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5 Doors Escape Walkthrough

5 Doors Escape

FirstEscapeGames - 5 Doors Escape is another point and click escape game developed by First Escape Games. In this escape game, you will have to escape through five doors. In each level, you will have to collect objects and interact with them in order to escape through the door. Good luck and have fun!

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Number on left side window in first "room".

Not sure where to use scroll clue. Can't figure how to apply it to 3x3 grid.

same here, maryd!

It must go there, as there's no where else to click.

I'm giving up. I'm sure one of the brainier folks will figure it out, but I can find something better to play for now.

GOT IT! Hint: what letter comes next?

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2nd room sneaky key upper left above purple and blue symbols.

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cate, i just looked at the scroll. A B C D E F G _
there was a blank grid.

Ship's wheel goes on pipe where purple button was.

scroll on bottom of keypad. I've figured out the 4 #'s, but not the order.

for the first room, you want the final product on grid to look like an "H". spoiler below...

if grid is normal 9 count, click 1534679.

the 4 number code is found by combining scroll clue with clue in bottom right of screen. plug into keypad.


Thanks Cate - good work!

for final code in 3. level: you have 2 buttons on door

Dark panels on garage doors are clickable - give purple or orange flashes. Not sure how to use yet

Shoot! i accidentally closed out game.

hey zuleika, make the shapes of drawings on scroll in the appropriate color on door. the orange on door represents red in drawing(second figure).

Tvm Cate - u r a star today : )

Left door worked fine (for pink and red) but right door doing nothing - no green panels there either, just purple,

you are so welcome zuleika...i've gotten lucky today.

so do the purple design first.;)

POP - suddenly the purple is working RHS. Green flashes showing now but can't make shape 'stick'

got it - seems yo have to come out of 'room' and go back in for each colour.

FirstEscapeGames for this wonderful game!!!!!

mary and cate thank you very much for your hints!!

Don't know what I did, but there are 3 orange squares on door now (level 2).

And now purple ones. when i click them, they flash green.

Thanks Zuleika! got the last 2 buttons.

On to level 4...

I (somehow) did the orange squares, THEN purple...? After Zuleika's hint, got the rest.


Level 3: Hands and blue and purple buttons...

zuleika, it's your turn to be the star and help me out of room 3...i see the a-f, and i have both buttons, but apparently, i'm not pushing them correctly...can you give a girl a nudge?

Cannot get the grid right. Have tried two ways, so far, of combines the separate clues. some arrows keep 'sticking' on grid

Likewise cate. Have 2/3 hearts.

Hi cate. Look at the clue in the book. you have to push the 2 door buttons in the 'morse code' order from A to F

mary, the heart are as follows, behind the potted plant, behind the white roses, and, i believe the third one was in doing the letters under bench correctly.

zuleika, i've done that until my little digits ache. a, b, c, d, e, f but no go.

Oh and re the 'morse code' - the ball is the dot and the 'PUSH' bar is the dash. But you probably knew that , lol

yes, i figured as much, but no go. do you do something between each letter?

@ cate. Really? It worked okay for me. I just went through all the letters tapping out the code without a break between an of them. Maybe you need to come out of the room and go back in again?

*any of them

for pete's sake...followed you lead and left the room and came back and tried it. it worked. ;P

thank you, zuleika. who's the star now?

Where is clue for under-bench letters? I must be missing something.

mary, the bench letter/number clue is in book.

Hey mary - look in the book and match each number with the letter nearest. Click on the numbers under bench until you come to each letter.

I can't figure out the K62MZ8 clue for the 2-8-6 buttons. Help!

And I'm gonna have to go now, ladies. My other half is not happy that I'm still on the pc playing a 'silly game'....
Farewell and I hope someone works out the nasty grid. xx

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Oops - just b4 I go. Mary - it's 8 = Z, 2 = M, 6 = K

Thanks (Kicking self :) )

goodbye zulieka...thank you so for your help...the grid was minor...tell your better half that we are the better for your efforts in this "silly game".

whoops. thought you meant the color grid in room 5 zuleika...room 4 was a pain.

....book....? yep i missed something. don't have a book.

i'm out now mary, but i think if you click on the bottom panel of the door?

Nope. have to go make dinner now. GL to any one left, and thanks for the help all.

mary, you get the book from doing the purple/blue buttons. you also get a heart.

the three hearts will then get you the ball so that you can do the morse code on door.

Arrows in direction of dots not working for me in room 4.

Is it just me or is a stupid clue for the grid?

You got to have much patience to enter in the twisted mind of the game developer. Red X. Free Willie! F... Off!

You have to do the arrows in the grid in the same order as they appear numerically in the 1-12 table on the tree - the table that you reversed to get the dot positions.

If you don't remember, the numbers were (top to bottom):


So, you start with 1 and basically loop around clockwise. BTW, when I did it the arrows automatically stopped when they reached the correct position.

You may have to back out and then go back in first to get this to work.

Mac Carter

I think I overthought every puzzle.

Can someone please help me with the purple/blue hands - dots ? I've tried everything, and looked at the w/t but it goes too fast (room 3 I think it is - Red walls with the A-F on the door)

dozi, you click 1 through 7 according to the finger count...i believe it was ppbpbbp.

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You can see that the hands represent numbers. The light blue hands are 1,2,4,7 and the dark blue ones are 3,5,6.

First you have to free the red heart. You do this by clicking on hands 1 through 5, then the heart automatically pops out.

Then do the L-R puzzle, with left being light blue and right being dark blue. You get LLRLRRL.

For 268 pick the letter closest to the number on the clue sheet. If it weren't for the pixel hunts I would rate it 5 stars. Very clever puzzles. BRAVO!

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Bull. People have looked at Hint and are saying anything here. The H clue doesn't come from what is said. I checked the Hint. Poor clues and game.

This comment has been removed by the author.

I understood the hands clue better after reading your comment, Mac Carter, so thank you. What I hadn't realised is that some of the hands are to be counted in PAIRS, to make the numbers 6 and 7 - the ones on the far right of each colour. NOW I understand, and I don't think the game made that clear at all - a bit like the H clue.

That's not the morse code I've seen.

Thanks for the comments here, in what was mostly an illogical game. Only the fifth room made any sense without help.

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