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Escape from Greece Walkthrough

Escape from Greece

[REPLAY] MeltingMindz - Escape from Greece is another point and click escape game created by Selfdefiant for Melting-Mindz. You were sent here to this remote villa located in Greece, searching for ancient treasure! Once you obtain the treasure, the portal will open, allowing you to escape! Good luck and have fun!

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games! 

Note: In tribute to Selfdefiant's beloved wife - RIP.

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       Anonymous  12/1/15, 7:17 AM  

Going in..

       Anonymous  12/1/15, 7:22 AM  

Loading too slow

loooooooong loading!!!

Goblet in room K.

not getting the color order

       Anonymous  12/1/15, 7:28 AM  

Finally! First marble behind chair

Goggles in room P (use colour hint from outside) are used in N to get the blue key.

Use goblet (fill it first) in room H to get the red gem.

aggg missed a view

Use hint from Q in G to get the pink gem.

Use screwdriver (from Q) in G to get the green key.
Gold key in E.

       Anonymous  12/1/15, 7:36 AM  

Blue gem in I on ceiling light

Found green, pink and yellow gem. Where did you find the map?

Use magnet (from room L) to open box in I to get the purple gem.

Yellow gem in room M.

       Anonymous  12/1/15, 7:40 AM  

I think map was on table first left scene when you get inside Roberto!

Thanks Dazz. found the map.

Use scissors (from L or maybe M) in room O to get the green gem.

Cant find last marble outside. any help. one behind chair one in left scene

color order for gems is on the laptop

       Anonymous  12/1/15, 7:45 AM  

Scissors was in K top of book small!

Where to use the gems?

       Anonymous  12/1/15, 7:46 AM  

Don! One was in the beginning scene on the right

found it!

Gems are used in room E (after pushing all the buttons green).

Out! Thanks!

For anagram think of Greek Goddess.

Dazz ley thanks got it

Out as well, now. Thanks EscapefanJ for the info. I thought he misspelled the capital of Greece :)

I thought that too.

hmm anagram as is hanten word?

Starts wit A and ends with A, Marita.

Never found a sneaky coin

       Anonymous  12/1/15, 7:57 AM  

Nice game, thanks small!!

Smalltool, you are just tooooo fast! Good job!

       Anonymous  12/1/15, 7:59 AM  

Rats! Didn't see how many coins I collected

Lol, after all these years, I'm starting a bit to understand your tricks, Selfdefiant :P

blue stone where? have not found it yet

Blue gem was in room I. The lamp on the ceiling.


No sneaky coin?

Then new tricks I will have to find! :) Thanks everyone!

Sneaky coin is in there. :)

Still can't find the last marble...

What laptop? I don't see one. Which room for color code, please.

Laptop is in room F.

Please help! I have one marble from opening scene and one from last scene on the left. Keep searching like crazy, but nothing. And no marble behind any chair!

Many thanks, s-t. Totally missed that.

very nice as usual

The middle scene (where the word box is).
There a green chair on the left and a bit further to the left is your third marble.

Lol, ok, found the sneaky coin. It's in room P :)

thanks smalltool!

WALKTHRU including 39 COINS (missed 1 somewhere)


A - 3COINS; get MARBLE#1; go UP

C - 3COINS; get MARBLE#2; note WORD BOX; go LEFT

B - 2COINS; get MARBLE#2; go RIGHT x 2


F - 2COINS; push BUTTON#1; examine LAPTOP, get WORD CLUE, get GEM ORDER; go RIGHT


J - 3COINS; push BUTTON#3; get MAP


I - 2COINS; push BUTTON#4; note UNOPENABLE BOX; examine LAMP, get BLUE GEM

H - 3COINS; get BROOM; note FIRE needs put out


N - 1COIN; note KEY in POOL


return to N, get BLUE KEY
return to H, use GOBLET on FIRE, get RED GEM



E - 2COINS; use BROOM, knock down GOLD KEY;

L - 3COINS; push BUTTON#5; get MAGNET

M - 2COINS; examine SPONGE, get YELLOW GEM

return to C, open WORD BOX using ANAGRAM of WORD CLUE from F (ATHENA), get ORANGE GEM
return to E, place GEMS using GEM ORDER CLUE from F (YROBPuPiG), get TREASURE!
return to A, escape thru PORTAL!

Another fantastic game! Thank you, Selfdefiant, for a soundtrack that's enjoyable to listen to. The music in your games is 100 percent better than almost anyone else. I keep game notes on my OneNote program because I can't figure out a practical way to use the map for making notes, suggestions anyone?

Great game SD and I actually did this without needing help....
yeah me!

The green bars are still way too thin on the edges of the screen - and if you happen to click a tiny bit outside it, it'll load MM's website - and not even on a new page, but ther one the game is - or rather was.
Super annoying.

If you click on the ABC on the map and click a blank area, you can use your keyboard to type.

My husband has been watching "Star Gate", we laughed when I pulled the game up

Thank you Selfdefiant, for yet another great game to amuse us and keep us happy! Love love your games! ThxACxo forever!

