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Fernanfloo Saw Game Walkthrough

Fernanfloo Saw Game

InkaGames - Fernanfloo Saw Game is another point and click type adventure game developed by Inka Games. The evil Pigsaw has kidnapped Curly to force Fernanfloo to play his twisted game! Help him rescue him before it's too late!! Good luck and have fun!

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So far got ramp, slingshot,stick,clue paper, whistle,soup,oil

I think the dog is the first target because it's the only enemy we have time for

That dog has a power full lick LOL

Ok, throw stick at dog then quickly solve the code

THrow for the giant Chihuahua a stick, then use the keypad to close the door. Hint is the paper.

I have no idea about paper clue?

Thanks Now use paper clue!

Bandy, add and subtract starting from the first number on left

Paper clue: Follow the line and either add the numbers or substract them.

Collect bowling ball, remote, and a guy

Why can't i put Leonardo on the 55kg mat, this would be so much easier. Pfff.

You also can't put the bowling ball into the sling shot. Cartoons lied to me all my life.

It's not a Acme bowling ball Nomn LOL

Place the guy in the room behind the door of the robot dogs

use oil, ramp and bowling ball in room with big green dude, but I am missing something...

Defeat the robot dog by getting the disc and using whistle

Why can't i just go out with Leonardo?

holographic disc is used for banana

Throw the holodisc in with the banana and let donkey save the day.

Hotz move the ramp closer to him.

ok, pill for troll...

Well thought that would work LOL

I see it now: a big maze AND 3 worlds!!!!

Have fun have to go. got stuff to do GL EV1

In troll scene: Put oil on the ground, set ramp on top, give it a kick, throw bowling ball and shoot the pill with the sling shot in his mouth.

Lost the sausage costume and can't go back in the bear room. Hmpf. Let's see if i can play the game anyways because i'm not in the mood to start again.

Nomnivor von bücher verschlingen, now the fire is burning, use dynamite from other side...

Ah. Put dynamite in the slingshot and shoot it through the window in the fire of the bear.

Put the magnet into the rocket.

Rocket is used at Kratos, the guy, who is burning you...

Pump Control is, btw, Bomb Control.

for whipping guy: his weak point is the button on his vest

Where'd everyone go....not a post in over an hour and appears nobody got out....I need the pill for the troll....

Me too Dimwit.

The pill is in the room with the banana.

yay inka games!

I can use the drone on the toy robot but he will just kill me. How do I take out the toy robot without dying?

To defeat the boy robot: Set the bomb you take from brar beside the hole wher you see him, go to the room in front of him and set thr flyer towards him, when he bends dow to wear his hat,press the bomb control to crash the wall on him

Battery for king kai in katsorooma planet

Whiplash: use ironman suit, drag him and use ironman arm

Incredible hulk: dress the giant ironman suit

Soup for kai in bills temple to give energy for dragonball suit

Dragonball suit for freezer, last enemy

For whiplash, you say to drag him, how? I can't move anything other than trowing a rocket or something about my arm getting caught

I managed to work out some of it, but I found it impossible to finish without the video walkthrough. I had a blast trying though. Loads of fun!

Arggg, I missed a live game from Inka. One of my favorites.

Can't get past whiplash. I wear the suit and drag him, but can't push/get the button.

POP, Use the suit then use the fist. When he's near just push the button.

Use the arm after dragging him

- Pick up oil can and stick and go right.
- Leave the disk for now and go up, pick up ramen noodles and whistle.
- Go up, pick up the piece of paper and solve the clue (start from upper left number and add/substract along the line until you get 4-digit no.) also pick up the slingshot.
- Go down 3x and pick up ramp. Go right and throw the stick at the dog and quickly enter the 4-digit no. Pick up remote and go up, pick up bowling ball.
- Go forward and up an talk to Leonardo.
- Place Leonardo behind the iron gate (where you got the Bowling Ball).
- Go back to the room with holographic disk and pick it up, when the robot dogs come use whistle.
- Go up 2x and slide the holographic disc into the room with the banana and quickly use the holographic disc remote. Go right and pick up ice bucket, pill, pump control and magnet.
- Go left, down (Green Troll room), combine pill with slingshot. Pour oil on floor, put ramp on it an kick the ramp, use the bowling ball and when the Troll screams quickly use slingshot loaded with pill in his mouth. Pick up hot dog costume and dynamite.
- Wear the hot dog costume and go right. When the bear lights fire quickly use the ice bucket. Go to the room behind the Robot bear. Combine slingshot an dynamite and throw it into the fire. Go back to the Robot bear room and pick up bomb and rocket.
- Go left and down 2x, use the rocket, open it and put magnet in it. Go down to face Kratos. Quickly put the magnetic rocket and when his arms get stuck to it use the remote of the rocket. Pick up drone and Hulkbuster Spare Arm.
- Go to the room above the Balloon Boy's room (where there is a small round hole), put bomb on the wall. Go back, down and send the drone to the Balloon Boy's room. Use the pump control when Balloon Boy walks near to the wall. Go inside take Iron Man suit and battery.
- Use transporter to go to Kaiosama, talk to him and put the battery in the car.
- Go back to Earth and then the room with Whiplash. Quickly use the Iron Man suit and hand and click twice and pull him towards you. then remove the pinkish disc on his chest (just click on the disc). Pick up Hulkbuster suit.
- Go to Bruce Banner's room quickly put on Iron Man suit and then Hulkbuster suit. When you push Hulk down click on the hulkbuster spare arm to defeat him. He will give you chopsticks.
- Go right. Fight Freeza with Goku's suit and fail.
- Use transporter to go to Bill's Temple. Combine Chopsticks with Ramen and give it to Whiz. Then give Goku's suit to him to incrase its power.
- Go back to Freeza and fight him now with the new Goku suit.
- Go right and reunite with curly.

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