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Medieval Castle Chojnik Escape Walkthrough

Medieval Castle Chojnik Escape

FirstEscapeGames - Medieval Castle Chojnik Escape is another point and click escape game developed by First Escape Games. Assume that you were sighting the medieval castle Chojnik which is a lovely castle on a hill top. You were busying going around the castle and marveling at its beauty and when you came back to the entrance point, you find the door has been locked. You are at a loss. You must get out of the castle. But it is not as easy as you might think. In order to escape from the castle, you must use your puzzle solving skills with the help of hints and clues. Good luck and have fun!

Play Medieval Castle Chojnik Escape
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yikes...this could be a bit tough...no cursor alert.

My cursor changes but I can't find anything to pick up lol

well, i'm getting absolutely nowhere...was able to find and pick up a rock. wooohoo.

Use the letters (CKST) that you can find next to the A=1 board

use them where tribble?

There is a 4 letter puzzle board but I forget where...I think it was somewhere near the last scenes

got it. thank you!

I restarted Cate, the letter puzzle is to the right of the stone steps

thank you again, but i'm sorry you had to go to the trouble...tried to use the axe on log...but, no, that would be to easy.

Use the wheel below the green guy in the first scene

The axe is used in the second scene on the right tree. Now I am stuck with a barrel, a stone thing with symbols and one round stone

i've done that...and, used shovel, axe, 2nd rock, and, now, i'm back to a standstill.

What are we supposed to do with the colored star wheel?

so tribble, here is a little tidbit...click mushrooms (the numerical value of the letter) and you get a color code.

Thanks Cate!

and that should carry you through to where you get the clue for the color wheel...that's where i'm at now.

I have the honey comb, what do I do with it?

I used the honey comb, now all I have is the barrel and the stone thing with smbols. How do I find the color wheel hint?

ok, bear with me...you gave the honeycomb to the ants? didn't it give you a knife?

sorry, the knife gave you the honeycomb, duh.

when the ants moved, what did you get? i forgot.

I haven't found the ants yet :-(

well, that's where you used the honeycomb. the first scene, with the buddha, lower right.

I forget what I found lol (I am leaving helpful hints, not!) but all i have left is the barrel and stone thing with symbols

and I still haven't found the 3rd round stone

okay, hang tight...just finished...will run through real quick.

I finally found the 3rd stone in the first scene upper left

ahh, good...that should get you to where you want to be...will hang here for you.

Thanks Cate, I am out. I couldn't of finished without you!

you are so welcome,nor i without you...thank you.

Where to use rope?

Attach the rope to the bucket (that you find under the rock) and use them in the well in the last scene to get the frog.

Use the shovel twice, once on the ground scene where you place 3 stones, and on barrel in scene with 3 no. box.

This one was very linear; in some ways that makes it easier because you have a somewhat clear path to the end, but in a lot of ways its harder because there is literally only one thing you can do to move the game forward.

@Missy Moo: Combine the rope with the bucket. You use it at the well at the last scene.

Feeling stupid. What to do with the frog?

I'm stuck with a snake puzzle without a clue that I can locate and a damned frog that makes no sense to me at all.

Finally found the hotspot way up in the second scene.

Ryan, same place I was. Scene 2, up on rock face, use frog to get snake clue.

Thanks Lurker I had nearly worn out my mouse. Typical for First Escape....

Walkthrough (Spoiler Alert!)

Scene 1:
- Get round stone #1 upper left corner.
- Hotspot at chained door (exit).
- Hotspot at green Buddha statue.
- Hotspot at Mushrooms with CDEF letters.
- Hotspot at swarm of ants on ground.
- Hotspot at round stone at far right. Click stone and it rolls to the right.

Scene 2
- Hotspot at 3 holes at top left of screen. This is where the round stones go.
- Hotspot at ground at bottom of screen.
- Hotspot at tree trunk at far right of screen.
- Hotspot at boulder at base of cliff in center of the screen.
- Hotspot at hole at the top of the cliff at the top-center of the screen.

Scene 3
- "A=1, Z=26" sign (clue needed for mushroom puzzle in scene 1).
- Hotspot at tree trunk to right of sign. Clue says "C K S T".
- Hotspot at barrel with gold leaves.
- Hotspot at 4-number puzzle.
- Hotspot at wheel with colored stars puzzle.

Scene 4
- Hotspot at 4-letter puzzle. Input 'C K S T'. Get Ship's Wheel.

Scene 5
- Hotspot at box with 3-number puzzle at bottom left.
- Hotspot at barrel at top left.
- Hotspot at tree stump at middle left.
- Note: There is a thing at the bottom right that looks like a knife. You cannot pick it up; ignore it.

Scene 6
- Hotspot at honeycomb in tree.
- Hotspot at tree trunk for 4-color puzzle.
- Hotspot at door in wall.
- Hotspot at well.

Part 2 of Walkthrough

Scene 1
- Use Ship's Wheel where you moved the round rock. Click on it to turn it. The Green Buddha statue opens and reveals a scroll. Take Scroll. Open scroll to reveal '543' clue.
- Click the 'C' mushroom 3 times, the 'D' mushroom 4 times, the 'E' mushroom 5 times, and the 'F' mushroom 6 times. Get 4-color clue (Red, Green, Yellow, Blue).

Scene 5
- Use 543 clue on box. Get Key.

Scene 6
- Use key on door in wall. Get Barrel. Get Hatchet.
- