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Banished Escape is another point and click escape riddle game created by Selfdefiant for Melting-Mindz. You have been banished to the deepest, darkest parts of nothing. Solve puzzles, many puzzles to work your way through each area and maybe you will escape! Escape with the fewest clicks to make your presence on the leader board! Good luck and have fun!

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Here we go!! Thanks SD !!

Live? Awesome!

Hi bandy, bottom of window is a key. It will automatically be used when you click the door.

Stuck in 4 can't find any more orbs?

Least amount of clicks?? I'm in SO much trouble!

Just watch your cursor bandy, my last one was top right window.

Thanks Emmes that was it!!

Suck in 7 now. I see 4 skulls and need 5 #'s ?

Yes! Thank You SD Hi all

Stuck at the time?

OPPSS one # was on wall LOL

Jenny I got 12:15 I think ?

Can anyone help with the clock. I don't understand this at all.

stuck at the piano

Stuck on 8. Anagram?

Thanks Bandy, I will try that but why??

SexyDexy, check the windows.

Jenny, did you see the clue at the bottom of the screen? ONly there when you scroll over it.

scratch that last comment

Same here Mrs. Mom ?

No anagram just use letter then click up.

Got it. Lots of references to "back" and "return"...

some1 spoil skulls please??

Letters I see are NIWIFI Those are the ones capitalized. Doesn't work.

Dexy Yellow 5 white 3 green 9 black 7 and BFed red LOL

Jenny enter those letters then click up stairs.

cant find green

Stuck in 10 see hint but it not working?

ty tho I am slow haha

Green is on a tile on the wall below where you enter the #'s

Who the heck is Pepe Leon?

Ok, clicked up the stairs and ended up in a room with an armchair that wants to know who I am waiting for?
I have no clue.

Click on fire place Jenny but that is no help for me LOL

Well I don't care for this game. There are no hints and you can't go back to see if you missed something.
Red X for me.

hmmmwho is pepe 425clicks this me stinks sd LOL I want the old ones back please

Pepe Leon is an anagram for a girl's name.

@bandytrc. Pepe Leon is anagram. Think of woman's name

any hint for sliders in level 9? I see red dots on tiles, but I can't get it right.

Out in 538 clicks.


AWWW Thanks Lisa!!


You got it Dexy!!

I need a hint for the sliders too, please...

Hotzenplotz, don't remember sliders...will replay

I cant get numbers

stuck in 11

Also, SD, I think there's a bug. I've tried to play it through thrice now because I kept clicking through to Area 10 by mistake and then couldn't go back to Area 9... I don't think it should allow me through to Area 10 without having my solved Area 9.

me too cant count

ok give it up bandy hook a girl up outta 11 ?

I think there's a bug, too. I see the dots on the wall, but when I click on a tube (?) lower left on the floor, a door appears and I'm on to level 10.

I like this a lot, but I'm also stuck on the sliders (Area 9, level 1)

LOL Dexy I am drawing a blank also!! :P

SexyDexy, use the grid on the right to get the numbers.

same place bandy and Sexy

The black squares are "spaces" between the numbers.

waiting patiently then don't wanna go over 535 clicks lol

Got through with Mrs. Mom's tip. Bug???

ohhhh thank you Mrs. Mom

Yeah, same thing I'm experiencing with Area 9, Mrs. Mom. Going to skip the sliders if I don't need anything from Area 9 to solve Area 10...

still nothing Mrs. Mom

YW SexyDexy.
Nope, you don't BlackFiresong.

yeah I stuck on letters? no obvious anagram?

well that didn't work for me either damn lol

@SexyDexy....how about a spoiler? Can't figure it out

Lisa Skokan, count the white squares, straight across, line by line. Those will be your numbers for the box.

NVM LOL I just clicked thru door.. L9 now..

This comment has been removed by the author.

Leroy, with the girl's picture? SexyDexy said it at 8:36.

I thought for sure the answer to "who am I waiting for?" was Godot. It was not.

u quit skipping rooms Leroy geeshhh

Nope for me...still stuck on 11

Liza Skokan:

Paper has 6 lines and need 7 #'s? 6 down and 9 across?

anagram is Penelope zoz

Stuck on 12. Those sorts of safes always confuse me, lol.

bandytrc, just start upper left and count white squares straight across, line by line.

I don't get it, but if it works who am to argue LOL

BlackFiresong, start with the left arrow first.

Omg! Thank you Mrs. Mom...I still couldn't figure it out looking at it


Bandy, don't start counting again from zero unless you hit a black square. Hope that makes sense.

Any help on 12?

