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Abandoned Factory Escape 4 Walkthrough

Abandoned Factory Escape 4

FirstEscapeGames - Abandoned Factory Escape 4 is another point and click escape game developed by First Escape Games. You are locked inside an abandoned factory and you are all alone in it. You can escape from it if you give a try. Just solve the puzzles by interacting with objects and you can also use the clues to escape from the abandoned factory. Good luck and have fun!

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Golly what a mess!
First scene: shovel, black ball , 5#, wall and stove

Scene 2: 2 bolts, tile 2,sd, wall, dirt(as if the place is clean!)

I'm quite a bit farther along from another site, yet thoroughly stuck. There's a clue that I'm not sure works. Hoping to get you caught up quickly.

There are a lot of very small hotspots. Especially check the floors.

And let me know if you find a lighter.

Scene 3: blue candle, water, mattress, bulb, wall
Sure there are lots of hot spots

Scene 4: word clue , barrel,brush or something

Trying my best, this game can get people pissed off if they can't find things

Ooh, thread in vent to bottom-right of stars. Let's see if I can make progress now.

Scene 5: cyan and green candles ,yarn, round brush

Yes, thread and magnet will get you saw blade once you put together the ladder. Moving on...

Ok, and that was what was wrong with the TUV clue. I had to cut the panels into the letters.

Scene 6: wood, handle,bucket,purple candle,

I used black thing on wood then a brush

This is where candles go

Shvel goes on floor last scene, get cutter

use sponge on wet spot and wring into bucket.

A little help and tell where magnet is?

Now stuck with just the brush and the candles in the tray. There's a spot on the wall in the first room, whatever is under the tarp, and two wall combos to do.

Grr, I don't remember, Dazz. Maybe in the barrel in the doorway? You need the hatchet to break it open.

Sd goes last scene, get third tile

Nvm, magnet was under dirt use broon you get from word code

I have to step away for about 10 minutes. I'll check on you in a bit.

Use round brush on ceiling first scene

This gives clue for four roman numras, then for 3 roman numerals, get hammer

Magnet used in first scene

I'm back. Yay, you figured out the brush for me!

Magnet gives clue for symbols to get axe

D'oh, I thought that ceiling hotspot was for the link to the other game.

Hatchet( haemmer) used in first scene for knife

Finally, the lighter! And out. Thanks Dazz.

Lighter from using knife on bag

Axe for barrel

Bucket full used on pillar

Where's the wet spot. Can't find ladder rung.

Rest as you explained, thanks

Hope we left enough help here

There is a dirty water in scene 3

The clue from magnet is too fast for me to see.
Can someone spoil it?

Well I still have no idea what symbols the magnet was showing but I bf'd it.
Out but did not like this one too much. It was silly not placing stars til you do letters. and why did 1 tile come up alone and the other 2 separately. Took a while to figure out how to use them. Kind of annoying so no stars from me.

I liked this but I don't know if I would have made it out without help!

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This was one of the more difficult (and somewhat frustrating) escape games I've played in a while. Not labeling the items as to what they are made it almost impossible to figure out how to use them or combine them. I was only able to slog through it through trial and error on a lot of the puzzles. And some of the hotspots are unnecessarily small (where to use the pickaxe was especially hard to find); these games should be less of a pixelhunt. I did finish eventually... 30+ minutes!


That game just pissed me off. It was no fun at all.

The roman numerals I got are II VI X - but they aren't working on the 3 roman numeral digits ??

Oh I got it Forgot about the other puzzle - Annoying game

I knew you're not gonna like it guys

For the sake of posterity, here is a complete walkthrough for those that might get stuck. SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!

Scene 1
- Get the “black ball” out of the hole in the wall on the left.
- Get the 1st piece of wood on the ground at the bottom.
- Get the shovel on the ground in the middle of the screen.
- Hotspot at black desk on the ground at the upper-left corner.
- Hotspot at back wall to the left of the numbers.
- Hotspot at back wall for 5-number puzzle.
- Hotspot at left of 1st beam at top of screen.

Scene 2
- Get screwdriver under the stairs.
- Get the 2nd piece of wood on the ground at the bottom right.
- Hotspot at the middle of the floor between trench and columns. Get two screws.
- Hotspot at middle of the center column.
- Hotspot at pile of leaves on floor.
- Hotspot at back wall for 7-letter puzzle.

