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Dark Report 1 Walkthrough

Dark Report 1

BiancoBianco - Dark Report Escape 1 is another Japanese point and click type room escape game from Bianco-Bianco. In this game you are locked in a room and you try to escape the room by collecting items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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Got ink and pen (placed) and a key.


Numbers around the room are radio frequences.
Got SD from dress, also a thingy that reads "I love you forever"

There's a puzzle to the left of the butterfly CB.
Got 3 hints already (1 from dark corner and 2 from radio)

Open box, see pic...

I can't seem to find key?

Got it left of lamp on floor.

key is in lamp on the floor.

I can't do anything with radio on desk

After puzzle, get part for pic and use SD on it's loose part.


I have a open box with a pic inside
a paper w/ ink and pen
a silent useless radio
a puzzle on door, where i can hit one button (9x9)

Wait for lightning to flash were key was also.

ok, after you have done something, you have to check all hotspots again and again...

Hm.. you need to do things in order..

See pic in box then wait for ghost to go to dress get sd

I guess after u see the couple pic, u need to head back to the CB (bottom part). Then u see the second frequency and radio starts working.

go around again and bottom cb opens for books and a clue.

Now radio works.

1700 not working yet and radio?

@bandytrc check the table again!

Ok, next step for me was to go to bottom part of door

Thanks NINI that opens drawer! new code now.

Love block now for grid.

after clicking the 3x3 grid, you won't get a response, but you can use SD on top part of cabinet.

2800 also on cb door.

Finally out
Not my cup of tea :(

Were is square hint for 3x3 grid?

You only need 3 clues for grid
(1 from corner, wait for lightning, 2 from radio)

That thing I thought it was a soap goes on bottom of that grid

Got it check paper again.

Thanks for all the help!

Stuck somewhere in the middle.
But the been-going-round-clicking-on-every-pixel-for-the-past-hour-still-nothing kind of stuck.

Discovered that the good old TAB method works which revealed to me a couple of apparently useless hotspots (I guess they're gonna come into play later). I've discoverfed a couple of things, made a lot of headway, but now I seem to be utterly at loss.

I am stuck. I have seen 3 hints for the grid but grid does not work. Do I have to do something to it first??

OK, turns out I got stuck because I failed to notice that the hint on the sheet of paper changed... From there it was straightforward.

A good one.

For those having problem with 3x3 grid, push from 1-5, x is not to be pushed:

Loved it! Thank you.

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