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My Boyfriend's Room 2 Walkthrough

My Boyfriend's Room 2

Aries - Episode No. 020 : My Boyfriend's Room Escape 2 is another new point and click type room escape game. In this game, you try to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles. There are two possible endings. Good luck and have fun!

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1st is always bad news for me in these games! LOL

LOL...going in

found 2 coins so far. I have a paper that I think spells santa, and 2 sets of numbers neither of which work on the keypad box

YAY!! An Aries! And at all hours, too!
3 comments only...sounds like a dream. Gotta join you, folks!

Yep this is a hard one. Have two coins and opened bedspread cabinet. Also box under VCR. Used the two keys and like you can't figure out code pad

Can't figure out slider under TV, three buttons to left of "Santa" picture or the three groupings puzzle

or puzzle under sofa cushion!

Same here, Janet. I like that you called it a VCR haha!

Ooops but less to say than DVD player

Opened the keypad - combine the blue and green papers but just gave me a 3rd coin

combine them how?

use the blue paper to pick numbers from the green paper

ah, ty! tricky

Only "active" clue I have is the SANTA paper

Okay, officially stuck here

same here, I've been fussing with the group box and not getting anywhere

I strongly hope I haven't lost the game! ;-)
Picked letters in different order, now it reads SATAN


I don't think it matters, arby, I replayed and picked them out as santa just to see for myself and it still didn't help

Anyone of you guys solved the bed sheet pattern puzzle? (b/w)

ya it's the middle row, from top of bed down

The + design only exists on the first space. Use that as your starting point.

For an ornament to take an average row. To begin from above. Догатайтесь type why.

TYVM dudes!

I give up. Let's just go to the party naked.


Associations opened fishes, birds, the ships??

She'd be an awesome sight for sure.

But seriously...

Red box seems dead, huh? Nothing clickable for me...

The groupings look like land, sea, and air, but there must be a clue you have to see first.

I couldn't figure out the 'sea' part of that equation - shrimp, fish, whale, ship??? I was thinking things that swim, things that can walk/have legs, and man-made things. But yeah, still can't get it open.

Not only that, Smurf. You also need know which order. There is surely more than one possibility if you do a trial-and-error approach.

Stuck with the rest of you. Need 6 colors, 8 letter word (not December), one coin, key for bottom drawer, 6 levers (equalizer), key for closet (?), key for door (exit?)

Same here. Even tried grouping them from less to more complicated

And it won't let me take any of the "tools" in the one drawer

Bottom drawer key is in the plant

Now you can suffer with the group box with the rest of us

LOL and the word isn't Santa Ana either

And need keycard for nightstand. Where is the fish, shrimp puzzle you are talking about?

In bottom key drawer

TY for the hint about the tiny green key in the plant (same plant something was behind a leaf)

Tried fish, animal, and transportation. No go.

Who will find the pixel first?

If only I had an idea why there are *two* ON positions with the nightstand lamp!
(lever left and lever right)

That's usually not done by pure luck. (Yes I got the symbols already....)

I've even tried looking for clues in my own underwear.

I got out, with help form a walkthrough on another page.

Just 2 things I couldn't figure out and it told the codes but not where the hint came from. The rest is fairly easy to figure out.

The groups and the 3 buttons on the picture

picutre: SbPtOmItLbEmR

Goups: 3 each

The top line one of to fly, average to swim, lower a lion.

yep and the worst thing is that someone will come in and point out something so blatantly obvious that we will all be doing "facepalms"

Thanks Rwill, your spoiler got me as far as a number on the picture

Purple from coin contraption means dark blue on color box.

Still need Slider clue and don't know how to use numbers on picture

And my personal security card is still active even though I used it to open the drawer under lamp

The red dots on the paper gave the order of the buttons on the left side of the picture

Is the 《RAINDEER》 a hint for something?

Also stuck with 81973 and the levers (equalizer) puzzle.

Also have no idea what the bikini woman is all about

Reindeer is the word to open the letter box

Bikini woman????

To right of inventory, click on her

Oh yes - thinking she's the one we have to clothe to go to the party

This comment has been removed by the author.

Probably when we open the closet we get to dress her

If she wore the blue sheet from the bed I think it would be OK at this point.

For the slider puzzle look at the order of the flashing lights on the coin operated lamp.

Where is the color clue?? Pweese?

Duh Thanks Rwill

But to "beat feet" now or stay and get second ending?

With blouse and necklace is happy ending (look at coffee maker for another coin to get a long color code for drawer).

For color clue under sofa, put four coins in lamp and watch the bulbs. (For color clue from closet, still looking)

TY Rwill. And a special thank you for admitting you looked at a walkthrough instead of posting the answer to look smart and leaving like many others do.

LOL - she can't go out in that dress!

So the only mystery left is the 3 groups! It was a pleasure to play with you all. May 2016 bring you fortune, happiness, and good health!

p.s. She really should have just worn the sheet, it was much nicer.

Thanks Rwill - would still love to know where the grouping clue was. After that it was pretty logical even if I missed the equalizer (Duh again!)

Nice to struggle with you all too !

Tiquer seeing your comment on the red dot paper/picture, I just realized when the paper didn't work on the slider puzzle, I went on to other puzzles and so I "set it aside" and forgot about it. So I never associated it with the picture.

Right on...made it out without any problems (Happy Ending!) after Rwill's great help on that stupid symbol box (thanks again on behalf of everybody!)

Rest is REALLY easy.

Funnily enough I've tried to make me a coffee...as I can't stand looking at an empty coffee cup for long :P

Grouping puzzle:

Still dunno why symbols have to be this and not that, but something DID seem interesting:
The number cards are both 3 x 3, and the puzzle is too!

So I tried to count letters per words, but got nowhere.
I'd really figure out someday why we had to set these symbols that way and nto another way.

This comment has been removed by the author.

hi at all. Please spoiler the number of red point. i am combined numbers with paper, but not open.

use hint red points on the left of pic above sofa (3 buttons top, middle, down / follow hint points)

Thanks for help for " group"
I think there are many possibilities , but no real hint :(

for me it works with
3 eagles
3 boats
3 paper planes

Thanks for the hint/spoiler of the 3 groups. Had no idea there.
Now played the game a few times and it seems it doesn't matter what group you put where and what order of things within a group you use.
They all work if you do it as groups of;
- predators
- flying things
- water things.
(at least that's what I think the maker had in mind).

But an eagle is in this case not a flying thing, because then you would not have enough predators (that's the same reason why the shark is not a water thing and the flamingo not a flying thing).

Lol, that's even better/easier, Seb.
It seems you don't even have to bother what you put in a group (even 3 the same will work) as long as the group is, for example, full of predators.

This comment has been removed by the author.

I liked the red dress better for a party.

Kudos to those of you who care to warn about spoilers before giving them. Unwanted spoilers in your face without a warning can kill any game.
Sadly, there are almost always some who just don't seem to care :(

I'm one of Aries's games' greatest fans - but this one was a bit problematic IMHO... and mainly for one reason: that "grouping" puzzle. That was a huge reach IMHO. Otherwise it would be a good one.

This comment has been removed by the author.

huge reach? I reckon that's another way of expressing "far-fetched"? ;)

I can't make the levels work and can't find # on picture. Which picture is it?

It's the picture with the 3 buttons on the left side. Numbers are there after clicking those buttons in the correct order.
Not sure what 'levels' you're talking about.

Oh wait a minute, you mean the levers below the tv. The hint is the order the lights blink after you put all 4 coins in.

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