Scene 3
- Get dark blue candle to the right of the base of far-right column.
- Hotspot at puddle at the bottom.
- Hotspot at the green-tarped area at the middle of the screen.
- Hotspot at right doorway at back wall with red and black wires hanging from switch.
- Hotspot at middle of far-right column

Scene 4
- Get brown rubber stamp with star on bottom on ground at bottom left.
- Hotspot at 4-Roman Numeral puzzle.
- Hotspot at barrel at left side of opening in back wall.
- Hotspot at right side of the opening at the back wall. Sign reads “FACTORY”.

Scene 5
- Get brush from the ground at the bottom right.
- Get the light blue candle in a hole on the back wall at the top left.
- Get the green candle in a hole in the wall at the top right.
- Hotspot at 5-Star puzzle at back wall.
- Hotspot at brown square just to the right and down from the 5-star puzzle. Take ball of twine.

Scene 6
- Get purple candle on ground at bottom left.
- Get saw handle on ground in middle of screen. It is light brown with two holes and a black bar through it. Trust me that it is indeed a saw handle.
- Get wooden trough from brick pit at far right of screen.
- Hotspot at far left of screen at base of the wall. Get blue bucket.
- Hotspot at back wall for 3-Roman Numeral puzzle
- Hotspot at back wall for 3 black shape puzzle.

Scene 7
- Get ladder from brick pit at bottom of screen.
- Get pink candle on ground at far right of screen.
- Hotspot at back wall (black square). Use screwdriver to remove screws. Get 3rd piece of wood.
- Hotspot at grey pile of rubber on the ground under the black square. Use shovel. Get pliers.
- Hotspot at green doors.
- Hotspot at back wall at ‘T U V’ letters.

Part 2...

Scene 1
- Use brush on beam to reveal Roman Numeral clue. (II, VI, X; note shape of red lines)

Scene 2
- Enter ‘FACTORY’ into 7-letter puzzle. Get broom.
- Use broom on pile of leaves. Get Magnet.

Scene 1
- Use magnet at black desk. Get clue to black shape puzzle in Scene 6. The clue moves fast so pay attention.

Scene 3
- Use pliers on black and red wires at switch near doorway. The light will turn on and illuminate the letters ‘T U V’.

Scene 4
- Input the shape and numbers to the Roman Numeral Puzzle to match shape of red lines. The 4 Roman Numerals must read II, V, I, X. Nothing will happen yet.

Scene 6
- Input Roman Numerals II, VI, and X into puzzle. Get pickaxe.
- For shape puzzle, click the left shape once and the middle shape 3 times (leave the far right shape alone). Get hatchet.

Scene 1
- Use pickaxe at back wall. Get knife.

Scene 3
- Use knife on green tarp. Get lighter.

Scene 4
- Use hatchet on barrel. Get sponge.

Scene 3
- Use sponge on puddle to soak water. Take wet sponge. Click on blue bucket in inventory. Use wet sponge to fill bucket with water. Get bucket of water.

Scene 2
- Use bucket of water on middle of center column. Reveal code 53917.

Scene 1
- Input code 53917. Get ladder rung. Click on ladder. Place ladder rung on ladder. Take complete ladder.

Scene 3
- Place ladder at far right column. Click Magnet in inventory. Use ball of twine. Take twine/magnet combo.
- Click on ladder you placed. Use twine/magnet combo to get saw blade. Take saw blade.
- Click saw blade handle in inventory. Use saw blade to make saw. Place 2 screws in holes and use screwdriver to complete saw. Take completed saw.
- Click boards. An empty space will appear. Place first board in space. Use saw to cut a letter ‘T’. Place second board. Use saw to cut a letter ‘U’. Place 3rd board. Use saw to cut letter ‘V’. Take completed letters.

Scene 7
- Place letters in T U V slots. Reveal color order for candles (Purple, Green, Light Blue, Pink, Dark Blue).
- Open wooden trough, place black ball in it to fill it up. Use star stamp to create a mold for making 5 stars. Take star mold.
- Open star mold and place candles in stars in reverse order (Dark Blue on left, Purple on right). Light candles. Take 5 colored stars.

Scene 5
- Place colored stars in 5-star puzzle. Take Key.

Scene 7
- Use key at green doors. Win.

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