Dazz Ley: I think I know why people are complaining about your hints. Ive tried to follow you at times and it's more of a play by play of what you found. Maybe if you added how you got it or solved the puzzle that would help. You seem to fly through these escapes with ease and I would love to be able to use your talents to get through them as well. xoxox :)

A classical Sneaky, one of those precious gems between far too many crappy games. I can't understand how people can complain about the SD games being to similar but I've never seen anyone writing this about an EightGame. Not to mention the ratings. Thanks Selfdefiant!

And about Dazz: If there are games with very few comments someone always complains that nobody has left hints. She usually writes where things are found or done, and if you ask something she's always helpful and friendly. If I don't want to play without help I don't read until I'm stuck - and then she's always there.

Nice game! I enjoyed it. I agree with Meritneith, I only come on here when I am really stuck. I find Dazz to be quite helpful when I am :) Welcome back Dazz! Great game, thank you :)

I for one really appreciate all the help I get from Dazz
I am glad that she give us hints

I only found 39 coins as well.

I didn't follow the walkthrough to find the coins but there are obviously 40 and now im staring at everything lol. There is a sneaky one on the upper left light in room Q.

Oh it bothers me so much not too find the 40th coin

well i give up. drug the mouse over every inch of every screen and couldn't find it. so i must have just missed it

       Anonymous  12/2/15, 10:22 AM  

Each scene has got four coins NJ! Some are sneakily hidden in corners

       Anonymous  12/2/15, 10:27 AM  

Lordesigns, Dianne, Joe M and meritneith, wow guys! I didn't do anything here, small was the saver and I just played, but I appreciate your comments, thank you all, glad to help my friends no matter what it takes

I went back, only because the first time I played I couldn't find the sneaky coin in P. But, however long I tried - I could NOT find the 4 coins in room H. I found three on the right side of screen: ceiling, below the lamp and a little to the left of where the coin below the lamp was. I scoured and scoured until my eyes started watering and could not see the 4th one!
Arrrggghhhh! Got everything but that one stupid coin!

Anyone know - driving me crazy (not that that's a long drive!)

       Anonymous  12/2/15, 11:10 AM  

The sneaky coin was in p on the right side just top of the hill

       Anonymous  12/2/15, 11:28 AM  

Replayed and got out with 39 coins NJ and zoe! But I counted the coins in the walkthrough and they're only 39, so you have collected them all

Dazz, but after the walkthrough, Peggy posted (12/1/15, 5:29 PM) that in addition to the walkthrough, she found a fourth coin in Room H for a total of 40. I can only find 3 coins in Room H...cannot find the fourth one that Peggy found. That's what's driving me crazy lol!

I DID find the sneaky coin in room P, and 39 coins everywhere else.

Zoe, I swear I found 39 coins and then looked for another one and found it in room H.
But I'll be danged if I can find it again.

Sorry about that.

TAB key works to find pixel hunts

       Anonymous  6/13/18, 11:00 PM  

SD's message on FB (cit.):

Melting-Mindz Games
12 June at 21:36
«Hello everyone. You haven’t heard from me in a while because I lost a great part of myself Sunday afternoon. My wife of 17 years passed away unexpectedly and my life is not the same. I am grateful for all of my fans and I hope someday soon I will be able to pull myself together and continue doing what I love. At this time it’s just too difficult. Thank you all.»


This comment has been removed by the author.

Thank you for posting that message from SD! I'd been wondering...
My prayers are with you.

SD..My Prayers with you...

So sorry to hear your sad news SD. thinking of you and your family x

Saw SD's post on Facebook. Bless his heart. So terribly sad. There's quite a community of us Self Defiant fans, and we'll all still be here when the time is right for him to come back. If you are reading this SD, take good care of yourself, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your loved ones xx

Thank you Alpha for letting us know about SD's wife.

I am offering my condolences to him for this terribly sad and difficult time he is enduring. He has a lot of people thinking of him and hoping that he takes care of himself. My sympathy and prayers are with him.

Thinking of you, SD. I'm so sorry for your loss.

It's tragic to lose someone, never mind so suddenly. It will take time to come to terms with it, so sorry for your loss and I hope you find the strength from somewhere. God bless you and your loved ones. RIP to your wife x

Oh, SD. I am so sorry and deeply saddened for your loss. Words cannot possibly ease the pain, but I hope that knowing that you have a community of people that you have most likely never met who are keeping you and your wife in their hearts, minds and prayers will be of some comfort. We patiently await the return of your games, not because we are eager to play them (although, IMO, your are some of the best), but because it will be a sign that your pain is no longer unbearable. I am truly sorry for your loss. I know that I will be thinking of you every time I log onto this site. RIP, Mrs SD.

This comment has been removed by the author.

SD, I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. Until you get back to doing what you love, there are plenty of classic SD games for us to play here, so don't worry about us. Take all the time you need. You do you, as they say. My thoughts are with you and the kids.

Prayers to SD and family and friends...We miss you...

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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