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Butterfly Escape 56 Walkthrough

Butterfly Escape 56

SniffMouse - Butterfly Escape 56 is another point and click room escape game created by Angelika for Sniff Mouse. You were enjoying the evening when suddenly you found a present in the bed. You can open it, BUT first you will need to find 10 butterflies hidden in this room. Try to solve some puzzles that are around and catch all butterflies. Good luck and have fun!

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Nice surprise:)

Gonna steal Sharon's present.

I can't do anything so far except look at the back of all the pictures.

Whose matt?

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Im taking gianni! Love that kiddo:)))

Could anyone tell me how to get started???

hm, I can use the three buttons press, but still no hint
on pc I can try the first letter but which year?

butterfly on keyboard

I want the pictures to be the 3 buttons, but my combos arent working

Gotta go feed the grandkids, please leave me lots of good hints???

tried date and first name

colorful colors, follow the red buttons for 3

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Pay close attention to dates and Names on pics.

struggling with keyboard code.

Thanks kerstin!

got a number code (with the eraser) but the number puzzle in the drawers still isn't working, could be the password for the computer..
feeling stuck

Eraser for the eights

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Username: each initial of the names
Password: eraser hint

ignore the OA-->Z clue from computer.
and be careful with scissors. mine are stuck behind 3D glasses and I have to restart :(

NVM _ I was using the wrong letters for one of the codes

Game crashed, restarting

. . .and out! Around for a bit if anyone needs help. =)

The OA on the keyboard hint should be QA

Crashed again at the same moment, don'tknow whats going on

also crash, I'll do it tomorrow morning again

Need help at the start, but a great game, thx Angelika:)

at which place it was with you? I wanted to try the keyboard code

This was fun, Angelika, thank you for creating. I enjoyed the puzzles.
Couldn't find the candles at first : they are to the right of the computer.

Be careful when entering the letter code in the bottom drawer - when I went past my letter it crashed when I got to the letter 'E'

Crashed again, please fix the problem sniffmouse! Can't go on

Exactly where anonymous says, while entering word code

Nice game Angelika - thank you. Luckily I had no problems (using Firefox)

And yes, some clues could be for different puzzles. I used the pic-dates on the 3 square buttons as well like you brett, but no, it's the red on the wall.

If you go slow while clicking the letters & don't go past your letter you can move on w/o crashing

This comment has been removed by the author.

The OA on the keyboard hint should be QA

lol, verstanden, Kerstin, Hoffentlich wird es Morgen richtig gehen, wie Anonymouse sagt, vielleicht sehr langsam ...

Спасибо Angelika.
Yet another beautiful game.

Really nice game...figured keyboard thing out by focusing on the 2nd letter of clue and whatever was below/right of it...

Thanks anonymous!!

game crushed twice when i was entering the word code,
third time did it very slowly... finished the game.
happy birthday sharon

3d for picture top of pc

Lipstick on the mirror is familiar also...don't forget it's a mirror

Have 6 butterflies, now what? Steal the present?

My knife is stuck floating in the air.

Dazz, did you use the cd clue on the grid in a drawer? Gives scissors --> one of the presents.
That should keep you going.

Rats! I thought ill steal the present arrie!

Knife for chair

No, that wouldn't be good for those following.
Besides, you probably had some presents anyway this day, didn't you?


I thought the knife was for the chair but I tried it a million times and it doesn't work.

I have to x out. I don't feel like starting over.

For the abacus, move according to the empty spots on the paper

The knife IS for the chair, on the seat, not on the back of it.

Bear you have to zoom on the seat of the chair before the knife will work.

Bear it is! Did you zoom on the red chair in front of your pc?

How does the lipstick work? Should i apply some on my lips?)))

Great game again!
Thank you, Angelika!

Nvm! The hint is mirrored

Dazz, use it on the mirrow

Thanks rudigger lupp, didnt notice it was a mirror

This comment has been removed by the author.

And out! Thanks angelika, nice game
Sorry! But im taking the cake:)

sigh.... lots of comments but none helpful to get me started.

lol, that's sad indeed. Okay :
- there are colourful squares on a wall, focus on the red ones top-middle-bottom.

Jenny, see how many squares are in each row, then click the buttonthat has the first one, then the one that has second one...

Its because red is the only color in all 3 rows

Are you out?!!

excellent game thanks Angelika :)

and nice present for Sharon;)

arrie NL, Austen, Rüdiger Lupp, Dazz Ley
Thank you very much! Sorry the game will be fixed soon.

seb thank you very much!

aww dang it. still crashing after the second computer clue, same place anonymouse and dazz had a problem. nice game up until then.

Shannon, don't switch the letters quickly, start slowly and try not to pass each letter: JAMSG

My game crashed twice. I can't continue. It is when entering the leters.

Angelika thank you so very much for the wonderful Birthday present and the awesome game. Becoming 65 has been a big deal to me and my family. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for the great wishes and honored to be part of the game. It was a nice surprise from both you and G4K. I will always remember this forever. My Son Matt and my Daughter in law Jill and Gianni thank you as well.

Thank you ManiaMechanica and Seb for the birthday wishes and compliments.

