what I did.

The coin is not used to buy anything.

       Anonymous  6/12/15, 2:07 PM  

look at the eyes of the face for the cilrcle clue

       Anonymous  6/12/15, 2:08 PM  

don't miss up view at tv

After I had found the bulb everything came thick and fast.

Don't know how to escape, got all butterflies.

       Anonymous  6/12/15, 2:09 PM  

for the 4573 button, look at the number order under the tv

hector, the closest hint is three comments above by AlphaOmega...

       Anonymous  6/12/15, 2:10 PM  

you use the coin on the dirty spot on top of TV

duh forgot about the up view

Thanks Dazz Ley, got it now.

       Anonymous  6/12/15, 2:13 PM  

hector, if you have the coin, use on spot on top of TV

Sorry I meant Meritneith

Thanks to you too DL

Again it was a pleasure to play with you guys (though it could have last longer). 11:15 PM here, I'll go to sleep soon as I got some things to do tomorrow. Have a nice weekend!

       Anonymous  6/12/15, 2:15 PM  

I'm glad everyone enjoyed, hope upcomers will enjoy the game, thank you angelika! you always make your games enjoyable and fun

       Anonymous  6/12/15, 2:16 PM  

sweet dreams meritneith :-)

       Anonymous  6/12/15, 2:16 PM  

sleep well meritneith! I should go to bed,too..1:15 am here,night

       Anonymous  6/12/15, 2:17 PM  

nighty night Dazz :-)

Thank you AΩ, same to everyone in evening time!

       Anonymous  6/12/15, 2:19 PM  

Thanks alpha, see you tomorrow!

Hey Sharon is that your Frankie drinking the wine wearing a Butterfly tie?!

How in the world did I miss Live!! Yes Austen it is my Frankie!! And he is drinking my Wine!! Thanks Angelika...going in to play!

Lurker Smurf ... I'm late to the party, but ehm .... no walkthrough yet? lol.

Ohh, beautiful setting Angelika ...

Easy and nice game.

I didn't realize a code would be given for the pink/cyan buttons, but of course, there was one on the tv!
Thank you for the game.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Angelika!! Absolutely great game, as usual a 5 star rating from me even though we all know it should be a 10!! Thank you so much!! We love all love you! Frankie Wishes each and everyone a Cheers with a clink of his wine glass!!

Another wonderful episode Angelika.
Great playing with you Sharon.
I hope that is Amarone that Frankie has there!
As always 5 star entertainment.

Thanks Austen...we always have fun! Hope you do a walkthrough!
You always make the walkthroughs so enjoyable!!

Joe M still looking for you to join our wine club...If on FB let me know!

Ok Sharon.
If you insist!

Lovely game as usual
Thanx Angelika
No Sharon
I am a physician so stay away from FB..risky
Love the wine clb
Had a lovely Vinho verde...am on vacation in UK
HMildly fizzy white from Portgal
Worth a try
Love the wine club idea
Playing selected games

Lepidopterist’s guide 11:

You look all over the opening scene but can’t find any hints at all so you turn to your right to see what that view has to offer.
That is one messed up picture so you straighten it out to find Frankie stealing Sharon’s wine.
At least he has dressed for the occasion and you take Butterfly 1 from him.
You jump on the couch and find the seating arrangements are not as comfortable as you had expected so you dig out the number 4 from under the cushion.
To the right again you raid the wardrobe and take the light bulb from the basket.
You spin the globe to find butterfly 2 in California and swipe a coin from under a cup.
Once more you turn right and set your bulb in the lamp.
You tug at the curtains to find Butterfly 3 hiding way up in the top corner.
Heading back to the start you use your lamp code to obtain a Watchyorfingers knife and a weird number clue.
For no apparent reason you decide to slice open the left chair (vandal!) and to your surprise you find a battery.
You use the battery to power up the clock on the top shelf of the wardrobe and this gives you Butterfly 4 and a time.
You find it obvious that the time code opens the right cupboard next to the wardrobe and are rewarded with Butterfly 5, the number 3 and a colour pattern.
That pattern couldn’t possibly open the next cupboard could it?
It certainly does and there you find Butterfly 6, number 5 and one really goggle eyed smiley!
Being really smart you realise that the eyes could be a hint to the box on the table so you rush off to try out your theory.
You were right again and nab Butterfly 7 and the number 7 and return to the cupboards.
Placing the numbers in the order indicated seems to be as much use as a “First” post until you remember the clue from the fireplace.
That’s better!
Butterfly 8 and a remote are now yours.
Eagerly you use the remote on the TV and receive in return nothing but a number grid.
What a letdown!
You have been trying to figure out how to open the box in the closet for ages and suddenly you remember a row of books from when you raided the wardrobe.
Might they help?
Back in the closet (watch out for spiders!) they do and Butterfly 9 is now yours.
A flash of inspiration hits you and you combine the pattern from the closet box with the grid from the TV and open the button table beside the lamp.
Ok that’s all the butterflies collected but how do you get out?
You climb up above the TV and find an escape panel but it is screwed shut.
Time to hunt for a screwdriver.
As you seem unable to find such a tool you improvise with your coin and set the butterflies free.
Pausing only to thank Angelika for another excellent game you head off through the hatch to freedom.

Shame about the FB Joe.
If you make it as far as Cheshire while you are in the UK give me a shout and we'll share a bottle of Amarone!

Aw, Austen stole my "lepidopterist" line. That's what I get for starting dinner instead of a WT.

Lurker Smurf, meritneith, Dazz ley, Leroy, Shannon, AlphaOmega (ΑΩ), Clodagh, hectorpector67, Austen64 , Sharon Raymond, arrie NL, youdjoum - Hello everyone and thank you very much for the nice comments!

Sharon - Frankie is a very sweet dog

Joe M, thank you very much!
Austen64 thanks for the walkthrough , I smile a lot when you read it)

Another enchanting game. Thank you

Janet, thank you very much!

Beautiful game again, Angelika!
Very nice walkthrough, Austen64.
Looking for Amarone.....omy, Frankie is adorable....just lost my 13 year old golden American Cocker Spaniel. Sweet game.

Firefly - so very sorry for your loss. Such a sad thing to lose a pet but what joy they bring to our lives.

Firefly the full name of this exquisite Italian red is Amarone della Valpolicella and I hope you enjoy.
We do!

Adorable Dog!!!!! Thank you Angelika for another great game!

FireFly, AmyElvis, thank you very much!
FireFly, very sorry for your loss....

Great game as always. Thank you, Angelika!

Alan Booth , thank you very much!

great game Angelika thanks +++ :)

and beautiful dog ;)

another great one angelika thanks

Thanks, @Austen64! I love all things Italian and love trying new wines. Ice wines from the Niagara Falls region are winnings lots of awards. Distinct and fresh. Clink, clink! :)

       Anonymous  6/13/15, 9:12 AM  

Oh wait, I shouldn't use your other account's pic either, should I?
No, that wouldn't do at all.
Now it is all good.

Nice Game! Had a hard time finding the coin usage above the TV...But nice as always! Thanks!

Huw, seb, ger, LORdesigns, thank you very much!

loved the little doggie thanks for another great game Angelika ....x

ting ting, thank you very much!

Great game Angelika and amusing walkthrough, Austin. Always fun with you two around.

aitch, thank you very much!

       Anonymous  6/13/15, 9:14 PM  

Thank you escaper.

Thanks Aitch.

Thanks for reposting the game! Angelika's games were always enjoyable, one of the very best game creators among the non-Japanese.

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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