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Jamming with Grandma Walkthrough

Jamming with Grandma

MouseCity - Jamming with Grandma is another point and click adventure game developed by Carmel Games for Mouse City. Madeline is taking part in the senior center's jam making contest. She has already won three times in a row, however now she needs the help of her granddaughter Kaitlyn if she wants to win again. Good luck and have fun!

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the only hard part was the 4 color-code. comes from the bed (hard to see). rest is a nice and easy game

I always enjoy these games.

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Always fun and most of the time they make sense. Plus you don't have to watch 10 minutes of commercials just to play.

They produce the best escape games .. much better than the ad laden virus touting other sites we have seen recently.

Well not everyone is as smart as you but I guess you all forget that the point of coming here is to get hints and help not to just read that you're out smh

Im stuck after getting kidnapped and all I have is cookies and a lollipop

Push the red button to cut the ropes. Talk to people and you'll find out who wants the cookies and the lollipop



1. Get cookies from the oven.
2. Examine everything else. Go right.
3. Click the safe on the right and use the color sequence from the jam jars. Take the lollipop.
4. Notice the colors of the bed sheet. Use it to open the safe on the right. Take the note. Go back.
5. Use the note on the piano to get the musical notes sequence. Use the musical sequence on the cabinet safe. Take the key. Go right.
6. Use the key on the painting with a keyhole. Take money and go out.


1. Press the red button to free yourself.
2. Take sugar. Click the painting to reveal a safe.
3. Go left.


1. Talk to the boy. Go inside the store.


1. Give cookies to the old man.
2. Buy the pears to the right.
3. Go out.

2. Use the lizard on the drain to get a key.
3. Give the boy the pear. Now you have a peeled pear.
4. Go inside the Sugar warehouse again.


4. Use the key on the safe. Go out and back to the outside of the house.


1. Give the lollipop to the kid.
2. Take lemon from the tree.
3. Go inside the house and give grandma the ingredients.

yay, love these games, glad to see them coming out more frequently

really nice game alot of puzzles but i dont mind :)

I spend a fortune for a bus tickets...

Smooth sailing for me after finding out that you can go right in granma's kitchen.

TVM @f93 for your effort to write a walkthrough.

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