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Abandoned Tastykake Factory Escape Walkthrough

Abandoned Tastykake Factory Escape

EightGames - Abandoned Tastykake Factory Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Eight Games. During his US trip, a tourist trapped inside The Abandoned Tastykake Factory. There are some clues, puzzles and objects left. Find those objects and hints, solve the puzzles and help the tourist to escape out. Good luck and have fun!

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I'm having trouble with the last puzzle - I'd rather eat the Macaroons - be easier than swapping them around............

eventually got it, only by following the WT vid...took ages, this puzzle definately needed a quit option

i thought cloth is for cleaning and not for the word puzzle :D

I'm still missing a Macaroon, and I still have a barrel and an ice chest to open.
My inventory is empty and I can't find anything else to use.

and where to use the air-push ?

Pete, use the air-push where you thought to use the cloth.

Also, is there a clue for the 3 x 4 pictures?

aha,found it...where i thought i should use cloth,used air-push :D

thank you Peggy :D

I just brute forced the pictures puzzle.
Got everything else that I was missing.

now i am stuck with pictures,barrel and the other box ...

Peggy,give me a hand with those pictures :D

Pete, I don't remember.
I'll have to start over.
I THINK the pink cake was 1st, then the girl?????

Pink cake is 1st, then the girl, then the brown cake, then the salad.

yes Peggy,thank you !!!!!!


Where is word-puzzle, please?

It is in the room with graffiti 570 on the wall. On the belly of the teddy bear.

The hamburger puzzle is impossible.

I finally got all the burgers on the correct colors and nothing happened. I was like grrrrrrrr. But then I clicked on of the green burgers to move it again and then the door opened to give me the key.

Finally out. It was great until that burger puzzle.

Bear, thnx!

I don't want to be rude but I play the game twice and each time a piece disappears from my inventory(one time the paper for 3X2 grid and the other the w paper for arrows and letters which gave color clue and so on). I don't want to play again.

Yeah, my 3x2 grid pieces disappeared too. I'm not going through all that again.

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I had to move green piece out before it opened for key

Last puzzle needs some work. It did not give me a key right away after solving it. I had to click around on the innermost ones.

anybody got any clues

Missing one burger, one puzzle piece, one brown paper piece and inventory is empty. Barrel and Chest still undone. I'm stuck. Any suggestions?

1 brown paper piece is in the octagonal box you need to find an opener I came across it n one of the floors don't remember which,

trying to match the candy puzzle squarescan't find a clue & it won't brute force

the barrel on the ground I can't open got nothing left in my inventory, the barrel I picked up opened with a hammer that was on one of the floors kept finding tools after going around a few times

the chest opens with the knife I think it has a brown piece in it a bit hard to pick up

still missing one burger maybe it's in the barrel or candy puzzle

ah the big chest I can;t find anything to open that it was the box I was referring to earlier

probably needs a spanner will try to find one

I think the last puzzle piece was in the dot box which you solve after getting all the brown bits together

solved the candy puzzle opened the chest then the barrel for last burger can't get the burgers to move grrr

burgers moving need to get a colour sequence it's a pig to do

if you follow blue red green & purple on last line make sure colours are in sequence & out not easy but good game

Ugh, I've had two things disappear from my inventory. I wish they'd test these games properly before releasing them.

Tried restarting and even more things disappeared from the inventory. Game is a piece of crap!

I lost a brown piece. Clicked on the house to go back to menu, said yes want to quit, then chose resume and my piece was now there even though previously there was nothing in my inventory. Then I could finish the game.

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