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Sports Room Escape

Games4King - G4K Sports Room Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Games 4 King. Assume that everybody in your school; used to playing after the school session. As you have been intensely practicing for the forth coming sports day in your school; you forgot to track your allotted sport training timing. So the sport trainer locked the sports room without noticing that you are still practicing in sports room. So use you skills to collect the necessary items to escape from the sports room. Good luck and have fun!

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See what trouble I can get into here LOL

Stuck with coin, magnet on stick and blue gem. put pink balls in cups. No idea how to work the sliding numbers puzzle. or what to do with pot on top

Found key under door

Thanks laila! For chess move the queen

Key and numbers top of books

What did I win from chess game ?

Books on shelf for words

Oh A key from winning chess game!

I'm about to throw one of those pots...Where is the stick please?

Probably black gem, don't remember exactly bandy!

Stick was right of colored books

The key from chess game used on pink box first room.

Stick beside the books

Thanks bandy. I think I will restart...

Round dart for color code, coin beside bue

Tricky SD underneath books in second room

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I am coming in

Well I must go, Leave me some bread crumbs Dazz.

T is my middle name bandy haha

Sneaky sd under books

How did you get a screwdriver from under books in second room.
Dazz can you tell how to put the 4#'s in the box in first room?
I have tried every order I can think of.

I am stuck with a key(can't use it) 2 star coins and jug and a train as well as a grey medallion .

Still working on it jenny!

Jenny one key went to pink box on top of shelf in first room.

It does not look like a key hole but it works

black gem behind dart board

7537 is for the number slider puzzle. 75 top left 37 bottom right

Thanks for the key help Bandy!

Sd for bue

well lining these numbers up are a bugger !!

Got the #'s table. Thanks Laila

Anytime Now I must go LOL Have fun.

well my my game crashed :( Looks like I start over. boo! lol good luck guys :)

Please someone tell me how to get a screwdriver???

thank you Laila

You can arrange the numbers in first room

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Jenny the screwdriver is hidden in a panel under your books in second room, click twice

jenny, zoom 2 times on books and you can open the board...

Thanks Dazz, got the screwdriver but where Do I use it on BUE?

Thanks for the screwdriver hint Dazz. Pretty flowers :)

NVM I just used a screwdriver to dig holes in the grass ??
I am stuck with red jug, truck and games4king paper hint.

Jenny, make a hole in each of the three grassy areas and then water them.

Have you filled your jug from the tap?

Coins for piggy

I am still stuck in the first room I saw 7537 but I cant get it to line up correctly what am I doing wrong please and thank you

jenny, fill the jug using the "games4king" clue...you actually fill and use the jug twice!

sexydexy, line up 75 on upper line left and line up 37 lower line right...you have to see the clue for it to work, i think.

Follow the dart for gems dudes

What dart???

Thanks for the help with the jug. watered grew flowers did levers from them.
I put the candle on the wall stand beside the dart board thing. and stuck again.

In case you don'thave the games4king paper, click under the chess

Dart board on the wall in the second room

jenny, i think she means dartboard...follow the colors big to small.

where is the clue at cate?

ahha got key now moving on

Did you get lighter jenny?

sexydexy, i'm out, and i'm lame, i can't remember which room, but i think it's in the second room...there are two row of numbers with most of them scratched out...75 is clear on top and 37 is clear on bottom...then, you simply rotate the codex thing to show it accordingly...will play again...

I think lighter came from the box of color code folks! Follow the dart board!

Missing one medallion. have truck, white jug, red cup and candle in holder.

Yes, got the lighter and finally opened the # box.
Is there a clue for order of the coloured balls in goblets?

jenny, do you mean the gold coin things?...one was under pink box in first room and one was in second room, left panel beside "bue" puzzle.

yes, have you placed the 4 items on grid on wall?

No on the box under the#'s in second room. I have placed three medallions and still missing one.