Mrs Mom - it's the numbers themselves I'm stumped on. Do you need to somehow use V = 5 on the word hint? And if so, how?

BlackFiresong, the answer is a word for someone who keeps books...

Oh, my bad! I meant 13, Mrs. Mom. The one with the safe. I got 12.

BlackFiresong, sorry, you meant 13? Yes. V=5 in the alphabet, so W=6, X=7, etc. Use those numbers from the word hint on the lock.

I tried numbers from word SIX (2,18,7), but I tried the right way on locker first. Will try again with left way. And this is level 13 not 12, 12 was in the library

Ok, guys and gals. I fixed room 9. Thanks!

Thanks, SD!! I'll play through again. :-D

12 bookkeeper

I think most of us just went right through 9 LOL

I have all the numbers on 14, but struggling with the order. Nothing seems to work.

out with 705 clicks I know ridiculous but at least I am thank you sd for frying what brain cells had left lol just kidding :P

There is also a bug in last room, outside, you can click on door and go through..

BlackFiresong, there's a stack of jars with colored labels. That shows the order.

Never mind - I just temporarily forgot how to read Roman numerals. xD

Thanks, Mrs. Mom :)

@blackfiresong: you can see color order for 14 on left side on shelves, left to right, top to bottom

Out now!

I enjoyed that! Nice mixture of riddle and escape game. Thanks, SD! :)

Now that room 9 is working (the slider), I'm stuck!! LOL

I restarted and now I´m stuck with NIWIFI (Lev. 8)

Wow thank you Selfdefiant! Very cool concept! Still playing ....

black dusseldorf - "IF I WIN"

Black read it backwards

Nope. Using up all my clicks trying to get past the sliders. Tried top to bottom, bottom to top, backwards...HELP!

yippee! In 3rd place (for now, lol) with 540 points!
I really liked this game - something a bit different. Thanks @ SD!

thank you Mrs.Mom

WTG Zoz!! Did you do the sliders? Can you help?

Mrs mom sliders are from the top its 2 4 1 3 5 4 then click the door to next area

yvw black dusseldorf

Sharon Raymond, that's what I've been doing. It just tells me "That wasn't right."

@Mrs Mom: I only got 540 because I used the bugs to get through the sliders (level 9) and the last level (15?). I doubt that I would be under 600 if I tried again without bugs. For once I can say, "thanks, SD, for the bugs!"

Don't click enter after setting them just click to the next room

zoz - LOL You would if you did it again. Now you know the answers!

Lol Zoz maybe when I went through it was also a bug?

Sharon Raymond, nope. Won't let me. I need the key.

Oh shoot so sorry....Mrs Mom :(

I did it from the top (sliders) but the case will not open and the door is shut

black dusseldorf, yep, that's where I am. SD? Help?

I've tried the sliders from the top and from the bottom. Not working. I know I've got the right numbers, so....

I think I liked the bug better.

Still stuck on the sliders. Anyone?

Yes, still stuck on sliders!

please someone replay to help us!

This comment has been removed by the author.

Thank you for being an alpha tester...

No matter what I do with the sliders puzzle it won't open. Red X.

So, pretty much everyone is stuck on the slider box? I'm sure there's another bug. I know SD fixed the room before, because we were able to skip the sliders entirely. Now he's got us all trapped in there! LOL Revenge! ;-)

still stuck on sliders. Tried it going up and going down, and everything in between. Help please.

I won't red X yet, but SD! Please get us out!

and I tried it mirrored up and mirrored down..nogo

I did, too, black dusseldorf. Using hundreds of clicks in this room. LOL

Sliders: 241365 top to bottom

Dazz Ley, thank you!!! How did you come up with that???

I checked the lines before pressing the button

This comment has been removed by the author.

Thanks Dazz Ley

Got key! 647523 worked

Nope. Tried counting the first line as "1" and tried counting the second line as "1". Still nada

Now on Area #11

It's clearly 241354 from the dots on the tiles???

Maroonclown, count the first line as 1 from top to bottom

hallelujah! Thanks Dazz!!

Those that solved the sliders in Area 9 were using an early version that opened the door no matter the settings of the sliders. Everyone else appears stuck.

Yep, just played through again -- the dots are definitely 241354. Counted several times. But 241365 is what works.

box in Area #9


playing through again, and still got stuck on the sliders 'til Dazz came to the rescue! I still don't understand why the last two aren't 5, 4, which is what you get counting the tile squares from the top.

I'm not sure why people are having a hard time with the sliders. Are the stains too hard to see?

And out! 528 clicks 3rd place for the moment :D thank you Selfdefiant!! And you just had to have the wheel chair in the opening scene!! Loved it! ThxACxo

Ah, the clue was bugged. Last two should show 1 down from where they are. Thank you for being an alpha tester.

