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Butterfly Escape 55 Walkthrough

Butterfly Escape 55

SniffMouse - Butterfly Escape 55 is another point and click room escape game created by Angelika for Sniff Mouse. There are 10 butterflies trapped in this house. They could be everywhere. You will need to locate them all and release to freedom. Some objects and clues that are around will help you! Look around carefully! Good luck and have fun!

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Yeah! Thank you, Angelica.


I finally get a Live sniff!! LOL

Nice! Sniffmouse

Difficult jigsaw with the sand :P

Look at the handles of the cups.

Jigsaw was hard to see

Cups for dials

Lol, bitd figurines can eat like real birds :)

Bird food for birds

Was just thinking that small!!

vases plus bird seed for color number clue

Something must be for candle holder beside the horse?

That pic puzzle is ruff. ( Get it ? ROFL )

pull drain in tub for clue

Colored numbercode beside the large horse, took time to find it

Bulb for horse lamp

bathtub clue for shower knobs

use "horseshoe" metal piece in bathroom toothbrush holder for clue to left picture by big horse

Horseshoe for metal piece beside soap

Use the horseshoe in the bathroom to get the hint for the left puzzle behind the big horse.

square puzzle behind left pix gives lighter for use on candle

Use the lighter on the table to get another chess hint.

Horse shoe clue for square above the large horse

put four letters into puzzle in alphabetical order (i.e.; EFG) changes clock colors

Have all letters for wood squares but don't get the order?

Just alphabet Bandy.

Ohhh Bandy.....you should be on stage.....like the first one out of town....

Bandy its the logical order of the letters, each one fits with a set of 3

LOL Dimwit! Thanks for letters hint got it.

Bandy…EFG, JKL, TUV...

Help please? Nothing in inventory and can't find what puzzle come next, i cant get 4# yet neither the buttons top of horse

TY Alinpc.

Clock hint is very tricky.
Use the dots as well.

I am stuck on the clock, toothpaste holder puzzle, the wedges are inverted but still not working

Think I am with you Dazz. Buttons above horse I think are to do with color cpu in bathroom and on clock…just don't have it yet

Same place Dazz. my middle pic puzzle working now?

I missed the u beside the soap, but no idea what to do next

Got it, hit the wedge, but the 2 white dots on the clcock count as well

Got it.. yellow red and blue green are opposite from color clue…click color and white dot as in clock clue

Was thinking of riding the horse bandy!!

hit red then dot yellow, blue then dot finish with green

Thanks I missed the white dots

Lol, guys, read the posts, already posted that on 2/26/16, 10:31 AM

Dazz ask Angelika I bet she will let you LOL

sun and moon for lamps

sun moon clue for two lamps on off

OOPPSS ST I should have read up.

chess spaces for the slider

I read the clues, only i can't work on the buttons yet, missing something?

Great game again :)
Thanks for making Angelika :)

Great game thanks you Angelika and Sniffmouse

Ahhhhhhhh nvm, forgot the buttons...

shower head water droplets for exit sky light.
Great Game once again…TY

For the buttons: form hour

Awesome game. Thanks Angelica!

brett johnson, thanks for slider clue.

THANK YOU Angelika for this very nice and challenging game!!!

great game thanks for the clues ya all even if I am late haha

If you still get confused with the buttons:
Bottom right, middle, top left,top right, middle, bottom left

small-tool,brett johnson, alinpc,bandytrc, Hotzenplotz,SexyDexy thank you very much for the kind words!
bandytrc it's your horse)lol

4# clue from sliders given by horses, in the bathroom under the faucet

Great game angelika, thanks!

Sorry!! Took the horses)

LOL Angelika I will take him any day!

for the cabinet I need a number code, what is the shower curtain? What's in the wall with the blocks?

Can someone explain the two lamps that turn on and off? I saw the clue on the TV, but I don't understand how I'm supposed to use the clue.

Unknown, switch on for sun, off for moon

Unknown, it's like in the Teshi game posted today.
Follow every step from top to bottom.
Sun Moon
So start with left on.
Then Moon, moon
So left out again

the water drops have 5 positions, as it should give 4 numbers?

