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My Favorite Cafe 2 Walkthrough

My Favorite Cafe 2

Aries - Episode No. 019: My Favorite Cafe Escape 2 is another new point and click type room escape game developed by Aries. In this game, you try to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles. There are two possible endings. Good luck and have fun!

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Episode No. 019: My Favorite Cafe 2 (Happy End) Walkthrough 
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Finally.. Aries...

Looks like a lot of math.

Lots of numerical clues - where to put them. Where is everyone...It's a little hard and my brain is fried. I will wait for you guys to get here in case of emergency :)

After an Illogical one, this promisses!

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Hundreds and hundreds of numbers...

Number clues in the books, on the seats, windows, ashtrays... behind th toilet sign, under the napkins... colour clue under the rug.. words... numbers... helllllp.

I'm here, Fuzzy, still collecting clues - room's full of them

At last, a real escape game!

from tables, I got 12345678=89557349
calendar #s - 7, 16, 28

foot=3002 seems to make sense, but then toilet has 2 diff. values for t?

glasses acc. to menu = 48876

I think the numbers with arrows are clues for the painting. Found one in the book and one on the window. Yes they are. One clue for safe behind toilet sign.

color clue prob. for cups - translates to 66244

don't know where to use any of this yet

one window shows 6893 upside down on awning

Just one use arrow clues - vertical pairs and horizontal pairs, for the painting first.

Just 1 I mean - separate the numbers and click the painting in the order of the clue.

The ashtray clues don't work in the safe.. what are the roman numerals for.. uuuhhh

got it, Fuzzy - also found all those other #s I mentioned get green lights on safe - have 5 of them now

YES the astray clue works - two green lights at least.

Roman #s are a sequence, I spoiled it above

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Just 1 - too good !!!! I struggled with the glasses actually thank you for that.

And out. Thanks Just 1 ! :) IT was nice playing with you :) Have a nice weekend!

awning # works too - how did you use ashtray clue?

Laaaag... I hope you can stay to help anyone else ..gtg.

lol, you ran on past me - I haven't figured out where card suit #s are yet

Astray clue - 1 , see numbers under.. 2.. same. etc - enter into safe.

7 green lights so far.

I mean there are numbers under the ashtrays too.

sorrryyyyy be back later good luck

got it, on the napkin holders

Thx for ashtrays, forgot to keep clicking! 8 lights now

Where did I find foot=?

meaning of WELLMAX still escapes me

Found foot= something, but cannot find it anymore.

foot on left side of cb, wellmax on right. Sth to do with welcome mat, I think, bu haven't got it yet

foot # doesn't work by itself

Thanks. I'm in same spot as you.

I think we have to combine them with toilet, but don't know how.

Oh! FOOT translates to # of strokes in characters!

Yes! 9 lights now. What's left?

Although technically, the Os should be 1, but I'll overlook that, it works!

lol, I still have 20 spaces in inventory, haven't picked up a single thing yet...

Nice! Only TOILET left now!

tried 'MENU', but it doesn't work

Back .. Oh you guys figured it out! Well done :)

DId you click the toilet sign

I already got a light for # behind TOILET

I don't remember if I solved "toilet".

If so, What am I missing?

Has anyone figured out what to do with these numbers? For example I have 5793 for heart,club,diamond,spade but don't know where to use it.
the picture on the wall can be solved with the 57<-->14 clue and the vertical 38 26 clue.

just input the numbers on number pad!

For each correct number you input tou get a green light.

Hi zoz! Everything is in comments above, just enter any number you figure out, get a green light on the safe

sorry that last comment was so late. How was I to know 43 comments posted since I last refreshed?

got so far on my own, finally a brain thinking escape game instead of all this million object hunting. missing 1 light, will need to see walkthrough for which one that is.

Argh! same window where you see # on awning - there's a math problem lower right!

Lol zoz... :)) I know that feeling too well. Lovely game. I was so tired of finding balls and running from scene to scene getting dizzy in forests and old houses. Take care everyone.

oh theres a math puzzle under the window with the upside down numbers.

