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Ajaz Edifice Escape Walkthrough

Ajaz Edifice Escape

AjazGames - Ajaz Edifice Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Ajaz Games. You and your friends go to ancient temple in India and unaware of the closing timing in the temple, you and your friends get locked inside the place, now you and your friends have to find way to escape, solve puzzles and clues to get a key to exit the temple.Good luck and have fun!

Play Ajaz Edifice Escape

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The yellow 10-sided peice is between 573 and the 9 places for the 8-sided peices, same color as wall....

Hidden in the left scene, in the shadow in the very middle of the screen is a 15 slider puzzle.

Thanks Tiquer, I was looking for that one.
I am missing 2 of the 8 sided pieces. Once you put the #'s in and place the correct shape you get grey balls for the holes in the floor.

Tricky: place 3 of the 4 balls in the floor and you get a clue. Very tricky.

And out.

Thanks for slider puzzle spot.
I have only 2 balls so far.

Did you find a hint for the pyramid type sliders?

Please say how you got the 3rd grey ball?

You never find the 4th ball for the floor in front of the door. Strange.

Pyramid hint comes from placing 3rd ball in floor.

I also need the 3 colour hint.

I realize that, but where IS the 3rd ball???

3 color hint comes from solving the pyramids

I believe all the balls come from number/shape puzzles. Which haven't you completed?

NVM, I finally found the last 8 sided piece for star to get 3rd grey ball.
Out now

Thanks for your help!

Don't know why such a low rating. Thought it was a great logical game!

3 stars is average. I think it fits perfectly. It woks, but has nothing special or anything to "solve".

This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.

If your eyes are sensitive to color, you can't find certain things. I finally had to look at the video walkthrough. Stupid game.

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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