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Alice House 2: No 08 Queen Alice Walkthrough

Alice House 2: No 08 Queen Alice

FunkyLand - Alice House Escape 2: No 08 Queen Alice is another Japanese point and click type room escape game created by Funky Land. In this game, you try to find the items and solving the puzzles in order to escape the room. Good luck and have fun!

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Alice House 2 No 08: Queen Alice Walkthrough 

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I like escape games on drugs LOL

Hi Leroy ! Note where the "days" stand. Water grid with FLOWER-flowers.

Hi ! watercan behind right window

It does have a little 60ish feel to it......

Note the position of the red and white queens for LR code.

hmm picture code not working?

sneaky LOL i got it now

take crown and don't forget the key (up cage)

use scepter to catch bell (up right door)

Crown goes on blue figures head, not the crown mark.....out, great game. Thx.

Not understanding any of the hints left here.
Stuck with sceptre, used watering can. No idea what to do with that hint. can't find anything else except the Tues/Thurs and the clues don't work there.

Jenny, the key is on the front puzzle where you get the blue crown. Also, look at placement of DAY and DAYS.

Leroy - very good one Lol

Games not loading for me.

Well came back to check for help and still nothing useful.

What front puzzle Rock? what blue crown. What does position of day and days mean?

Jenny - there are two pictures on the walls. The 1st one shows Tues days the 2nd says Thurs day. Now look at the puzzle on the pedestal in the front center of game. Click to get the symbols correct. But note on this puzzle it says Tues day and Thurs days so you have to mix and match the correct image

Jenny, match Tues with its symbol and Thurs with its symbol. Then match "day" and "days" the same way.

cloud, fish,pig,egg



till there I figured it out, but now stuck with blue math on left wall

never mind, did it.... out!!!!

math clue not making any sense to me at all

After R/L with Queens, take picture. Clue behind it says 1 + 18 etc. Now go to left side and click on numbers/signs in order. Start at lower right and work your way through

the two pictures on the walls
set the image in relation to the Tues, Thurs, days and day

Nice game and it took a while to understand the clues. My computer is slow and not responding very fast to my clicking so this game took a while . Thanks FunkyLand.

wow, this was not that easy. loved it.

Nice game
Not easy
Very subtle
Loved it
Thanx Rock!!

Not one of their best

Hardest part was Tuesday/Thursdays. Then out.

I was stumped when this game first came out. I came back a week later and breezed right through it. Great game.

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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