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4 Doors Escape 3 Walkthrough

4 Doors Escape 3

Daba - 4 Doors Escape 3 is another Japanese point and click type room escape game developed by Daba. In this game, you try to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles. There are two possible endings. Good luck and have fun!

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Ok! First things first:
Place the red door and open it. See how many times each part of the body do something and WHAT they do:
Eye - Blinks 4 times
Lips - Opens 5 times
Arm - Hits 3 times
Leg - Steps 5 times

Also, note the markings behind the door (gives the order).
Now to the puzzle: Kanjis in order of action to the left and numbers after following lines to the right.
Here's what each kanji means:
開 - open
叩 - hit
走 - run
瞬 - blink
投 - throw
踏 - step

Check behind the thingy that was holding the blue door for a remote controller for the camera.
Marking on the floor (notice "line") + camera give the code. (Change poses by opening the blue door)

Don't go out after opening the green door. Turn around and see hint.
Open the yellow door and check to the right of the device. Flip switch.
Match the "5" as you see it when you look up.
About item on rocket and match the code to the symbols you saw on the green door.
Now you can escape.

Phew! That was a tricky one.

Nini when you post, you rock! Thanks, im so stupid at these

Dazz, you are so very NOT stupid. If this was in English, we'd have rocked it easy! (Well, sort of easily.) Nini saves the day!

not understanding line drawings for blue door. Have 6 photos.

Blue door ,upper S3 , L5.The bottom row of V1 ,T6

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