Magda, when you enter the letters from the keyboard, stop when you get to the correct letter. (XBCV) They are all before the E. Once you cycle past the letters to the E, the game crashes.

Thank you very much!Happy Birthday Sharon! хо

Oh one more thing ...Angelika xo and ThxACxo

I'll check the game soon and fix the bug

Lovely game - thank you!

lovely game, indeed

Happy Birthday Sharon. This may be the best Butterfly yet! Bravo, 5 stars!

There's no good reason why a red pattern should fit on black buttons. Too cryptic. They should be red too.

Lovely birthday tribute, Sharon! Love the pics of you and your family!

Thanks for another wonderful game, Angelika!

Tiquer and Zoe Many many thanks for your awesome birthday wishes. I agree Tiquer 5 stars! Angelika keeps them coming!

Thanks for the nice game, Sniffmouse!

Happy Birthday, Miss Sharon! And may I say you have a gorgeous family! xox

What a lovely game
I crashed too then figured it out
Happy birthday again Sharon
There is a bottle of the most awesome Bubbly waiting for you when we finally meet either in SF or London!
Hi Dazzy
Angelika ...Once again you come through with an awesome fun game.
I really love how you stay in touch with us and acknowledge in your games the people that post and follow your games.

It was not lost on me that you and Guntars were the only game developers to wish Escape games a happy birthday( that I saw)
Not only are your games fantastic but yoyu also appreciate us.....your fans
That means a Lot
THANK YOU for the hours of pleasure

Clodagh,Ράνια Αλιγιζάκη,Tiquer,Zoe,Codeman,Joe M
thank you very much for nice comments!
Joe M thank you for the kind words!

now everything worked out well. thanks for your help. a beautiful game thanks

I just don't get it. Why is Sharon Raymond in lots of games. Why not Dazz, she is far more valuable. Is Sharon a patron? Weird.

Dumah! I posted that 10:09 am, if you look at the colors you see only red is in all three rows.
Daisy dorset, im grateful for your words, to me playing with the fellow players here and helping as much as i can is enough to love this site, everyone in eg24 is valuable, besides, the game was cool and the cake was awesome!
joe!!! Seeing you in any game makes me happier than anything,good luck my friend, but do not be surprised if the bottle's gone...sorry..couldn't resist)))

This comment has been removed by the author.

Dazz thanks! Daisy anytime you wish for help ask. Not sure I remember the last time you played live with all of us? So why the nasty comments? I don't ask to be in any games...I love each and every developer. Yes I say thank you for their hard work. And that makes me a "patron"? I've been on this site for a few years and I plan on staying. Thanks Kiwi and Joe...lots of hugs to you both! Austen ThxACxo I know you have my back. Angelika thank you!

Ill just wait for lordesigns to play!!!.... then ill steal the present...)))

Thank you Angelika!! Birthday Greetings to Sharon who, as Muse, has inspired one more very exceptional game.

Kerstin,Allso Cawtious Thank you very much!
Sharon my friend, I can congratulate friend happy birthday! And in my games there are many players who gave me their photos. Dazz Ley itself and removed me from friends on Facebook

I'm always glad to new friends and any of you can get into the game who will give me their photos

Angelika, i had to leave fb for long, but fb is not the only way to gain friends from everywhere, just because im no longer there doesn't mean you're no longer my friend or i wouldn't have played your games anymore, or steal your butterflies.. eg24 alone is enough to prove friendship.
Now im not asking you to make me in your game, i just want you to understand my situation. I may have left fb but im not leaving my friends and games

And no one has to be in a game to be considered valuable, all who stay and play in eg24 is valuable!!

And keep it in mind: fb is not your way to gain friends angelika, your games are!!

Dazz Ley, I meant that I didn't see your pics to add them to the game, for me all that is valuable regardless of Facebook

I agree with Dazz
the negatives of faceBook really outweigh the uses right now
i miss the ability of keeping in closer touch but each in its time
This is not a matter of how valuable anyone is
Sharon posts a lot and is very nice to all the developers
She has been and is a favourite of G 4K for a ewhile
She thanks each of them personally and recognises each individuals games
I am not as big a fan of G4K so i dont get a mention.
Angelika however thanks each of us who post comments individually and Guntars recognises us too
Its just a matter of the developers appreciating those who address them to say thanx
Much as I love Dazz she posts great hints and runthroughs that god knows I need but does not address the developers personally like sharon
Its simple
Dont take it to heart!

Joe M! do not feel far, just by posting in a game played and finished by a lot does not mean you're alone, i don't care how long you will take to be here or how busy you are, you probably be here while im snoring, just by seeing your comment is enough)
Thanks for your bubbly, quite delicious!!

YAY!! Thank you so much for another gift, Angelika! I love your beautiful games. It is always like opening a special present. Thanks for making. (I have been honored to be included in a couple of games to my great surprise.) It's just so much fun when developers interact with players! Regardless, I will always play Angelika's wonderful games.

FireFly thank you very much for the kind words!

Good game. Tough getting started but then it was pretty smooth

It's a QWERTY keyboard.

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