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Lo.Nyan's Room Escape 15 Walkthrough

Lo.Nyan's Room Escape 15

[REPLAY] Lo.Nyan's Room Escape 15 is another Japanese point & click room escape game developed by Lo.nyan. In this classical game, you are trapped in a room, and your aim is to escape from there by finding and using items and by discovering hints to solve all puzzles in this room. There are two different endings. Good luck and have fun! ☺

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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can't play piano, so far a piece of paper, keyand a yellow book with hints

mirror show 3 number code, but doesn't work at picture

3 digit was for little shelf looks like keys, got 4 keys with symbols

key symbols are the same as yellow book shows

There is a view to the right sight of the cabinet beneath letterbox, stars and flowers, still meaning nothing yet.

got a camera,another key and a blue pot

Hi gabi, Lonyan games are hard but good, like them.

In the yellow notebook is shown which key goes to which drawer. I have seven used keys and some stuff I found in the drawers. One box from there is opened with the ladder hint.

Hi Christina too!

Christina, which cupboard do you mean? I've seen no stars...

I think you get some tape with number from the nox meritneith talked about, use it on the 2 pieces of papers and use that ffor the piano. I'm now stuck with a picture of the robot with a star and a heart on it...

i have a brown box, code is with stars and hearts, but also with colors, so a don't unserstand the hint on the window

That view needs colors for one of the boxes. Making foto's helps a lot, getting new keys and clues.

i need a sd an corkskrewer

I only have one part of clue paper.

POP, fussed around with the jar with sweets and got the green book.

I think we need pliers to. And i would like to use the yellow/green beed clue somewhere.

have only 5 keys, i took many fotos, but they are no help, 2 with numbers, yellow/green hint, Letters....

1 paper is in the red book and the other in the green book on the desk

Playing with the yellow flowers on floor and found other numbers to photograph. Now for 2 green numbers I think. And have a roll with 625 which I have no use for.

If you've taped the two clue papers you have the piano hint. Playing the piano gives another key for a drawer with the pliers. Sweets are open. I am as far as aridza.

6 keys, and what about the little chain in the window?? don't know what to do next

POP roll goes wiht pianopapers.

Christina, look at aridza's comments.

that gives key number 8 and pliers. Now for how to work the robot hint.

Sorry can't remember where I got the pliers from, probably 1 of the drawer, making some progress, once the plyers used, the jar breaks near the green/yellow beads, above them you can zoom on 3 colored beads, which are used to open the little round box and got some earring (star and heart yellow and green) used on the robot

Making progress some more, open the robot and get pattern hint for the black arrow box, got some kind of glass flowers, hang them on the window and see the colors on the right of the desk (on the stars!)

Thanks aridza, but my beads are not coloured yet. Just wooden.

The earrings on robot are for the yellow/green bead code

Another POP. Click at the green book and the jar will fall into the box at the left. Then those beads are coloured.

Glass hanger is for window, gives star/flower code for box in inventory.

Now have a lot of clues, but just one place to open, and I don't know how to combine any to a 3-number clue.

And out!

Man, that was some fussing around until the earrings were put at the robot!

Can you leave a clue aridza?

You'll get the 3 number once you open the colored star/heart bow and get the key hint (hang them where we endered the 3 colored numbers)

What box do you have left Christina?

Can anybody make a hint about robot and earrings&

the hints is yellow and green beads

Oh aridza, who would have thought of that? Thanks for all your help. I just need to work out the letter grid now. Shouldn't be too hard.

hint from ladder doesn't work for me :-(

tried up and down, nope.

You're welcome! the letter box isn't hard, just start with the letters A and D I think, they are placed correctly on the shelves where the robot is

piano code as an image: (less fussing)


Out now too. Love those games, especially the camera. I usually use screenshots copied and pasted in a word file but this is much more comfortable.

Thanks for all your help!

beeve, it starts with R, I remember as I needed some attempts too. There's a kind of plant at the upper right of the ladder.

Beeve716, try it the other way around, RLRRLL

As someone asked about how to get the PLIERS:

You need the 'sagittarius' key. Insert it into the keyhole of the wide drawer under the lamp, where you found the beads and the jar.

Box with 3 musical clefs on it:

This is CONFUSING. Although it suggests so, it has neither to do anything with the piano itself nor with the colorful clue paper.
There is a fairly sneaky hotspot you have to find (after "pouring in" the beads from the jar) with the right colors of the three beads.
Ah, and it's about 8 different colors or more PER button - don't try to brute-force them...

