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Ena Rescue The Trapped Romeo Walkthrough

Ena Rescue The Trapped Romeo

EnaGames - Ena Rescue The Trapped Romeo Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Ena Games. Imagine a situation that there are two lovers named romeo and juliet. Juliet was waiting for the romeo's arrival. Romeo got a gift and he is on the way to meet Juliet. Meanwhile, he got trapped and lost the gift for her. As a player, you need to rescue the romeo as soon as possible and to get the back the gift for him. This could be achievable only if you have the courage to do it. Surely you will succeed by finding the necessary objects and solving the puzzles to rescue the romeo. Good luck and have fun!

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LOL 2 sticks and no Juliet yet...

third stick is next to rock, use stone to break car window

3 sticks and no idea
think arrow clue with words for the 6 colour puzzle..

OK TY Plotz I go hunt rock now..

new clue related to the arrow clue now..

Hmm simpler than I thought..

more sticks after using axe LOL

rearranged sticks but unsure what to put in bowl? Prob for dog?

OH cooker just put in front of dog..

damn Im lazy LOL anyone solved number prob from clue?

Nvm worked it out..

worked out spinny colours..

cut up rope with knife and tied the sticks..

dropped 3 sticks thing and added pulley..
Juliet now on dry land..

No idea what planks for???

or blank paper?

leroy, in outside scene you can go down

Oh oops TY

there is juliet but I need 4 planks?

5 planks LOL got colour clue

LOL out
needed to wrap egg in paper

if i would have known that he must marry in the end i rather would have let him stuck there in the quicksand ;)

Nice version of Romeo and Juliet.

4 stars.

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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