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Antarctic Dolphin Escape Walkthrough

Antarctic Dolphin Escape

FirstEscapeGames - Antarctic Dolphin Escape is another point and click escape game developed by First Escape Games. An Antarctic dolphin has come out of water to get some fresh air but soon after the dolphin came out of water, the surface of the water has turned into rock solid ice. It is too hard for the dolphin to break open the icy surface and get into the water. Have pity on the dolphin and help it escape from the freezing cold. Good luck and have fun!

Play Antarctic Dolphin Escape

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Do stuff.

Scene 2, look under water and catch multiple fish.

Look underwater in scenes 2 and 5 for fish for last scene

Have screwdriver - don't know where to use yet.

For the clue in scene 5, count the sections, not the lines.

Scene 5 also has more fish to catch.

Poor dolphin - but wouldn't the salt water in those tears melted quite a bit of the ice...?

Yep - sections in geometric pictures give numbers for scene 1.

* I mean scene 2

Gotta run now - back later : )

got the paper clue, assume upside down numbers are the clue, but can't make any order work. 5279?

Jan try 5297

jan, it's the upside down numbers, but go in the direction of the arrow on side...so start at top and go down.

5297 isn't working for me?

ah 5297

tribble have you got the scroll with the clue?

Never mind, I was trying to set the 4 arrows clue to 5297 lol

easy after the 4#

Where is the paper/scroll?

Finally noticed the word in the "snow" in last scene and it helped to move on.

Not getting the "to find the name" clue?

orion me either I have clicked everywhere on every scene I don't get it. Unless it refers to the 4 letter word which I already did.


And can't figure out where to use the SD at either

use SD at the clock

Ugh that was easy lol

thank you Brett!

now I´m stuck with the 4 arrows...

Thanks everyone!

What clock?

This comment has been removed by the author.

you get a pocket watch from penguins

not clock ... compass

Only have 4 pengies. Can't seem to find the other 2.

uh,,sorry, yes, it is a compass not a watch, sorry

what puzzles do you have left?

ah hah... forgot about the animal paper clue. That was holdin' me up

you can click the nob on the compass and it change

After I did the animal paper, it was easy. Thanks for the hints.

Ugh stuck at arrows also. I figured out the compass changes but where should it stop at it resets if you exit out

with shovel you can free the dolphin :)

close it and open it and start clicking...remember the sequence

:-) I tried every combination except that one thank you!

I can't get the SD to do anything with the compass. perhaps I'll come back later.

There is a screw in the center of the compass, Lynn.
I don't know how to use (last) shovel on dolphin.


what is the seven letter word. I have the animal paper clue



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