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Barrels Warehouse Escape Walkthrough

Barrels Warehouse Escape

FirstEscapeGames - Barrels Warehouse Escape is another point and click escape game developed by First Escape Games. You have been locked up in a warehouse where lots of wooden barrels are stored up. You are all by yourself in this warehouse. You must do something to get out of the place. explore the warehouse and look for objects for solving puzzles and find the key to escape. Good luck and have fun!

Play Barrels Warehouse Escape

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Take away all the pink and blue balls for a key.

On the zig zag puzle click each ball until it lights up, for a bottle

Stuck with 3 bottles and 3 markers?

Don't know what 4 holes in floor is for?

AHHH there is more than one hole !!

Sneaky key in scene with camera on floor High above barrels.

4 bottles gets a key.

If you find a hot spot there maybe more than one place to click in it.

word and number on camera

Good grief you can barly read it LOL

Now missing one last gear?

Hi bandytrc, I know :)

Hi yvonne!

I bet those markers go on barrels in far right but need one more?

TY Yvonne for camera hint.
stuck with 3 bottles and 4 pens, and missing 1 key for box

Last gear comes from using scroll clue which you get from placing all pink pieces

Hotz one bottle was in start scene above barrels. and one in far right scene, left of barrels That help?

Then I missed one, I have that one :[

Well 4 markers don't go on barrels! LOL

Hi Hotzenplotz, did you see it with your eagle eyes ;)

2 # hint high in scene with camera on floor

thanks bandy, but I think I already have these bottle

Now use markers on scroll.

And out but I will wait to see if I can help Hotz.

I think, I have mole eyes today. I am missing 1 bottle, 1 key, 1 gear and 1 marker...

One key in scene 2 high above barrels right hand side.

@holtz,, the scene where there are 4 holes in the floor, there is a gear in the archway behind it.. did you get that one,, that was my last..

Hotzenplotz your comment made me smile :) did you get the red marker start scene?

thanks bandy and kerzman, I already have these

I have red, pink, green and blue marker

Just above 4 holes on floor is 3 more holes under stars # puzzle.

Use those last Hotz.

where can I use this 4 markers? I think, I tried every barrel

You will use that on scroll not barrels.

duh, my mole eyes haven't seen yvonne's comment about the zig zag balls.
thank you

Pixelhunt at his best. 2 stars

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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