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Abandoned Locked Prison Escape Walkthrough

Abandoned Locked Prison Escape

FirstEscapeGames - Abandoned Locked Prison Escape is another point and click escape game developed by First Escape Games. This an abandoned prison which is no longer in use. You been abducted and locked up in this prison. You are all alone in the prison and your captors have gone out with some business. It is the right time for you to escape from this abandoned prison. You must use the objects and things in the right way to escape from the prison. It also takes solving some puzzles to free yourself from the prison. Good luck and have fun!

Play Abandoned Locked Prison Escape

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paperclip right room left cell

sneaky key on bed when ya use ladder..

sneaky white coin upstairs above left door

sneaky clip upper right in upper room

who here to help me?

aha use magnet on stick where key was on bed..

Put coins in box for scroll & new key.

Hmm where to use binocs?

aha use binocs at slider clue..

window with the 3 sliders

the 3 slider clue is upside down

my final piece to the circular slider disappeared...i cant finish

yeah circle puzzle is buggy
I just lost 2 tokens..

Hmm now got 2 more tokens from jug??

and lost one again..

Scroll used for word clue and month slider.

Im trying to figure bullet clue LOL

Aha upside down look the 4 digits in bullet..

Stuck on Bullet and can't find last clip

dammit another token and that vanished..


OK another token from colour puzzle..

They're not missing--just "hiding" on the wheels.

Now I got all tokens set LOL

where is clue for spinny
I think missing tokens went under rings..

Weirdest spinny-wheel-puzzle ever. OUT.

Clue is heart panel in color box room.

Snap LOL

TY god I escaped LOL

Glad I caught this one live!

In the puzzle game three of the green circle down to the bottom of the lower circle. Then changed the blue circle to red and Vice versa and opened. Was released.

The rings should have been designed to highlight the whole ring when you clicked outside of a button. It was too difficult to navigate the way it was.

interesting game and nice ....thx for hints left behind ,without them i would still sleeping in prison ))

For the 3 sliders look at the clue sideways for the position to place them

I wasn't able to finish, placed all symbols for ring puzzle, one disappeared, so puzzle didn't work.

I can't finish the game because the last puzzle piece disappears...

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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