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Palm Cockatoo Escape Walkthrough

Palm Cockatoo Escape

Games4King - G4K Palm Cockatoo Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Games 4 King. Assume that you have a pet palm cockatoo in your farmhouse. As this palm cockatoo is a rare species, you took more care for that cockatoo. But unfortunately today you noticed that your pal cockatoo is missing. So search for your cockatoo in your farmhouse and use your skills to collect the necessary clues and keys to escape your palm cockatoo. Good luck and have fun!

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whoohooo!! Thank you G4K Team....of course! Heading on in....

Flowers is the hint for the 3 digit code.

Hi Sharon!
Combined smiling flowers and 3 flowers for 3 buttons on door but it does not work!

Hi ST. That's what I was going to try now!

the 3 pink buttons come from the grid, but it is mirrored

3 color buttons in last house come from the three flowers

Hi Roberto and ST!

I'm stuck....whatcha mean Brett?

Add the flowers with the smiling ones

Word code on book

Did you get in the first house sharon?

yes Brett thank you...1,2 and 3 house done. you mentioned the "grid" was that the numbers 0-8

for the 3 pink buttons, take the number (start with 0) and see which column its in. But instead of the 0,1 being on the right, theey are on the left because of the mirror...hope that helps

ahhhhhhhhhhhh ok!! got you! Thank you so much!!

Missing some bananas I think

combine letters in book with grid (green L = 1)

me too have all but the bananas

fruit in the bowl, then place in first house

gem goes under the lamp, last house

flashing skull from lamp, combine with paper clue for sliders

knife for couch where you placed the fruit

Black ball goes in the two containers in last house

stuck,,,the fruit puzzle you can jump and the item moves from the puzzle, but cant do anything with it

Need to use the B P R G clue again, i think its the flowers with the leaves...cant find where to use it though

brett johnson,
bananas, pineapple...

Ok...just to clarify, spell COOL out of the grid. Backwards...bananas, add the heart to the window, looking for a bowl

ughhh! thx hotz

Sharon bowl u get after placing the heart, above one of the houses

cool again...love double clues!!!

Aah, great find Hotzenplotz :)
Thanks :)

Ok im out now...thx for the help

Pink balls not working. I have LLMRMRMRL

thanks Hotz !

Got it ...thanks Brett...had to catch a ladybug! With you, just a bit behind! LOL

reverse it Mighty1

I'm coming up with L-L-M-R-M-R-M-R-L for the 3 pink buttons and its not working. Is that not correct?

instead of LL it starts with RR

It is mirrored so the L is an R and so on

Must be doing something wrong with the 3 pink circles. I've seen the grid, I'm trying them mirrored, but nothing. Do I need to find an actual mirror somewhere? (I'm trying LLCRCRCRL)

RRMLMLMLR? i must have missed something because neither way has worked

Same boat DW. Can't any code to work.

Of course....always slash the couch! chair destroy the furniture!

I am totally stuck! I have an apple, grapes and pineapple in inventory. opened two houses only
Help please?

many thanks to Brett!! Very nice job and Seb!

Grid? Knife? where are these things?

Jenny did you look at the book in the house with the frog outside? Gives clue for house in first scene.

Great game again G4K.

Thanks for the hints on the 3x3 grid Brett & Seb.


Thanks Mighty1, I opened 1st house and see grid now but no idea what to do next.

Can someone just give me the grid code? I've tried both ways and nothing is working.

Thank you G4K...Keep making us use our brains! Tons of good help from the guys!! Appreciate it! ThxACxo


Jenny look at where the green letters are on the grid (ignore the numbers for now).
As Brett said they are mirrored.

What green letters? The only grid I have is all numbers.

What green letters?

The green LOOC letters.


POP the letter L made by green lines has a 1 in it. middle # is the 0 and C is right side middle.


In the book on the table in house 3.

WTG Jenny!

Ok, so now I am stuck with the four fruits. what is next?


Thanks austen, got right door open now. and have fruit in bowl.

This comment has been removed by the author.

The three flowers by the frog are the colour code for inside house 4.

Nafanja see my spoiler at 12:08 (and hints above).

pink buttons are RMMR

What is with the lady bug and the fruit bowl?? I don't get it.



Go for it Jenny!

Feed froggie the bug Jenny.

i have an apple, bananas, and grapes in the bowl. what am i missing?

Must not be my day... Where's the bowl for the fruit?

pineapple hiding below frog. Looks like grass Unknown.
Thanks Austen.

The pineapple is in the frog scene Unknown (you can only see the leaves).

You get the bowl from placing the second heart DW (Find it with the colours in room 4).

Where is the knife and the duck head used? Still no hint for fruit puzzle.

Knife is used in room 1 at the right end of the couch.

Have you done the 4 colour puzzle on the outside of house 4 Jenny?

Thanks, Austen. By room 4, you mean the outside of the house in the far right scene? Or inside that house? Either way, I see no color clue. (I'm normally better at these, I promise!)

Yes did the colour puzzle on house four. used knife now and put ball in vases for blue egg.
still stuck with duck head and colour clue paper.

DW the 3 colours inside the 4th (far right) house are from the 3 flowers in frog scene.

DW it is the three colours inside house 4 (flowers are the hint).

How does fruit slider puzzle work. what is duck head for??

OK Jenny those letters don't only stand for colours.
They give the positions for the fruit (and flower) puzzle.

The quackers go either side of house 1 (outside).

DUH! thanks again Austen.

OK, so I did the color code in house 4 but used the heart on the left side door. Guess I need the other heart...

Wow, I could not see any spot for those duck heads at all. Just dragged it around til it stuck.

OUT FINALLY! Thanks for putting up with me Austen and being so helpful!

DW the other heart comes from the 4# puzzle in house 2.
(Back to the book and the grid for the numbers!)

Any time Jenny.
Glad to see you made it.

Loved the camaraderie here!! This is how the hints and clues used to be!! Great job, each and everyone for a great game tonight! Thank you Games4King!!

My thanks as well. I made it as well (in spite of feeling like the proverbial guy crawling across the desert in desperate need of water).
I'll have to make sure I post more help for other games when I'm on my game so I can pay it back (or forward).

Love it DW!
Best description for ages!

Nice game
Thanx Everyone for hints
Hi Sharon and Austen!
Hos SF

Tell you one week from today Joe!
Going with my native guide.
Join us for a nice bottle?

Wish I could Austen
Will be in England in December I think
Touch base closer to the day

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