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February 25, 2016

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Heritage Fort Qila Mubarak Escape Walkthrough

Heritage Fort Qila Mubarak Escape

Games2Rule - Heritage Fort Qila Mubarak Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Games 2 Rule. In this game, you came to visit Heritage Fort Qila Mubarak. But unfortunately you are trapped inside the Heritage Fort Qila Mubarak No one is there to help you. You have to escape from there by finding useful objects, hints and solving puzzle. Click on the objects to interact with them and solve simple puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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Hope someone joins soon. I always need help.

No arrow on left of start screen. Just the hotspot.

4 doors at start. There's also a hotspot in one of the panels between doors.

use gem on outline left in left room

use stick with red tip in middle room on circles

stuck with a pitch fork thing, a bee, gold axe and statue head. placed gem on panel in left side rear gave one suit or armour a sword. cut box open with knife. place 2 symbols right side room.

go to second left room for a number

One sword in a secret panel. Need the other one for the other soldier.

found sword in hidden panel in room at right rear.

Looks like we're all at the same point.

where do we use the 4 digit #?

use 2 swords on knights for a key..

Pitchfork for carpet front left.

2nd key gets you to where the statue head goes.

lit torch on fire and use it 2x in same scene...

stuck with: knife, statue, torch, club 2 coins and a for-number code with nowhere to use

This is a lot bigger than I thought it would be.

I played through this twice and the game locked after I got the key for the door by the spinning fan. So close! yet so far.

But if anyone needs help I made it pretty far.

This is a big game. I am missing 2 lizards. have used 2 4# codes. still have golden axe and need a lot of hints.
No idea what to to with 3 gold coins either. Is there a hint or the crossword puzzle anywhere?

How to stop that annoying spinning fan!?!

placed all the statue heads. stuck with some symbols now and a hammer too.

stone goes on trebuchet for another lizard.

beware...just collected all of the lizards, tried to use the key that you collect and it froze!

it blows to be so close to the end and not be able to finish.

jenny, at some point you'll collect a stick...put that in the fan and it will stop so that you can collect a paper.

I stuck with some unused tools: golden axe, hammer, 3 coins, yellow jar(?). and I have seen the clue for yellow circles above door in scene with clocks, but I don't know how..

Where does the blank fan go?

lurker smurf, wash it...

lurker smurf, dip the plain fan in the pot of water to the left of where you put the fans.

That makes sense. Thanks. One lizard to go.

Is there a clue for the crossword? If not, this is going to take forever.

hotz, the yellow jar is poured into the two vases placed on either side of the jar.

the golden axe is used to cut into column to the right in newer scene and i think you get a stick.

the hammer breaks an amber jar on floor.

you will need 4 coins total for the back wall where you used the golden axe and hammered jar.

the 3 golden circles come in the latter part of the game, one from adding golden liquid to vase.

lurker smurf, yes! there is a clue on a sheet of paper that i think you get from the fan...can't really remember...gonna start over.

I missed a scene: left of crosswords!!

Looking for stick mentioned above now.
still have hammer yellow jar 2 plain brown jars and golden axe. used 4 golden coins under colour hint for spot above fans. (last one is in the helmet on the floor in that room)

The jars go on those two pedestals on either side of the door. Pour the oil in them.

I have the split coin from that and the one from the column. Need the 3rd.

jenny, go back to the ornate scene with door(closest right of opening scene), place jars on either side on to antler tables...fill will golden liquid.

Thanks Cate!

I am missing the 3rd coin too.

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My third coin came from using axe on pillar.

My game froze as soon as I picked up the key from the lizards.
Really annoying.

It was a good game til then and great hints and helps left here. Thanks everyone!

my game freezed too, but I think, I got the exit key from lizards. so I would say: I am out :)

Hard to give this a good rating when you can't finish!

I still need one more gecko for the wall...

Oh, well. Looks like I'm one disc from the last lizard, to get the stick, to get the key, to freeze the game. I have to go do other things today.

lurker, the stick is on the ground to the right in the scene with the coins in back, amber thing on ground to left and column for golden axe on right.

OH shoot! I had the same problem with the game freezing! Darn it, I was doing so well too!

I can'f find the golden axe,

and I steel missing 2 lizzards, one statue and another golden circle.. anyone to help

I have the last key but the game has frozen for me too. I will consider myself out.

Cris:Lurker Smurf at 1:12 PM

found them... and freezing

I finished and now frozen too - good game otherwise

frozen with last key....

I really hate these games that have no logical progression. One has to try random objects all over the screen such as rubbing the gem on the wall panel. One should never "get stuck" in these games.

no freeze!

Great.... it froze up to boot. Perfect ending.

Games2Rule I enjoyed this game, shame the game froze after getting the key from placing lizards

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need 3rd coin and 2 lizards. When you all find things could you please say where? I'm glad you all found these thigs, but I need help finding them :) thank you!

did the walkthrough...put stone on catapult-looks like loose /broken wood things. From there I could finish to find the last 2 lizards :) got locked too.

HEY DEVELOPERS, ARE YOU READING ANY OF THESE COMMENTS???? Your game is faulty. It freezes for everyone after placing the lizards and getting the key. Are you going to fix it? It's a really good game, if we could actually finish it!

Game froze....


Still freezes.

still freezes!

still freezes!

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