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Butterfly Escape 59 Walkthrough

Butterfly Escape 59

SniffMouse - Butterfly Escape 59 is another point and click room escape game created by Angelika for Sniff Mouse. After a long working day you realized that there are 10 butterflies trapped inside in your house. You will need to solve different puzzles and tasks to catch them all. Finally release them to freedom. Good luck and have fun!

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Good evening ladies and gents. Let the butterfly hunt begin.

Yay!!! Thank you Angelika!!! Heading on in....xo

Anyone found something to do?

No not yet Nomivor....still checking out the scenes

I guess knifes and forks are hint for the 2. puzzle on drawer in the living room. Didn't figure out yet how, though.

Im trying to figure letter puzzle?

Make an N with the green riddle in the kitchen. Gives pitcher and a hint.

I am excited, thank you Angelika! Heading in!

bingo got letter puzzle
do it column by column..

Ah, the letters not vertikal but horizontal. Or the other way around. Never quiet figured that one out. But you know what i mean.

aha...Leroy! indeed, JKLMNO

remote used??

remember the spatula...look for the N

Count knives and vorks and click from 1 to 6 in the second drawer puzzle

what to do with book under dinner plate?

Leroy, one puzzle gives you a pencil for that.

switches gonna be hard..
what is on and what is off?

cutlery...from the table

got it LOL

Leroy, they are currently off. So on is once you click them.

Excellent game Angelika Thank you (I did have to re-start though - the 1st time my remote vanished before I could use it on the TV)

Okay, i try to fotograph EVERYTHING. Someday it will work.

Also, i can't bath the camera.

Try the TV

I don't have a remote, though. Gotta find that first? Lets see.

got a key..
I dont remember a keyhole?

In white table

yeah nom for our country that position is on..

Okay, got it. I was so taken aback by how long the stuff in the kitchen was there i didn't think to do the math.

remember to go upstairs!!

And out! Thanks for the game, Angelika.

I cant figure out number clue from four buttons 9 8 2 ?

phin ya need pencil
use on book under plate..

then do red buttons as per book..

Thanks Leroy forgot about that clue.

Any help on the on/off switches, please?

me no capishe 6 button? I got clue..

change one switch at a time to follow the clue

For six button - count the silverware at each place setting and push buttons in order

see Nom comment earlier

oh LOL I was trying to use photo.. TY

Where are you stuck Sharon?

used photo and out LOL TY for all the help

need 4 digit

Leroy, do you mean change the left switch, then the right, then the left, etc? I have tried every combination from top to bottom and back, etc.

Two four digits - one from putting out fire and subtracting/adding dates

Thank you Janet!

got that one....thank you!

The second one was from using pencil on paper under lower left plate. Then go to the Blue number panel on wall. Push the buttons as per each clue - you'll get 4 digits

Kim think of em as both off
then step thru the sequence ya got
1 switch per line..

nice as ever- I enjoyed that. Thanks Angelika

I think it was bottom to top?
just like the stairs clue

Kim, starting with both switches off (up position) 1st click R switch to turn it on, the L switch to turn it on, then R to turn it off etc

Thank you Janet!! got it now...thanks so much!

Thank you, Leroy! I was trying to make it much more complicated lol

Thank you, Janet! I finally got it thru my thick skull!

OMG Thank you Janet!! That was not easy!!

You're very welcome - Angelika is always tricky but we all love that, don't we?

LOL Kim all good

This Was by far one of the hardest Angelika's Games ever! Without the help of Janet I'd be here until tomorrow or maybe the day after! hehe Thank you so very much Angelika for making me crazy! Janet for making me sane! ThxACxo

Minced garlic from 1998? Probably not safe to eat anyomre :(

Lol Bio - you mean you're not still trapped in Darakeguma?

Yet another beautiful game Angelika.
Спасибо мой красивый друг.
Мы скоро будем вместе.
Ты, я , Шарон и Гунтарс !
Время, чтобы получать удовольствие !

Hi Janet.
Are you on FB?

Nope. Was once but I prefer my privacy. Thank you though.

K Stevens, Janet, Nomnivor von bücher verschlingen, enzed, Ράνια Αλιγιζάκη, Sharon, Austen
thank you very much for nice comments all and thanks for playing my games!
Austen I look forward to when we meet!

Thank you so very much Angelika!! Great game!!

Totally respect your privacy Janet.
We're escape buddies here of course.
If you ever change your mind and wish to make contact please let me know.

Aww Angelika didnt mention me..

What a lovely game as everAngelika
Austen and Sharon
How are you guys?
Coming to England in December
Will find a way to contact you prior even though am not on facebook
Probably through Yalcin if thats OK

@Nomnivor von bücher verschlingen horizontal is left to right like the horizon. Vertical is the other one. That's how I remember it.

Joe M thank you very much!
Leroy I wrote to those who mentioned me in comments and I also wrote thank you all)

Thanks for your great games, Angelika, and you regular commenters for you excellent hints.

I'm color blind and can't tell the difference between what I'm assuming are the yellow and green lights on the stairs. Can anybody help? I get where to enter the code, but it's a lot to brute force

David - Green 1st, Cyan - middle, Yellow 3rd. So Middle, 1st, 1st, 3rd, Middle, 3rd, 1st.


But of course, anytime

David Berger thank you very much!

out on my own:)

Can't find blue # panel anywhere and how does the letter hint work??

i'm playing now Jenny, thanks Janet, you need to make sure the switches are off first

Jenny, if you mean the calender, read column by column and see the missing letter
for example, first column....,g,h,i,j so the first letter is F

pitcher for fire

combine hint on fireplace with the three jars with garlic and chilli..

1989 of 4#

for colors of stairs:


Thanks Manon! for 6 button hint

not getting the other 4#? ,clue from using pencil on notebook?

Thanks Angelika for new great game :)

and thanks all for help

Jackpot! forgot there is a panel on the right of dining table,click following the shaded marks of the notebook


candles give hint for last drawer

take picture of screen by camera,use that on the 3 window covers

This comment has been removed by the author.

Lovely game Angelika, thanks:)

Hey Joe!
sending you a magic carpet to fly you to England!
Enjoy your trip:))

Hope you guys had happy Easter holidays!

Great game again, Angelika, thank you! I must admit I was lucky enough to use the polaroid camera on the TV screen right after getting it.

Just the right amount of braintwisting without getting a headache.

seb, Dazz Ley,meritneith thank you very much!

Another great game, Angelica! I can never seem to catch a live one. Is that a pic of you? Gorgeous!!!

Joe M.....we look forward to your trip to England!

on/off switches crap, not logic

lobster Many thanks, no, it not I)

switches? please

Switches have a nice twist, makes you a bit uncertain, and gives a YAY when solved, lol.
Thanks Leroy for the combination book/buttons, I forgot about that book.
Thanks Angelika, great game.

ester you go from left to right, and top to bottom.

The switches are in off-position, so first click the right switch (on).
The second row shows both switches on, so click the left switch.
The third row shows the right switch off, so click the right switch.
Fourth row both are off (click the left one),
fifth row left one is on.

Yea on the music Angelika. Is much better playing w/ music, and it's not crappy background filler stuff.


arrie NL, Tiny Apple Slices thank you very much!

(That was a nice surprise at the end!) What I especially like about Angelika's games is that when I start I think "oh,no - too hard - I'll never finish", and then bit by bit, everything falls in place!! Thanks for the keeping the gray cells active!!!

Allso Cawtious thank you very much!

Wow, Angelika! This was an amazing game. Really had to puzzle...the best part! Thanks for making! :)

FireFly thank you very much!

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