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Escape Plan: Shopping Mall Walkthrough

Escape Plan: Shopping Mall

Oyunlar1 - Escape Plan: Shopping Mall Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Selfdefiant for Oyunlar 1. Welcome to the shopping mall. Oh I remember, you're not here voluntarily. We put you here after everybody left to test your puzzle skills... with a little bit of adrenaline rush. Look around, find clues, collect items and solve puzzles to get out of this shopping mall! Good luck and have fun!

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Key in billiard table

Pool cue in bro bros

Key on a key board! LOL

Pool cue to get token from camera, for super clou

Hi bandy! No playing basketball plz! We gotta get out of here

LOL I only gave the dog a bone! no Basket ball :P

Dollar from cola machine to get another token

Lizards love to eat flys LOL

What?! Let me check, think im pkaying another game

Look close at cash tender.

LOL You just have not got to it yet!

No! Its the same bandy, im in a shopping mall

I just got out of pet shop.

Yes you have some more stores to go.

Well come help me in the candy shop I am stuck!

Nvm! In second room now

Ok Key behind bear gives cleaner for coin for last gumball.

Key on keyboard

Sale for 3#

Sorry bandy!! I stole a candy so they locked you in)))

LOL I am in toy store trying to catch a Helo!

You mean hello kitty???

Golf club to switch on the light right corner

Has anyone found all 3 batteries in the toy shop?

No helicopter, I need 2 more batteries.

Yuck! Fly on phone for lizard

Bandy has them deeanne!!!!

Deanna check both bens on shelf

Key on cash machine for safe

Got the helicopter! Yea!

In candy shop now!

This comment has been removed by the author.

Color bears for six color code

That gets you out Good game!

Sale for 3#

Now in toy store! I bet bandy took all those toys!!

HEHE!!! :P

Gs5 gives word clue

Green and red buttons on radio for 3#, add them

Hexagon shaped behind yellow truck

Took me a while where to use sd, behind the radio

Bandytrc,thanks. I know I did all that, but I only ended up with 2. I'll have to start over.

Missing last golf ball in sports store

POP! Missed the colour box in the folded shirts

POP! Missed the colour box in the folded shirts

Missing last golf ball in sports store

Stuck on word box in Toy store, can anyone help please?

Thanks, Daz, that was the missing one. I really thought I had clicked everywhere possible on that radio.

Golf balls - put football on stand. Open far left locker. Use present colors on blue box - lower right shelf

Word box - click on GS5 game and a word in red lights up above it

Thanks very much Janet I did that but nothing happened or maybe I missed it the first time?

Same as you unknown...

nevermind, the word is there already

Not bad, a bit pixelly when you get to the toy room.

Cedar Hill Mall. Lol, does SD live in Texas?

Nothing I can see to do when I get to the toy store. I picked up the hexagon block, there is a green car a dragon and a pink teddy bear. A machine with GS5 (which I assume is a clue) there is nothing else clickable that I can tell. I've tried all of the floor tiles, behind the shelves and around the machine....nothing. I must be missing something obvious because it seems everyone else can advance.

I found a video walkthrough and it seems my game glitched and I was left with mostly empty shelves. I'll try to go through the game again and see what happens.

Game is normal now, just wanted to inform anyone else that it glitched and too just reload and try again. It's a fun and enjoyable game :)

clues are somewhat confusing....I can't find the 3rd golf ball to get out of the 2nd room :(

found 3rd ball in blue box on lowest shelf to the right. (gym)

in toy room click on left edge to turn radio around for a battery, and 3# clue

stuck in pet shop, need last diamond. what to do with the dog?

nevermind, in candy shop, now.

nevermind, in candy shop, now.

i dont see a 3 # clue on back of radio

i dont see a 3 # clue on back of radio

one2read- in front of radio, green number 120
red number 160
Back of radio, green + red = yellow.
Yellow = 3 number box.

Good game. 4 stars

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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