By the way, TAB key works to find hot spots. Saves clicks :)

They're not hard to see, SD, but the last two don't match the answer on the box.
Awesome game, though! I'd love to see more like this!!

For sliders count the number of tiles and see the position of the stains

Look from left to right, go from the bottom up.

Room 10 : anagram the name


Thanks for explaining room 11 mrs. Mom!


I just found a GREAT site! Go to Red Luth and at the bottom right click "Riddle Helper". You go to a site by Ellie and Edgar that even tells how to do bold and italics.

for level 9 wall shows 2 and 6 the same while solution has 6 down 1

Area #13

2 L
18 R
7 L

The sliders CLUE says 241354....... So how are we supposed to know that the answer is 241365?

I really don't see the sliders, Selfdefiant.

It's clearly 241354 and not 241365

see pic:


Don't understand what you mean with 'go from bottom up'

Mrs Mom, you were right (again): I finished the second time through with a score of 381, which puts me back in 3rd place. I'm happy with that!

I think you made a booboo SD with the sliders, lol.

Great game selfdefiant! Thanks!!

Thanks for your hints everyone!

Out with score 746, didnt see my position

I gave up on Area 8 Level 1. I entered the NIWIFI, which isn't right, then clicked to go up and need a key. Can't find that key. Sorry, SD, don't like this one very much.

Yes! I made a mistake and the last 2 numbers were off. Really sorry about that. I don't know how I got it wrong so many times.

Zoe, look at the the caption, Going Up. Look at the letters from bottom to top, or look at what you wrote backwards. :)

Thanks Dazz for the slider spoiler - yep I saw from the wall that the 2nd and last were the same position but that was not correct. Wasted a ton of clicks on that one

Good game though SD. I enjoyed the change and the riddles.

Oh, thanks SD. I thought the "going up" meant to look up the stairs...

Room 8: ifiwin

I'm with you Zoe - hundreds of clicks but I am stuck after entering NIWIFI and then clicking on the stairs - just get a door that says I need a key...

AmyElvis..you have to enter it backwards: IFIWIN. "Going Up" means read the letters from the bottom of the page to the top of the page, that's why it's "backwards".

I cant get the lock for some reason

Is there a winner for the "most clicks"? Haha I think Id take that one!

POP! Got it! Finally

Okay where is the clue for Area 11 - I'm stuck there now

BTW thanks for the help Zoe!

start upper left and count white squares straight across, line by line.

Ahhhhh thanks LetMeOut

Someone please write a walkthrough explaining the logic - I am giving up because clearly I'm too dense but I am very curious.

I really didn't like the slider puzzle. It didn't help that you used tiles to place the spots. The lowest was (I think) 5 away from the highest tile-spot, yet the slider puzzle had, what, 7 possible places for each slider? It made it load of guesswork to figure out where the "highest" and "lowest" point in the sliders were, as well as how far apart the spots were actually supposed to be.

I'm also not a fan of click-counters, and in a game where you can blow a ton of them trying to work out something that doesn't match up, it's frustrating.

I can't get beyond level 6 because the "Scrambled" picture isn't scrambled, it's complete. There's one tiny little hot spot that says It's too dark to see anything. Makes no sense. From the comments I've read I think I'll pass on this one. Disappointed because I was looking forward to an afternoon SD adventure!

I don't understand level 10. The fireplace could be a hint for Santa Claus ?

You need to light the fireplace with the matches - think they are the right side. Then you'll see something above the fireplace and anagram

Thank you Janet, I missed the matches.

Thank you also to SexyDexy for level 12, I would never have found the answer.

Anyone around? I have all the numbers for 14 and don't know where to place them.

nvm, same keypad where the blue 7 is. Duh.

554, and I lost a lot on the safe. Guess it's about average.

Stuck on #14 I have 3 shapes and VI, a blue 7 on the keypad, and a bunch of beakers with color labels and names.

Beakers are color order for the numbers on the keypad. Somewhere in the room you should see something like Yellow =3 (triangle) Green = 4 (square), Cyan on the numberpad is 7, Red = 5 (star)Can't remember what color the 6 (VI) was. Put them in order as per the beakers and enter the numbers.

Wow. SD is usually fairly reliable but this one was dodgy. Gave up at the lockers and cheated on the Waiting room - I never even got the Pepe Leon clue?

The matches in the Pepe room don't have a hotspot. Took me a long time to realize I could pick them up and use them on the fireplace. When you're counting clicks, you don't experiment.

Area #8, I clicked on the door accidentally and I got to area #9 without having entered the code!

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