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Alphabet Story 2 Walkthrough

Alphabet Story 2

ArtKivez - Alphabet Story 2nd Edition is another point and click puzzle style escape game developed by Art Kivez. Did you know books have a life of their own? You have a special talent and can interact with them. The Queen's crown has gone missing. Bring back her crown by turning the pages to hunt for clues and solve puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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Click on camera to arrange books

green egg for dino

Frog ate the fly but?

Wood for ladder

hehe, for stamp: look the 4. shell on this page

ok, I stuck with wand and haven't solved any code yet...
except of palindrome for a wood

The wand goes on fir works but code was so fast i could not see it?

is anyone here for help please?

bandy, how? I clicked on every pixel of fireworks...

The wand makes sparks it is real picky to hit it just right and fire works shoot colors. I had to click like mad to get it to work.

firework: YBPRGO

I can't get it to work again to see code?

Zigzag is hint for sliders on door to pantry. Color code from fireworks is SyPbOpIrLgEoR

thanks bandy, finally I hit the pixel...

Need 1 more rung for ladder, crown for queen, password for web, 5 numbers for jack in the box, coin from piggy bank.

I am not digging this one too much have fun and good luck.

there are underlined letters in this book (7) anagram for password

Nice game. I really enjoyed that.

Let me know if anyone needs help.

I only saw 5 underlined letters, but it let me guess the password.

Thanks for the underlined letters. I didn't even notice them. Out now.

Puffin, thanks for slider clue!!

Well I thought that was a very fun game! Different. Thanks Art Kivez.

Anyone solve the impossible photograph puzzle?

I did it! Clue, the vertical part goes on the right.

Great game! Thanks Kim!

It's nice to play an escape game with a different approach like this one. Figuring out the puzzles was a challenge but not so difficult that it felt impossible at any time. I love logic based games like this.

Thanks SD and Everyone!

Really fun.TY

I really enjoyed that- just wish it was longer. Fantastically creative and inventive

It was enjoyable - pity the fireworks hotspot was a bit too tricky.

Had to leave and came back, this is one of the coolest games ever!! Please make more of these

I kept looking in the EYE for the palindrome. Took me ages to spot the kayak.

Love this, concept is very new, game is a real puzzle.

Hi, what to do with the phone? got the coin for it but don't know what else to do

POP got it

For the phone, pay attention to what the lips say and to the letters on the phone pad.

I liked this game a lot. The "hot spot" for the fireworks was just the fuse. The sparks needed to hit the fuse.

I didn't get the hint about the underlined letters at first. I thought I needed to look for a password between the U and W pages somehow.

And there were at least 3 palindromes on there (eye, race car, ...). I kept thinking there was something in the race car, as that's one of the more famous palindromes in English.

I can not get the sliders to match the zigzag pattern, and I definitely only see 5 underlined letters and can't figure out the password. :(

Beatnik Mary - Make sure you look at the very last page of the book for more underlined letters. (Dedication page)

spoilerletters : n n n o k u w spoiler

Enjoyed this but yes hard to find the hot spot for the fireworks

Very innovative - and a lot of fun. Finding the hot spot for the fireworks was definitely worth it!!

Zigzag pattern is the answer to the sliders

I really likes it, took my time and paced myself lol.

I liked it but kept forgetting where things were - thank you to all the hint-droppers! As for the fireworks - ignore the wand once you pick it up; just put your cursor on the fuse to light up the fireworks.

Interesting game. 4 stars.

Thanks to all for your hints.

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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