Got it and out! Do right side of equation first

It;s asking me if I really want to leave - I suspect a 2nd ending

Yes, look at statue in cb

hmm,normal ending. wonder how i get the 2nd ending.

thx just1

lol, then open door underneath it...

but clue doesn't work backwards or forwards...hmm

Oh, look up at plant

Got gold card, out w Happy End!

Great game, thanks to Ellie and everyone playing :>)

Thanks for the help! Needed a lot!

did anyone actually use the number for the glasses (48876)???

Below the awning with the number (zoom in first) is an arithmetic equation. Didn't see that in comments. It is always a pixel hunt I miss....

Yes zoz, I got a light for that

Not really a pixel hunt, Tiquer, just a matter of noticing every detail...you want a pixel hunt, go look for nails in the last EightGames offering!

Sorry, two dots on a bare wall is what I call a pixel hunt.

Thanks Just1 for the FOOT and WELLMAX - that was the one I needed. But Normal ending. Hhhmmm

Great game!

every time i entered 48876 I got a message that "that wasn't right".
Anyway, I'm out with gold card now and loved this game (reminds me a lot of Tesshi-e). Thanks to Ellie! And it was great to "see" you again @just1!

Yeah, normal ending for me, too. Hmm.. Didn't save, though, so I won't go back in.

Out with gold card now but, dang, had to look at every clue again. it wouldn't let me just enter the numbers. Memo to self - Save the game!!

for second ending, go look at cabinet with the plant and goldish statue on it

the picture on the wall can be solved with the 57<-->14 clue and the vertical 38 26 clue.
TYVM zoz!!
So many useless comments, but finally one that loosened my blocker...so the 5714 is the complement to the 3826 I already have read in the book. Sneeeeaky...

Though criticising Aries is almost blasphemy, I still have to say this was not his best effort.

I mean, it's just collecting numbers and entering them in a keypad attached to a very secure safe.

That's why I'm refusing to accept comparisons to Tesshi-E with *this* game here.
It's because Tesshi's specialty is the interaction with things, building something, or gaining some pressure to get a key out of a tube etc. etc.

Hence, a game with said interaction being near-zero can't be called top-notch (for me).

@arby quite agree !

Ten minutes into the game, and I haven't yet collected one single item, and haven't solved one single puzzle... I love Aries games partly because they get the brain cells work hard - but this is getting ridiculous :D :D :D

Yay! First puzzle solved :D

All right... once you find out there are no items to collect, only number combinations, it gets quite easy. It was a nice idea of the guy to come up with something new - but I hope it was really only one occasion, and he gets back doing the kind of games he does.
Also, the final code to get the membership card was waaaaaay too long IMHO. Why 10 digits? 4 or 5 digits would have been just as good... Not a big thing of course, but still...
(Also, was I the only one who thought the code on the bottom of the lion statue was meant to be a keyboard-hint? :D)

Thanks for the hints here!
I missed the tiny hotspots 'math' and 'window'.
And I did the math from left to right which is the wrong order.

And the explanation about the lines in the words.
Needed that as well.

"little was fun" ? Yes. Little was fun - but we expect more from Aries

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This comment has been removed by the author.

Besides, math had one unique integer solution only!

This can easily be proved...

99 x 43 - (221 - 13) / 16

This is what we could read in the original clue. Of course, as Aries is a game author who does know about math rules, this must be read as

[ 99 x 43 ] - [(221 -13) / 16]

But let's ASSUME we didn't know about math rules, trying to solve the math term "our way" (left to right, as some players did)
Look what will happen:

99 x 43 - (221 - 13) / 16

shall be interpreted for a change as

[ (99 x 43) - (221 - 13) ] / 16

Note! In fact, this term has no solution in integer.

= (4357 - 208) / 16

= 4149 / 16

= 4144 R 5

To have a solution in integer (i. e. with no decimals) the remainder R would have to be 0.
So even if we didn't know math rules. we'd know something must be wrong!


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Well that was fun. At first I thought I'd never find/decipher all codes but I did eventually. Math problem below the window was the hardest to find. :)

You can say that again. When I wrote the post to the mathermatical proof, I must have skipped the right window countless times...that's not small print, that's more like microfiche. ;)

Brilliant to the point of boredom... Red X.

Too much number codes but even a good game.

4 stars.

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