I switched both lamps off so no one sees me sneaking the horses)))

Thanks, Dazz, but I'm still not getting it. I turn on the left one and leave the right one off (top line of the clue), but then what? Turn them both off again (second line of clue)? I feel really dense that I'm not figuring this out!

Water drops are used in the very end.
Chess hints are used on the sliders and that will give you the 4 digit code.

Not sure what you mean kerstin, but water drops are done last thing on top window

Yep, Slliek76, keep on going that way, next step is right on.

ok thx, test :)

Turn off right
Then turn off left
Turn on right
Then turn on left
Then turn off left

Dazz Ley thank you very much!

1. Left only
2. Neither
3. Right only
4. Both
5. Right only

So to create that, here's the order I'm touching the lamps:
L (line 1, only L is on)
L (line 2, both are now off)
R (line 3, only R is on)
L (line 4, both are now on)
L (line 5, back to only R being on)

And then nothing happens.

Yes, I have the ladder. Thank you very much

Ah, didn't see your comment in time, Dazz. I was starting with both lamps off, and apparently I needed to be starting with them both on.

Catching up here, thanks for the hints.

I don't understand the slider puzzle (middle picture). I have a few letters with numbers (acdf), but don't know what to do with the chess board. I understand the two are connected?

Even withhout the chessboard you can do it.
A5, so the first slider on 5 blocks etc (alphabet order)

POP! I was expecting something to happen with the slider. It just gives you the next code...

Thanks s-t

Aye, they should both be on when you start , glad you did it

Lots of comments but no help for me. I am stuck. Where is this bathroom?? Feel like I am in another game. so far placed light bulb and have the letter 0 in inventory.
What do I do to actually get somewhere??

The bathroom is behind the locked door. You get the key from one of the puzzles. Don't remember which.

Not much help there q. lol.
I have found a bag of bird food but can't use it.

Really not getting anywhere.

You can use the bird food.
On the 3 bird statues / fgurines.

Jenny, use the bag on the three birds statues behind couch, view the vases on shelf and combine the seeds numbers with colors for 3# above giant horse

... And the three coloured numbers puzzle gives you the key!

Thanks, did not realize I had to zoom the birds twice.

got a little further. placed the hour letters nothing happened except they turned yellow. can't find hint for middle puzzle on that wall.

For the middle puzzle you have to combine two hints.
The clock and the colours in the bathroom after placing the horseshoe.

I can't find a slider puzzle?? did the lamps. can't find a ladder either.

what are the raindrops in the shower for??

The slider thing (and the remote) you will get after doing that middle puzzle.
The ladder you get in the end.

Did you use the hordseshoe in the bathroom?

Oops: Horseshoe (metal thingy).

Raindrops on the showerhead are used in the very end to open the window in the ceiling.

Thanks Small tool I got out. Just did not realize adding blocks was a "slider"
Thanks so much for all the help everyone.

Jigsaw is just luck

One of your best ever Angelika!!! You rock the house! Great music choice by the way! Beautiful song! Thanks for the game. Took a bit to get out. Smart Cookie! ThxACxo

Sharon thank you very much for the kind words, I'm glad you like it хо

Utterly magnificent Angelika.
Your best game since Angel House.
Wonderful scenery and challenging puzzles.
Nobody does this style of game anywhere near as well as you!
Might have been a little easier if we had been sober!!!

Austen LOL thank you very much for your lovely words!I really appreciate it

Good game, loved the food at the end just like te eeshie

Don't forget to notice the white dots in between the colors on the clock.

thank you very much!

I couldn't get the dog photo right but i was able to get out without needing to do that puzzle, sand was difficult :/

For joe m: if you come here, hope you had a great day, and enjoyed your work!

Wow, this was awesome!
Thank you Angelika!

Thank you Angelika for another beautiful and challenging game.

Rüdiger Lupp,Janet thank you very much!

Trying this now...

Very nice game

Sniff Yay!

Such a beautiful and challenging game, Angelica! This was spectacular! Thanks so much. Always fresh and new and so much fun!

Codeman,Stek Nokov, FireFly thank you very much!

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