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Gatamari Escape 25 Walkthrough

Gatamari Escape 25

[REPLAY] Gatamari Escape 25 is another Japanese point & click room escape game developed by Gatamari. In this classical game, you are trapped in several rooms, and your aim is to escape from there by finding and using items and by discovering hints to solve all puzzles in these rooms. Good luck and have fun! ☺

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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Love Gatamari but am not very good at them. Stuck already. I thought the rose thorns were the left and right clue but not as I am trying it. Do we need to remove some thorns?

Placed B liquid in machine and set number, placed glass there as well.
Need to find a way to push the button permanently

I'm stuck in the same place as you, Jo-Ann. There is also a ball under the bed but I can't reach it.

Same place Jo Ann ? don't know what hurricane on pic. is for?

I wonder if the red and blue chairs are somehow a hint to blue and red square puzzle?

Tried 8: 30 from clock for 3 digit # and nope?

I am in the same place. I am not seeing any hints for puzzles.

I tried pi (from note on wall) for the 3# and telephone# but no go.

Oh! Hurricane is for left and right wheel.

I am about to give. can't do anything?

Use rose after wheel puzzle and you have l/r clue

l/r puzzle gives book and wanted poster

Good find LW. I was about to quit.

I'm stuck again with wanted poster and morse code hint

"oh look at me i'm so clever i totally got this puzzle's password--nope... not clever enough." in every gatamari game.

Thank you LW! Great find!
Also stuck now with morse code and baseball bat still available

This comment has been removed by the author.

S.O.S is used on 2 stuck drawers

ENYK from book is hint for 4-letter code: from top to bottom

Use bat to get gatcha capsule from below the bed to get a note in morse code (SOS)

POP Up Thank you! Great find again!

stuck with creepy phone message, Pi clue, and wanted poster.

Pop, what did you use for phone #?

lol Pop.. creepy indeed . Maybe a hint for the red/blue squares

the card from the top stuck drawer

goog call, nini!

I missed the top drawer completely.

Yup.. Ah - Blue / An - Red

use chameleon to get code from bed!

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h= blue chair n= red chair

Jo-Ann how? He won't stick to the button

now i have a lizard, 2 wanted posters, and a monster that won't let me near him.

POP nvm!

use pepper for monster to get remote for tv. I think we need to build a wanted poster....

Use pepper on monster to get remote

wanted poster time!

place chameleon on the bed, then push the button... he is a chameleon he will do what come natural!

Stuck on the clue to change the time or whatever the book means with the piece of paper..

3 posters give info for tv which give a key

So the wanted poster show the same guy. Pick the one of one, the nose of the 2nd and the lips of the 3rd

Matthew - The clock can't be changed, the clock plus the page gives you the information you need to set the mixer correctly.

ok, made the pink liquid but am sure it is wrong. Not sure how to use the paper hint that is the missing page from the book

lol funny ending if u drink the incorrect potion.. but save 1st lol!

Anyone make the correct potion yet? Anyone want to give some hints? I am not sure how to combine the clock and the paper hint with the machine

Not sure if we have to swap the hour and the minutes pointer.. and can't make sense out of that 9.5

I made the wrong potion and don't want to go all the way through again. Thanks for all of the hints.

I thought maybe 895 (because of the octagon) but no

Hmm... maybe how many "gaps" there are between 1 pointer and the other?

LW if you save before making the potion you can continue from the same place each time.

417 maybe??

Yes!! I'm invisible!

tried another combination (956) wrong again.

Wish I could fast forward the scene

I drank before realizing I could save. Monster end for me.

LOL! I escaped area51 aparently! i'm a alien kid hahaha

Nini how?

Nini can you explain?

Jo-Ann like I said b4: count the gaps between the hours and the minutes pointers. (in the clockwise direction like the arrow points)

yeah Nini! You saved us being green! And possibly be dissected. LOL

Still don't understand...

Jo-Ann take the clock as an example. It's set at 8:30. Go clockwise > from the hour pointer til "9" = 0.5. from 9 to 10 = 1 and so on.. that adds up to 9.5

Great find Nini :)

Easier to understand if you do the maths
First bottle is 8 o'clock, so big hand on 12 and small hand on 8, so 12-8=4. Same for the other bottles.

ST that I can understand! Thank you!

Sorry I tried hahaha

Gatamari... #2 in average game length after Neutral.

And those loooong games are usually worth every second of gameplay ;)

Thank you for the explanation, I really hate just using a code without understanding.

Great game Gatamari!

Thanks Nini! I know you tried but sometimes my thick skull needs a few explanations before it gets in there! LOL

Mercy me! Can anyone please spoil the wheels? I think I'm close, but still no cigar...


where is bottle a?

nvm -- didn't realize that poster was a tv. lol

Wrong mixture = Monster end
Right mixture + exit = Alien end

Is there a 3rd ending? I notice there is something next the guard's leg as you exit. If you do something with that, does it change the ending? Maybe I'm over thinking....

Nope. No 3rd ending @TiCKed! The author says there are only 2: エンド2つ

s-t to my rescue as usual! Thank you so much! Continuing...

Looks that s-t's simplified clue with the clock only works for full hours though...

Let's take the example of 8:30...

Some bottle showed 8:30, so clock hand on 8.5 and minute hand on 6.
Subtracting these would be 2.5, not 9.5 as given in the (confusing) example on the paper.

Anyways..out. But that was not one of Gatamari's best efforts...felt pretty "concocted" to me...

I'm trying not to read the comments too closely so as not to spoil the game, before I need them lol, but which poster is a tv??

Ok, the hurricane map is the tv. Anyway, I got monster end lol. I might try again later. Loved how the chameleon turned the color of my hair! :D

Well...for animal lovers, this was at knife's edge...almost looked like a beam of heat (red light, sometimes used in medicine), making the chameleon glow as if from burning its skin....heh

The "correct" answer to the a/b/c number drink machine is how many hour distances you travel clockwise from the hour hand to the minute hand according to the time on each a, b, and c bottle. It is confusing that they put colons between the digits on the machine

I reall miss the Gatamari games! Dev really knew what he/she was doing!

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