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Wow Tinkerbell Fairy World Escape Walkthrough

Wow Tinkerbell Fairy World Escape

WowEscape - Wow Tinkerbell Fairy World Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Wow Escape. In this game you came to a fantasy world to see Tinkerbell Fairy. But unfortunately someone trapped Tinkerbell Fairy and locked inside a cage. No one is there to help her. You have to help Tinkerbell Fairy to escape from there by finding useful objects, hints and solving puzzle. Click on the objects to interact with them and solve simple puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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4# on flower left scene

Coin for totem

Firefly for tree far left

Daisy in front of portal

Honey stick under pad right scene, cube goes top of cubes

Hi Dazz Ley :)

Honeystick for honey comb, goes on large flower, firefly goes right

Hi yvonneee! Eyes for eyeball

Wand for portal

I played this earlier - but firefox wont let me comment. Heads up - when you get to the 4 digit clue from the candles - there is a mistake - one of the '4's is a 5 - I think the last one.

Torch from bonfire

Dazz Ley Lol nice to see you, playing catch up :)

Potion under rock far right in pond, second butterfly, clue from boat for buttons on tree

Coin goes to mask, for flower

Great to see you too yvonneee! Butterfliesfor moving circle

Pootion for bowl far right scene whereyouuse your cube

LNS thanks :)

Back gamma game is a pain.

Ok yvonneee your turn, can't find where to use log

Nice game :)

No mistake with the candles, LNS, you have to use the yellow dots and the last candle has 5 yellow dots.

No eating honey bandy please!! You will need it:)

LOL Dazz I was hungry! :P

Jackpot!!! Free fish with your log

well dang step out for a moment and dazz off and running again I cant keep up with u dazz

I think mr. Crocodile is hungry too bandy...

Dazz Ley ha ha not caught up with you yet :)

is there a trick with the backgammon? placed the pieces in order, but nothing happened.

hope u got that bot fixed

Hi sexy dexy!

I did use the yellow and when I played the last candle only had 4!!! maybe they fixed it!

You have to see the hint first, Cate (from using torch on spider).

cate - you have to see the clue first

u cant catch dazz Yvonne u should know that haha

Sorry cate, i took a piece:))

well dazz ley, give it back! lol i've seen the clue and walked away and come back again, but nothing is working.

and that's why u cant catch dazz she steals those pieces

@dazz lee, you thieving magpie you!...i'm starting over. keep your grubby little paws to yourself this time!

Sorry, i lost it:))

Zoom on the clue, you might have missed something

SexyDexy I don't mind being the tortoise :)

I am not even going in this one.... too much thieving going on haha

I had to follow back gamma clue in unzoomed to get it open. If you zoom in on clue a couple lines are off.

At least they did not blame me LOL

must be buggy as well not going in

I got something from it for harp

thanks dazz, i tried that...even switched and placed everything all over again...just started over and, of course, now i can't find the 3rd eyeball or 4th flower or second firefly.

yvonne, i think i'm the tortoise now.

I'll do the parrot escape

It is a bow for harp.

There is no bug sexy dexy, well, i hadn'thad one yet
And no worries i won'take anything, ill steal it!!!

Cate second firefly will come after using honey on big flower, daisy was far right scene

oh I am not in I am in parrot escape stealing everything in site so there

cate bet you're a faster tortoise than me lol

Ice for bonfire

okay, got it. perhaps i can catch up.

Snail above tinkerbell

Oh great mixing colors. That leaves me out. Bummer

Nice game thanks WOW

Torch for numbers in house

Your not mixing Bandy, just match them up on the puzzle

In the scene where you place the telescope, you can get to another scene if you click between the trees. Took me ages to find!

Bandy there is a leaf in front of your jigsaw

Snails are the L/R clue

Thanks Brett.

Bird gives you third snail

Arrows for snails

I'm still trying to get the back gammon right lol

Anyone use the cup of water?

Fill mug with water from crocodile, and use on red plant

yvone try clue unzoomed. I did a screen shot and would not work, then I just left clue in inventory and it worked?

Yvonne, i had to use snipping tool to view the clue and match it

Thanks Dazz that got me out.

If you cant find mug its under the jigsaw

yvonne, here is where i screwed up...after looking at the clue, i simply viewed it in the inventory to place the markers...but, the inventory view is not the same as the "click and look at it view"...two of the lineups are different...best to take a pic of the open view and use that to place the pieces.

I use Nimbus chrome ext. tool. fast and easy

is there something to be done with the little bee and frog in the tree? i'm still missing one garlic thingy and one snail.

cate thank you :) got my bow now

Did you check in far left scene on top of fairy? And did you see quinag's hint? Thereis a scene by clicking there

Hi bandytrc :) thanks

woo hoo yvonne! maybe now you can help me find a couple of things and give me the skinny on the red line route on sail of boat?

i've got those dazz ley, but i'm still missing one. is there a point to the red lined route on the sail of the boat and is there a point to the little bee and frog in tree?

Cate thats for the buttons on tree, i started from bottom right button of the middle square

cate you will be in bed by the time i'm finished lol

Red line clue is for dots in scene with portal

I say we'd all better get out of here before that crocodile gobbles us up!

thank you dazz and bandy...maybe that will get me back on track...forgot about that puzzle.

yvonne, don't count on it!

no worries dazz ley, apparently yvonne and i will be left for bait.

Nice game. I had a problem with the backgammon clue because when you zoom in on the clue it is slightly different than what it is when it is in the inventory.

yes. i'm out...thank you for the nudge on the sail clue...that got me over the hump.

enjoyable game. sneaky though, with the two different backgammon images.

Yvonne?! Yvonne?!! Did the crocodile get you?)))

dazz ley, let's hope he hasn't gobbled her up!

Dazz Ley I can move when I want to, out ran that croc LOL out now thanks :)

WowEscape thank you,enjoyed this fantasy game

I wish I could get to these games when people do so I could ask questions.
I can not figure out that red line/dot puzzle at all.

Jenny the red line is a clue for a puzzle with white "buttons" you can click to draw a line like that.
I didn't use the telescope nor the snails and i am out. The game has a bug. I got out after placing the bulbs I had (that weren't all).

I agree with you Jenny, and am frustrated because all these comments and I don't know where to use the potion, and don't know what "Pootion for bowl far right scene where you use your cube" means.

This site has become like a race to see who can finish the quickest while leaving the most cryptic clues. Used to be so much more helpful.

Leaving posts like "arrow for snails" or "ice for bonfire" don't help!

Agree with lilrascal. someone used to be kind enough to post a comprehensive clues towards the end of the thread. No one cares about your "I'm out" comments.

Sorry lilascral! That was a spelling mistake, i meant potion goes in far right scene where you have placed cube on top of the others

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