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October 15, 2015

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Aries - Episode No. 018 Walkthrough

Aries - Episode No. 018

Aries Escape - Episode No. 018: Karaoke Room is another new point and click type room escape game developed by Aries. In this game, you try to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles. There are two possible endings. Good luck and have fun!

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i love Aries games.... glad to see them back..

Amazing game...Not so easy!! Thank you so very much! This is the game of games to play.

first live Aries game, YAY.......
Austen, how do I get the colored number clock puzzle under the light machine to work?

Getting started.....

       Anonymous  10/15/15, 10:34 AM  

Not sure where to use mobile code

Jodi you need to combine three clues:
The arrows on the poster, the numbers on the iPhone and the colours on the maraca.

nevermind, i didn't see the arrows that appear on the side when you scroll over them....

Mobile code is used three times.

       Anonymous  10/15/15, 10:43 AM  

Where to use hint of magazine? Can't find any spot

Good thing I was thirsty.....

       Anonymous  10/15/15, 10:45 AM  

Lol dimwit!!

Magazine colour code is used right of TV.

ok. i'm lost for the clock code under the light...... spoilers anyone??:(

       Anonymous  10/15/15, 10:47 AM  

Aye thanks!!! Didn't notice that navigation

Jodi you need to alternate between going anti-clockwise to the iPhone numbers and clockwise to the maraca colours.

The iPhone numbers should be read left to right.

joining.. Aries I have missed..

help austen, i KNOW they go together I just can't get it.... I tried using 1 through 8 and putting in the colors, numbers, etc in that order, and using the maraca colors and their numbers on the dial for the couch safe code but nothing:(

       Anonymous  10/15/15, 10:59 AM  

For the code on glass, don't forget to zoom in like I did or it won't work folks!

Pop! didn't know I could take her scarf!!

but I still need help with the dial now::(

Jodi alternate directions to go to 6, Blue, 2, White, 7, Green, 5, Pink 8.

Thanks, I was expecting the dots to light as I got each one correct....not all at once. a paper with 9 symbols and a box with only 8 spaces for the symbols......

Austen, 6 IS blue, do you mean 6 then cyan? If so, cyan is 2 also....... can you just give me the colors....(i'm sorry, i think i'm unconscious today);)

Go to blue 6 with left arrow...then right arrow back around to blue 6.

Jodi...Blue 6 then Blue again not Cyan

This might help (I hope!):

What to do with the 6 colors from the scarf covered ball...and the 9 shape clue with 8 spaces?

help please...i have the orders for the numbers and colors and such, but i can't get the dial to move...what to do?

Move your cursor a little to the left then to the right of the numbers.....arrows will appear.

aaah...thank you dimwit, though i think i am more deserving of your name.

Mel the scarf colours are used near the end.
You get a clue how to select the shapes (from the slider I think but not totally sure).

Where is the slider clue?

The slider clue is the position of the numbers on the iPhone.

Okay.....entered the 5#-2# into the what-ya-call-it, it binged, crossed out the paper in inventory, but what did I get?

Look at the TV for a phone number Dimwit.

Ahhh the old hide in plain site trick...a really well done game..

Using the code from the microphone will get you an alternative ending.

Not getting it, can't see a # on the TV, just music notes.

You need to use the code from the paper (or microphone) on the calculator on the table Missy.

Now this is a developer that I always look forward to playing his/her creations. Always original and nicely done. Now if only the Gatamari Escape developer would release another entry!

great game!

The only code I have is from the jigsaw puzzle on the wall and it won't work anywhere

Have you tried lifting the cushions on both sofas Missy Moo?

4# code used under a pink cushion the longer run of them....

Thanks, I needed one more piece for the puzzle and then it worked! Have # from TV. Does that go into the phone by the door?

Finally out!!!

WTG Missy Moo!

Has anyone figured out the other ending ? I only got "normal end".

(and btw thank you Austen. I'd never had found the correct way to turn this damn knob under colorball ^^)

Yannoche you can get the alternative ending by taking a microphone from under the TV, scanning the barcode on the back of it with your iPhone then using that number instead of the one on the note.

Nice ! Thank you again Austen ;-)

Great!! An Aries!

btw, nice melons :-P

@Austen thanks for taking the time to make that effort, but unfortunately this confused me more than it helped me.
The basic reason is:

Your diagram says:
1 --->> "6"

That means, turn right to the 6.
And that sounds wrong to me. Right would be clockwise, but first step according to poster is COUNTER-clockwise, so the exact opposite.

if anyone is still around, I put the numbers from TV into the phone by the door and it doesn't open?? I am just reading from L->R

What am I doing wrong? even watch a video WT and still not getting it

The iPhone numbers should be read left to right.

Good hint, BUT this deserves an additional information. In this case, left to right means column per column.
Took me awhile until I could actually make use of that hint...

@EnJoy you got the 1 and the 9 at the wrong place, swap them :)

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@Austen64, where is the microphone?

OK I am pretty stupid today. I got the Z clue from the sofa but i cannot seem to use it at all with the calculator/remote on the table. I Dont understand how to go forward because that is all i have left. (unsolved shape code in the safe, cannot change TV to show clue etc.)

Got it, need to open door first

@Chris, Z clue is used with shape memo for green box to get SD

tautau: I dont have the "shape memo". Where is it?

This comment has been removed by the author.

@Chris. shape memo is got after solving color puzzle behind sofa (by using smart phone)

it shows right arrow = AC and left arrow = CW.

You're right but it's illogical.
Why not right arrow = CW and left arrow = AC?

To begin with, every female player wouldn't need any legend for that and do things right in the first place. Why ? Well, because our girls know what it means to turn the knob of the washing-machine to the RIGHT (cw) and to the LEFT (ac).

I don't even see numbers on cell phone. Clearly I need to find another hobby lol.

Pop, look underneath napkin on table, and use phone with that.

"our girls" Men don't use washing machines? And ours? Seriously.

This comment has been removed by the author.

I know you have all explained the clues for the cellphone and the couch but i am NOT getting it lol. I have tried starting at the 2 and going AC and then tried starting at the 5 and doing the same but no luck. Feeling every bit of my name

AHA!!! Austens comment at 10:50 was it. THANK YOU

Well, only single men have to use washing machines, because if you're in a relationship, your girlfriend/wife will do that for you. She will even push us away if we try to take over, saying "eh no, I can do this better, you've gotta be subtle here, you might ruin the fabric, so let me do it". ;)

Dial: Start at the 6, counter-clockwise.

I have only one question: what should I have done with the new code on tv? After scanning the microphone and putting that code in tv starter? I thought I had to put the new code on tv into the door code thingy, but that only gave me a normal ending.

lol arby, it's like I'm hearing myself

"oh my gosh did you REALLY wash that at such a high temperature?? Thank you so very much... NOT!"

GREAT game,, DON'T forget to check BOTH couch backs or you will be stuck lol. Like I was.

a couple of notes for others who may be intellectually challenged, like me:
--You must see the clockwise symbol on the maracas (highlight maracas, then click on them) before the puzzle under the light will work (I struggled for a loooonng time before discovering this!)
-- to get the happy end after you've already unlocked the door for the normal end, you must press "C" on the phone before entering the new number from the microphone scan - calculator - tv.
Wonderful game. Much better for the help from Austen!

So starting COUNTER clockwise the numbers are: 662174538?

Zoz - THANK YOU! I was going round and round and round with that damn dial - I hadn't seen the maracas arrow - ugh.

@Winnie ROFL !! Too good! (You see, I hardly make things up; it's really speaking from real-life experience)

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