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Ena Rescue The Doctor From Psycho Walkthrough

Ena Rescue The Doctor From Psycho

EnaGames - Ena Rescue The Doctor From Psycho Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Ena Games. Imagine a situation that there is a mentally disturbed person in a house. His family doctor was treating him well. Day-by-day, the patient situation became worse. One day he became a worse psycho and killed all the family members and buried them. Next day, the doctor entered the psycho's house for treatment. Unfortunately, the psycho hit the doctor and went somewhere. As a player, you need to rescue the doctor as soon as possible. This could be achievable only if you have the courage to do it. Surely you will succeed by finding the necessary objects and solving the puzzles to rescue the doctor. Good luck and have fun!

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Nope. The annoying inventory box is back.

Why Ena today?? You know I don't like those much.....LOL I will give Ena another try....(Huge Sigh)

The diamond puzzle is awful, and no skip button :(

Finally got it, but it was an exercise in frustration.

Ena is always quite frusterating and usually pointless

Dexy Major que notta LOL

where is the clue for the diamond puzzle??

LOL bandy

Is there only one scene? I am missing lots of clues.

I would say they go in the center jen

there is another bandy keep clicking away pointlessly haha

There is a second scene once you put all the coloured balls in.
I am stuck with a brown "symbol" and an unused hot spot on the air con. and no idea for the diamonds.

tried all straight up and down and across so I guess around the centre is next.

I am messing with this 4 symbol slider puzzle I hate those things LOL

jen look at comment 7525

Humm I set the way the clue said but won't open?

Yep in the middle gives key for yet another room.

725 I meant geez this is what ena does to me stresses me out I am outta here....hate u ena LOL

Ugh, I have a piece of paper I have no idea what to do with and it's so small I can't see what's on it.

Jenny, there is no clue for the diamond puzzle. You just have to put them all in the middle highlighted section.

Gotta put my glasses on I had it Backards LOL

ok I dont mean out as in out I mean i am wasting no more time on ena games they truly bite the big one haha

I made it out.
Not a bad game but I really HATE that inventory!

sam that paper is used when you get a bottle from the fridge in the third room.

u had your glasses on backwards bandy? need more coffee LOL catch yall later

LOL Dexy.

Paper goes on bottle. Ever since I opened the game my laptop keeps freezing. There's seriously something wrong with it.
I'm out.
Hated the inventory.

Inventory is a disaster, true!
Nice game, though...

The "Thanks for saving me" message at the exit seems a bit strange; that person looks very dead to me...

Inventory is a bad idea...I am sure i am not the only one on this

Ohhh no. Not again that terrible inventory back. Not playing.

Terrible game, terrible inventory.

I'm nearly at the end, but can't find
place for screwdriver. Grrrr... X

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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