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Abandoned Fantasy Villa Escape Walkthrough

Abandoned Fantasy Villa Escape

Games4King - G4K Abandoned Fantasy Villa Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Games 4 King. Assume that you went to an abandoned villa nearby your house. Unfortunately you got trapped well inside the abandoned villa. As you went lonely to the fantasy villa, you can’t seek any help from others. So use you skills to collect the necessary items in the fantasy villa to escape from the abandoned fantasy villa. Good luck and have fun!

Play Abandoned Fantasy Villa Escape

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Stuck with 2 tickets, a knife, a key and a clue left of the door I can't figure out.

Oh, and a octopus

Used key on clock in room with barrels

Maze is no fun

First ticket for masks

Labyrinth it is possible to stop a ball. It is impossible to press the buttons. I thought 523146. Also I pressed 423516. Paper with levels where?

where did you put frogs? lines for boxes gives a pitcher

There is an octopus, a red ball and paper with a color code.

Frogs in an initial scene after the left-right will become green and to open.

The black lines clue go in the room with the box with a line of squares. Click in order from tallest to shortest.

Still I tried levels on height 523146 and 634257 it hasn't turned out.

For the maze, drag the red dot but focus on keeping your cursor clear of the walls, not the red dot.

Clue for levels is from light bulbs, not the black lines on the left of the door

Aha fun with matchboxes for a 4-digit number...

I have pressed the buttons, there is no knife.

Sneaky eye behind right cupboard in scene 2

Use coin as a screwdriver

I have found a knife)

Clock Time Spoiler


where is the knife? and the coin?

Where to use jug - and octopus?

Stuck with 4 birds, 2 red balls, 4colour clue, pitcher and octopus. Any help?

Where'd you get the knife?

I left)

@ Izzy. Coin comes from completing right-hand side of grid thing - in scene where you place light bulbs. Idk about knife haven't found it yet.

It seems in top holes to pour out a jug in the second scene. A knife when bulbs to insert and press numbers on average squares 68973. To draw numbers. 9 to draw without the lower tail.

jsteorra - 4 birds go in 4 black squares above entrance into room. I'm missing 4th bird. Have octopus, one red ball and 4 color clue.

jug used in trees in scene that looks like it needs a screwdriver. I only found one lightbulb. Where was second one? Figure out what to do with octopus?

thanks for jug hint @ Izzy. I also need second bulb.

finally found knife and coin. phew

Ty Nafanja and IzzyB :)

Where second bulb (for left-side lamp)?

and finally out. thanks for clue on "drawing" the 68973

POP - got it !

When you've got the 3 red orbs, they go in the far right room. Combine with the CEA clue, octopus and 4 colour ticket to get two poles for the 2 stacks of 5 discs in the opening scene

Excellent - and out. Ty ppl : )

Late to the party but another great game from the team at G4K.
Many thanks.

Excellent - and out. Ty ppl : )

thanks for jug hint @ Izzy. I also need second bulb.

Well done Izzy.
Stuck with the 4 birds, no key for lock above left music stand, no clue for the stacking discs. What's next?

One of the best games ever! Thank you G4K...keep them coming! ThxACxo

Jsteorra have you placed the birds in the slots above the doorway (about the third one in I think)?

Just checked - it's the fourth room in from the start.

Thanks. I swear I tried that several times.

The letter clue didn't seem to do anything, or if it did it went over my head and I completed the game without it.

Sam the letter clue was for the three red balls slider (3, 5, 1) to unlock the elevator for the octopus.
Hope that made sense!

WHERE is the knife?? POP I got it does not help!!

Hi jenny, morning!

Knife comes from the yellow buttons you press followingthe number shown by left bulb, have you got it?

Sneaky eye behind top right tree

Snd another one beside round jigsaw

Thought i needed something to open the clock, just click from behind to get the key in left room

Paper with curved lines for the lrft, right faces

Thanks for buttons hint terry parish

Placing green gem you get from drawing 68973 on black buttons
Right box outside, key from hole beside the black buttons

Letters for sliders after placing the red balls:

Great game G4K. TY

Nope. Not doing the ball maze. Have a skip button, please.

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