Well, I'll be damned. Lo.Nyan even HELPS us finding that hotspot!
However, to see the beads glistening, you have to wait 10 seconds or a little more until they light up! (keep watching the beads in the open box, and don't make any move!)

thanks, I restarted and finally got it with your help .-))

Dont forget to pick up the green clover. The robot will perspire (maybe from the weight of the earrings) and his eyes will show you where it is.

Thanks for the hints everyone. I was stuck for ages on the ladder shelf L/R box. Took a lot of tries to get it to open.

Stuck with the moving-picture puzzle.
Is it about (room) directions? (N,S,E,W)

Collected all 8 "numbers" (which are actually ordinal figures, 1st...8th) but still dunno what is TL, BR...etc

Arby, the flowers on the pic are now coloured. Combine the colour of the flowers where you found your numbers. ie...the flowers on the floor were yellow and had the number 47.

Wish it was so easy!

The ones on the purple box are yellow, too!

They are white.

Yellow on floor, blue on mirror, white on lilac box, and red on painting.

Note: Flowers on purple box are supposed to be "white". Although I am not color-blind, I am sure it's a very "yellow-ish white", or, if you insist, mustard-colored.

Compared to the angelic white shown on the pic, this is worlds apart.
No wonder I couldn't solve it on my own.

Thanks clio-rose.
I should have known clio-rose knows better about flowers than me. Nomen est omen :-)

bwhahaha arby. "What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would still suck at escaping"

Where is the camera?

Cant quite remember tautau, but i think when i placed the nail polish in the centre of the nail polish holder, i got a key which opened ? drawer to give the camera. Sorry if I am wrong.

Who uses word to copy/paste screenshot? Unless you have windows xp search the snipping tool in the program/accessories folder.

Excellent game. Thanks for pointing out the side of the cabinet and that more could be done with the jar of beads.

Thx clio-rose. What is the hint for 3-digit code under picture? I got the 4 symbol note.

Can someone help with the box with 9 squares and takes letters? I believe I have the order right but an missing 2 letters. I have:
No G or I, nor could I find a clue to them. I think that's my problem, I haven;t found the clue and it won't let me BF them. I just know my key to escape is in that box.

Put the keys in the holder.

tautau, as dumah says, hang the keys which the note shows, on the key holder where you got the original four keys. That will give the three digit number.

Out! Thanks all and Happy New Year!

G,I clue is in the blue box that you place the nail polish.

... and H is at the wrong place. Must be positioned at bottom right.

Well, as I was pretty sure we had to place letters from A to I, it was easy to brute-force B and E.
However, I've never found either of the two...

       Anonymous  1/3/16, 5:08 AM  

I'm playing this in Chrome, and I can't get the "About Item" function to work. Nothing I select and try to examine gives me a closer look at it, including this yellow clue-book I'm supposed to have.


To use the keys, click the one key that shows, to go back to the inventory, click the X.

4 pairs of numbers:
- in the mirror on the cabinet next to the couch.
- on the flowerpot on the floor next to the door.
- on the painting with roses.
- on a tin can (behind the glass door of the cabinet).

5 places with letters:
- above the desk.
- on the right picture of the three above the cabinet.
- on the box with nail polish.
- on the pictureframes next to that
- behind the picture next to the door.
For me it worked to draw a 3 by 3 grid and to place the letters in it.

Use the camera to make pictures of all the letter and number combinations.

Part of the piano-sheet in the red book on the couch.
Nailpolish on the mirror on the cabinet next to the couch.
Yellow cahier in the drawer left of that cabinet.
The cahier shows what key to use where.

Make-up table.
Place the nailpolish, get the key.
Click the mirror above the polish and read the coloured number.

Part of the piano-sheet in the green book below the glass jar.
Use the coloured number above the desk to get 4 keys.
Zoom out and click right next to the desk for shapes on its’ side.

- inside the drawers of the make-up table a brown box and an envelope with key.
- inside the 3 drawers of the desk a bowl, a box with green buttons and a camera.
- inside the top drawer of the cabinet a book with key for bottom drawer .. a box for white/black pattern.

Look at the lid of the box with green buttons.
It refers to the items on the ladder. Click left/right from top to bottom.
In it numbered tape.
About item the sheet-parts, combine them with the tape.
The piano is in the cabinet-view on the shelf.
Click the clue, click the down arrow to view clue and piano.
There are always two ways of using a clue like this, lol.
The first key to hit is on the fifth place, the second key is on the second place, etc.
Get another key and listen to the music.

- the key opens the long drawer of the desk, in it pliers.

