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Escape From The Magic Primeval Forest Walkthrough

Escape From The Magic Primeval Forest

EightGames - Escape From The Magic Primeval Forest is another point and click escape game developed by Eight Games. During his Europe trip, a tourist trapped inside the Magic Primeval Forest. There are some clues, puzzles and objects left. Find those objects and hints, solve the puzzles and help the tourist to escape out. Good luck and have fun!

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leaves give hint for colored mushrooms

club behind word code rock

brown pebbles go to hole for word code

wood to get torch,use on cave

branch on the left scene
beside the log
brown mushroom
leaves under the large rock right scene

hi Dazz, it looks not so hard

sure may be missing scenes? nowhere to use magic wand or get the rest of the crystals,which go on the rocks on the right after click each top of it

Pete!! we meet again!! did you take my crystals?))

Jackpot!! click each mushroom the number of clicks

yes,i have some crystals :D

but i m not in the cave yet,still missing wood for torch

i have diamond,club and heart,missing the last one black sign

PB- by the vesw, next to the cave for the Black Spades

well, the magic wand is magic! moves everything away ....:D

thx enzed

I have 4 crystals and a magic wand that don't seem to do anything

PB vesw should read "leaves"

3 of my crystals claim to be Rubies - the other claims to be a knife!!!!

had to go for a while, enzed, those crystals go on the rocks in right scene,click the tops for colors

Mine don't Dazz- is there a way to know which rock is which colour. And what do I do with the wand?

yeah I saw that knife-crytal, I used it to cut some fruit and make myself lemonade))

now you're making me thirsty!

Enzed, did you zoom on the rocks? click one by one to show colors, put your crystals there
you will use the wand for them, I used mine to fetch me a glass of water from the kitchen))

hey no problemo! I sent you some lemonade

yeah- I zoomed in, I can change the colours but can't do anything to place the crystals

that lemonade is sooooo goooood! thanks

I kept clicking till the colors stopped, then placed the crystals

where is the magic wand please?

my colours don't stop

I think it came from the symbols code,hint in cave after using torch, I put it back there!))

hang on, replaying

Sorry Kerstin- I honestly don't remember :-(

but enzed, did you zoom first on your mushrooms?

enzed took it kerstin!!))

thank dazzy. but a branch or a knife and I still lack. the fire is already at

hang on kerstin!
enzed, see the mushroom sizes, and click each rock the same color and size

I've had enough of this- Red X from me I'm afraid. I don't usually play eightgames as they are generally pretty dire- the standards haven't improved I see!

again the mushrooms? the crystals are already on the rocks

it would sometimes be nice if you could make screenshots. I thank you for the help. it looks like I'm stuck. So a nice day yet

kerstin, you're supposed to get the crystals from the mushrooms, unless your game's bugged?

no, the crystal I got. they put on top of the rock. what resulted from it?

kerstin, wood comes from the four shapes, if you lit the fire using the rocks, you'll get your wand

ok, restart :) test

diamond, far right
club, behind word rock,
spade and heart on right branches left scene

sorry, have no experience on using screenshots

well, let's leave it. I have to wait for the video. I have no magic wand, no wood, no spade. never mind a nice day yet

but a nice day all. sorry, google translator

did the hill colours nothing happened

got a nice fire going & lit the torch

nice easy game thanks eight games nice hints Dazzy

Quick and easy game.

Lame game.

Very buggy game. Cursor kept freezing and mushroom deal was very confusing.

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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