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Royal Palace Of Madrid Escape Walkthrough

Royal Palace Of Madrid Escape

EightGames - Royal Palace Of Madrid Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Eight Games. During his Europe trip, a tourist trapped inside the Royal Palace Of Madrid.There are some clues, puzzles and objects left. Find those objects and hints, solve the puzzles and help the tourist to escape out. Good luck and have fun!

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Lions go on pedestal 1st room to the right of start room.

gold buttons go top of stairs in 1st room, still need something else though.....

sneaky box under brown chair in 'throne room'

stuck now, found lots of things and can't find where to put them.

Yellow buttons are for the slider in red room a few room to the left.

put the white piece of paper on the knife to spell a 5 letter word, I still need to find where it's used...

I put a pink medallion on a box, but can't figure out how to open it. Or maybe it goes someplace.

Help help help!!! XD

AHA the 5 letter word goes on the wall just above the brown chair.

found a ring on the right piano, that goes on the box and it opened :)

very sneaky ring on piano..

snap LOL

2 lions placed room left of pianos..

red buttons used same room

The 2 swords are the color code for the arrow 1st room to the left

2 yellow arrow buttons go start scene

found only 1 spear, it went into the picture room 2 to the left on the statues pedestal. Still looking for the other.

left room with down arrow takes 4 leaves

can you read what on knife?

Hi Leroy, I'm hoping you get further than I have :)

smashed vase with hammer

LOL Im trying..

The 4 gold leaves (flowers) go under the table in the most left room.

my box didnt open when I placed ring??


word on knife is

hourglass has 4 digit clue..

Leroy you need the pink medallion for the center of the ring.

tht code used piano room..


2 spears placed..

I can't find the 4th piece of paper to the the last puzzle and I still need one more sword.

weapon code used..
tip Tab works just keep hitting it..

I mean one more spear.

will get word to wok now LOL didnt realise I had to combine paper\knife..

I tried the TAB key but still couldn't find the spear :(

sorry I thought my clue at 1:38 was good :(

you missing middle paper piece?

it OK
I think 1 spear some where right sitting in left corner of a room..

I find that damn paper I will have escaped LOL

AHA I found the last spear in the last room to the left standing in the corner of the room. :)

found it LOL right room with gold lions around throne..

damn I still need 1 paper..

Paper clue parts:
1st room left from start
3rd room left from start
4th room left from start
3rd room right from start

After an hour and a half of playing and struggling, the gear puzzle is too hard for me :( I consider myself out.

It took me forever to do the gear puzzle as well. It must be too early for my brain to work properly, but I finally got it.

gear puzzle was easy for me, nice game :D

Thanks Lynn for where to place the word, thanks Peggy for the puzzle pieces. I still can't find the third from the top. Not going to spend more time on it, but thanks for posting.

Do I need to explain the word POP ?
Was walking back and ...

I watched the walkthrough to see what the goal of the gear puzzle is. Do you connect all the solid ones? lol, the person there struggles back and forth. But no, not necessary to connect them all.

Gear puzzle connect the two large gears with the smaller ones avoiding the two broken ones.

thank you Teddy, yes, that's the correct way to explain it.

bug game

arrie NL needed you to share where you found the third piece down please remember others are looking

pop found it left of the exit door

Took forever to make the gears connect and start moving but nothing happened

Final puzzle doesn't work. I checked the walkthrough and everything is correctly arranged but it won't open

The walls were almost headache inducing in their business. The hardest part was finding all of the paper pieces. I loved that the gear puzzle wasn't too hard. I'm thoroughly sick of people putting horrible slider puzzles that are just too difficult. Nice work.

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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