Use the pliers to open the glass jar on the desk.
The paper in it shows what the toy-robot in the wooden display needs.
With the jar open now, take the green book again.
The jar drops some beads. Zoom in on the top three that light up.
This clue opens the bowl. In it heart/star earrings.
Also, look at the green/yellow beads. Note their order from left to right.
About item the two rings, click down arrow and place them on the toy.
Click them as the beads-order shows to get the black/white clue for the box to get the Jugendstil-ornament.
Zoom out and click the top of the window. Place the ornament, zoom in on the side of the desk.
Note the coloured shapes. Open the last box in the inventory with this clue.

Use the screwdriver on the picture frame, right side of the make-up table.
Get key number 9.
Open the glass door of the cabinet. Open the tin can for a clue.
Hang those keys on their place above the desk (thank you Clio-rose!! I opened that by accident, totally forgot about this place).
The number is used below the picture next to the door.

Go back to the toy and click the sweatdrop. He is hinting with his eyes that something is top right of him …. a clover!

If you haven’t done it yet, start taking pictures now ……..

About item the number-pictures.
Click the arrows to place them left of the screen.

38 = red
15 = white
47 = yellow
26 = blue
Click the corners 1 to 8.

Take the last picture of the EB.
Now place the letters in the grid.


Take the doorkey and leave.

Such a pleasant game to think your way through.

absolutely beautiful ! thanks for this game :D

LonNyan is one of the most underrated game developers IMHO. He (she?) is of the "few but quality games" stable, and these games are absolutely up to par with those of the other greats: TomaTea, Tesshi, Kotorinosu etc... You seldom rush through his games, they usually take a while and getting stuck here and there is almost alays guaranteed - but you can always find the elusive hint to push you out of the hole if you're persistent. Great games - this one is another good example.

I saw the robot hint for the clover, but couldn't find the clover. When I got the exit key I went back to try to find the clover, and the robot's eyes were not giving the hint anymore and he stopped sweating. Oh well...out without the clover...also, I could take back the star and heart "earrings" from the Robot when I zoomed in on it, but don't know why, but when I zoomed out they were back in the robot's hands...

Anyway, Great game! I wish these were more often!

Took me forever to get through this game, but unlike other games that take a long time, this one was fun! A very smart game!

I saw the robot hint for the clover, but couldn't find the clover.
It's tricky! As far as I remember, you must NOT zoom on the robot when looking for the clover, but directly click the hotspot from afar. Still, it may take a few tries.

omigoodness!!! Woohooo, my favorite developer has posted. Thanks so much, Lo. Nyan. Happy New Year! :D

Quality game - thanks LoNyans!

hung keys on wall before I found camera key and then I couldn't use it. Never got camera but still got out.

@arby - thanks! I replayed and found the clover! I was trying to find it zoomed into the robot. What would we EVER do without you and your helpful (and sometimes funny!) clues!

Happy New Year!

What a fantastic game!!! Thanks Clio for the clover - never would have found it. And to Aridza for finally helping me know where to use the green-yellow bead clue.

great walkthrough
Thanx Arrie

Another extraordinary game, thanks for the fun and the hints and Arrie for the walkthrough!

I have a silly question: does anybody know, how to get the Japanese games with better resolution? Most of them are too tiny for the desktop computer monitor. I think I've missed some obvious way.

No, you didn't.
There is no "obvious way" to accomplish this task.
You will have to figure out the .swf name from the HTML code and call the .swf directly.
The main reason for the tiny screens is the *fixed* setting of X and Y width used when *embedding* the .swf (e. g. 640 x 400).

Thanks, arby, that makes sense. I was hoping that maybe there is just some button I haven't noticed, haha.

its a pity the quality of the graphics is so bad

The game won't load.

I ran into a glitch where I didn't place the nail polish until after I had placed the 4 keys, and the key I got from the nail polish, so I couldn't get the hint for G and I.

       Anonymous  10/3/18, 11:41 PM  

caught this one from the random section & decided to post it as a replay - enjoy!

thx for all your creations, Lonyan ☺
& thx arrie, for the WT

Oh, that gear with colored numbers in inventory was actually tape. LOL. Making progress again.

After you open jar with clippers, reopen the green book and the beads will now fall over (not fair!!). Three tiny beads at top of fallen beads can be zoomed in to. The middle bed color is wrong, it should be red instead of pink.

BUG: Had to brute force the G, H, and I letters because of the bug with finding the G and I clue (and H could therefore fit on two rows). This one started off great but was too large and problems developed. Too ambitious.

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