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Abandoned Ancient Hospital Escape Walkthrough

Abandoned Ancient Hospital Escape

GamesBold - Abandoned Ancient Hospital Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Games Bold. As a greatest doctor in town, you have always been in the best hospital to treat patients, but now all be changed when you are invited by a strange old man to an abandoned ancient hospital. Rumours tells many patients were killed by a mad doctor there, curious with that story, you enter the building and got stuck, now you have to find a way out of the hospital. Good luck and have fun!

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Can't spot a key in Room 4. I have many tools but none are doing the job, yet.

not come on, am in room 1 still can not find a key and can scoop screwdriver etc. use nirgens

hab screwdriver, venal, shovel, drill, ne disc, clock, vase, sword, and wrench

room 1: key on floor a bit left between white junk

room 2: key under wheelchair

room 3: SD for round metal

danke raum 1 gefunden

room 4 found anything yet

room 4: key is under junk on the left uunder brown wood

room 5: use flashlight in dark room

room 6: use hammer on stone

use your chisel on the key

use drill in room 6 on the left wall

4 parts I still need, 1 part I son oval part and 2 swords and an oval part in space 7 missing

2 swords hidden in op lamp, thus still Felen oval part, where to put it and still seek ovles lamp part

Cant play these games wont load

Frankly, these Games Bold products are easily the worst games on this site. They consist of mindless collection of objects, ludicrous pixel hunts, and hopeless attempts to solve the problems created by someone with no sense of logic or perspective.

I hear ya sister!

It don't help either, when
someone says "use this on
that", without saying where
"this" was found!

sorry kev! I took it and forgot to return it back!!

what a bugged up joke of a game

Has anyone found where to use the drill or the shovel?

NVM about the drill, just saw Dazz Ley's comment. But still wondering about the shovel.

NVM about the drill, just saw Dazz Ley's comment. But still wondering about the shovel.

had to leave unknown, but replaying
shovel was used in scene 3 to get a vase buried underground

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These games suck!!!!!!!!!!!!

These games suck!!!!!!!!!!!!

Тhanks to all the kind people who help tips

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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