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Kitchen Room Escape Walkthrough

Kitchen Room Escape

Games4King - G4K Kitchen Room Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Games 4 King. Assume that you went to your backyard of your house to water your plants at night. While you were enjoying the moonlight in your backyard, a strong breeze at night makes your doors in the house to get locked; now you need the house keys to escape. So use your skills to collect the necessary items to escape from your house. Good luck and have fun!

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stuck with items and some clues..

hi guys!
use scissor for leaf on plant

put leaves in oven??

Hiya dazz
Been trying letter clue on kitten switches??

weird oven hood has clue hidden under the bar clue..

sorry leroy, trouble posting

I used letter hint on fume hood for switches, drawer opens

knife for chair

hacked up chair LOL

put toffees on top of fridge

but I'm missing one

click under fridge..

I need a tap...
put cup in sink..

Close door on OLDGLORY Puzzle use #'s to get word code.

combine number with old glory for letter code

hey bandy!!
Can't get cup?

Missing s toffee also have on from under fridge ?

Ya I can click on plate but not the cup?

I think I ate it bandy!!

cup from oolour code

Drop how to get color code?

I have bowl, key, 6 pics, candle, oil, lighter, lever and milk. Cannot find or solve anything else.

Roberto you are way ahead of me! LOL

pour water in fridge plant?

look at colour of object..

I'm not! Noo oldglory puzzle for me so far.

and Hiya Mr Clown LOL

Humm Roberto have not seen any of that stuff yet?

old glory puzzle : YLLOO

OK walk away come back and take 4 more leaves..

Hi Drop all I see for colors are stars?

hmmm. Am I playing a diferent game?


put chopped up baked tealeaves in blue cup..

no if ya look fridge it yellow
behind plant it is white etc

oops, sorry! I meant D

pour tea on cloth, wipe kitty

last candy under blue cup..

sorted candies and got a colour code?

LOL Dazz no prob. I guess I need a spoiler on colors I can't get them?

wet cloth with blue cup tea..

pink yellow grey white as I recall

This comment has been removed by the author.

use cloth on kitty..

sorry bandy! but lost here too,can't get last candy and no color clue

Same thing Dazz?

card in slot gives puzzle on plant..

4 colour?
look colour of object and square position

Pink Yellow Gray white.

Jackpot I missed the squares on chair and fridge!!

Im unsure how to use red wall clue

how to use blank parts of clue?

not pink, maroon like

I gotta work how stars relate to plant puzzle I think..

Link took me to a different game!

Were was cloth?

aha clue on fridge door..

Out finally LOL

will hang around if needed
that was a good game

bandy it was under chair cushion, Leroy hid it there!!

Thanks Dazz was hard to see!!

LOL blame the easter bunny OK

That wall hint was long winded LOL

Thanks Leroy!

Maybe a Drop Easter bear? LOL

Now to eat those toffees before Joe comes:))


good game. For a change something different and harder.

how does the oven vent word clue help with the kitty buttons?

Lee Jones, click the buttons the same position of mirrored or upside down letters

for word look if letter is written upside down or not (if yes = down position)


good game thanks !

mmm didnae like that clue. thanks guys

mmm didnae like that clue. thanks guys


Great puzzles in this one thank you G4K.

Now that was a great game! Thank you G4K Team!! very nice game! ThxACxo

This game is a nearly exact copy
of "Sanpoman - Dokudami Escape"!

Sanpoman did a much better job
of it 3 years ago!

I wander if anyone's toes
were stepped on?

I would like this game if it wasn't completely ripped off. I hate people who take credit for other people's work.

Too confusing for me.

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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