I can't place anything on the grid wall. I have been trying for ages. Is there a trick to it?

dexy, if you are still here, the codex number code came from entering the 5 digit code found on books in second room up high.

jenny, have you gotten the clue paper for the 4 items on a graph line?

No clue paper where is that?

I m catching up now thanks all appreciate it

Moving the letters of bue was a pain!!

for bus letters I just clicked on them in order spelling the word beauty.

sorry bue letters. stupid auto correct.

Jen, what puzxle you didn't do?

This comment has been removed by the author.

I need a hint for order of the coloured balls in the goblets and apparently I am missing a grid paper?

Izzy don't move them just click them to spell beauty.

Placing the items on the grid gave clue for balls

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where are candle, clay jar and mug? and where to fill the jar?

I can't place the items on the grid. I can't find the hint paper?
Do you remember where you got it Dazz?

jenny, in second room, you need to place the gems in order of dartboard colors...you will get the grid code.

The grid came from arranging the gems in their places in second room

Hotz if you mean red jug, put it on the floor between BUE and #'s table. then use B/R hint from games 4 king paper hint.

I only have 3 gems. Can't find the fourth. I have red, yellow and gray.

thanks jenny, never realized this should be a water tap...

hotzenplotz, the clay jar and mug came from underneath the goblets in room one.

you need to fill the pitcher with water using the clue from "games4king" on faucet...disregard the pink letters.

jenny, blue is under pink vase on right in first room.

that what I wanna know hotz

You need the clue to move the tap hotz!

Thanks Cate, that was the thing I needed to finish.

you're welcome, jenny.

I have water I am missing the screwdriver now geez louise
always something with me LOL

Sexy, see my comment 11:45 am

dexy, the sd is in secret panel below the high books in second room.

I assure you i didn't steal it!))

got the screwdriver dug some holes watered them and grew some flowers yayy

for a minute I thought u did tho dazz sorry LOL

dexy, don't forget you'll need to refill pitcher for other puzzle.

took me ages to realize I should FILL THE JUG AGAIN!!!!!

what do I do with them pretty flowers also it let me fill that red jug again do I need to water something else?

Sorry hotz!!! I drank the first water:))))

flower give hint for levers under cups (2 heights)

oh pour into pot how do spell beauty with only 3 letters geeshhh

Sexy, those flowers for the 6 levers up, down

I changed the first letter, then third, then first, then middle, then went randomly

thanks for your hints! never had so much issues with a G4K-game...

got it and spelled beauty too need mug

This comment has been removed by the author.

Sorry!! Im having tea with it)))

YES I am out thanks to you all for your patience and understanding that some days I just don't get it LOL

LOL dazz catch u all later :)

This comment has been removed by the author.

Hi everyone. I found the red mug. Enter the 8329 onto the top of the round container ,on shelf in first room. Inside is the mug.

Oh and Dazz please bring me an extra large coffee tomorrow u owe me LOL

I don't play chess so am still trying to figure out where to move the queen! lol

click on white queen and drag it in direction top right corner

and thanks all for Sd

I finally won the chess game but can't find paper hint for filling water jug. What do you mean "look under chess"?? There is no paper under the chess game. And what's the hint for the 4 numbers on top of brown thing on left side of 1st room.

PLEASE leave more clues where to find things for those of us who can't play live!

Also have a key and 1 keyhole in second room which doesn't work. Where do I use it?

Someone said 8329 are the numbers to put in, but in what order? I've tried across, down and around.

Thanks G4K clever puzzles! Really nice job! ThxACxo

lilrascal use a key on the pink box in the first room

The water jug filling hint is the Games4king paper.
Just use the blue and res letters.

Lilrascal the 4 number hint comes from lighting a candle (found later) on the black shelf on the right side of the second room.

Thanks for the great clues! :) That "beauty" really threw me

Thanks for the clues everyone. Wouldn't have finished without you!

Oh jeez, that codex under the hotplate.
like this:

Oh jeez, that codex under the hotplate.
like this:

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