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Ambulance Level Crossing Escape Walkthrough

Ambulance Level Crossing Escape

5nGames - Ambulance Level Crossing Escape is another point and click escape game developed by 5n Games. An ambulance has been held up at a level crossing. The ambulance has to go to hospital as it is an emergency situation. Make the ambulance escape from level crossing place as soon as possible by making the train pass through. Hence, solve puzzles and interact with objects that the ambulance may reach the hospital. Good luck and have fun!

Play Ambulance Level Crossing Escape

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4 gems go to hydrant for solution to coloured triangle puzzle

I don't know why, but gems go on hydrant

This game is tricky...stuck with 2 flags and a rock...

Throw rock at truck passing by LOL

Cool! Thanks bandy!

Missing last screw and need one more flag?

guess I better catch up or I will get left behind again

This is one huge pixel hunt!

There is 1 screw behind yellow color beside blue chair.

Now what to do with these darn flags?

I don't know what to do with flags.

second scene on left side track

Thanks Magda that was it.

watch out for the train!
new scene at the most right, needs weight to lift the beam

That must have been the bullet train LOL

Thanks pinguin for flags. You have to open the box with letters for using "weight".

can someone tell me please what to do with these 2 boards? I have 2 flags places 1 the other wont go

ok nm placed the boards now what? every1 leave me again?

I'm gonna have a run at this one.

oh well good perhaps you can figure it out I am left with 1 flag haven't opened the chained box and I have no clue about 9 letter clue

I placed a red flag in 2nd scene fixed the tracks I only have orange flag in inventory

have no clue where this train is that peeps were talking about I appreciate bandys clue about the pixel hunt but that didn't really help me much hahah

there has to be something important that I am missing :(

can anyone see my text?? just wondering perhaps I really am invisible today :)

ok I finally got the orange flag right next to the red one practically now I have new seen with the word clue finally geezzzz like I said it isn't my day lol

Now I am finally out And I better just quit while I am ahead I appreciate you trying to help me in the other game that I got left in bear just sorry I had already closed it are you out of here?

There is a word clue that said train.

I am stuck with a flag and no place to put it.

yes I found that that was earlier it really was a pixel hunt but I did manage to get out of 1 game today thank you bear.... for not abandoning me do u need some help here? I can try to remember where I had found things

In the scene with the bus and the green car, there is a sneaky spot on the curb where a bolt is hidden.

both flags go in the 2nd scene almost right next to each other I placed the red then the orange

I have one flag and a red cloth but not sure where to put the flag.

I remember 1 screw was under one of the yellow tiles in 1 of the scenes kind of sneaky

u need to poles and 2 flags that will attach to them the poles are pretty much in sight I believe

I spelled ambulance on the case but I guess I need to see where the clue is first.

I think they were green
the poles I mean

yes the clue is in the last scene that opens up after you fix the tracks and place the flags

Sorry guys I was working on a project. were help needed?

I am bandy trying to help bear :) thank you anyway thought maybe I was invisible until bear came along

The train has to pass first by placing flags to see word hint.

No prob. just thinking too hard on my project LOL

Yep. I placed the flags, saw the hint. I have a key.

Bear you need 2 flags red and orange use them in second scene beside tracks. Then train goes by and you get a new scene.

I been thinking too hard of escaping and unfortunately it isn't my day except I made it out of this 1 and I will not play anymore today because frankly I am over it lol

Too save you some time take all the boxes LOL

yayy bear grab them boxes and put on the left of the train

Oh, I forgot about the locked chains.

* To

have a great weekend ya all.... I am outta here

Out. That was....... meh. Trying to find logical places to put things was not something that made sense in this game.

Looks like you got it, so back to work LOL

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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