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Locked Kids House Escape 2 Walkthrough

Locked Kids House Escape 2

FirstEscapeGames - Locked Kids House Escape 2 is another point and click escape game developed by First Escape Games. This is a comfy kid’s house. You are stuck inside it because the door is locked from outside. You are desperate to get out as you have been stuck inside for a long time. Try to escape from the house by utilizing the things you find inside the house and solving puzzles with the help of them. Good luck and have fun!

Play Locked Kids House Escape 2

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Shape the symbols of circles for clue

Paper with arrows in drawer for dots

now that is annoying
the lighter red close to deeper red..

43 on lamp for light first scene

Hiya dazz
Im trying to break the colour onr

9527 on white pad for clock

idiot programmers..
darker goes low...

Dices for 4# colored

keep spinning til ya get flowers colour code..

Pictures and handles go round black dot, lamps go under

Count the lines on butterflies backs for butterflies

where to use 4 lamps?

butterflies getting me..

and 4 orange buttons?

colors on stars is a pain LOL

What's the clue 223 from book for?

4 lamps go on cabinet and then 4 buttons on lamps.
Not a bad game at all :)

223 is for the 3x3 grid with the 3 dots. It's about the amount of steps and direction.

223 for the puzzle with orange dots

Leroy count the lines on their backs!

I did I think my eyesight going LOL

Same here Drop did clicks and I see no order for them?

Thanks but don't get orange dots and 223.

The butterflies is not about order, but the amount of clicks.

Hey guys! Have you got blue ink? Use it on the colored black last scene, don't spill it bandy!))

Thanks ST I had the little green one at 3 clicks it is 2 clicks.

Block not black

Sorry Dazz too late LOL :P

Aaah TY ST glad ya here
I should have thought that one..

but watch colour clue
It looks reversed on shades of red LOL or that my eyesight?

Lol, you shouldn't be here, Leroy :P
Team riddle starts in 10 minutes.

Well need one more pic? 9572 clue still active as well as 4 flowers pic. ?

I put 1 orange dot second spot from left top row
1 orange dot 2nd spot from right middle row
1 orange dot 3rd spot from right bottom row.

10 mins? OK Im going LOL

It's the amount of steps and you have to start with top, then middle and then bottom.
So, the 2nd should be all the way right as well.

still stuck lol.
Amount of steps?
so, I need to move 2 positions left (top)
2 positions right (middle)
and 3 positions right (bottom)?
Is it?
That's what I'm doing.
How the middle row should be all the way right?

Ok! Got it! Amount of steps from initial position.

LOL ST I go look and it appears over..

Took me forever to find the number behind the curtain, beside the 9572 clue. I almost gave up, and accidentally found that hot spot.

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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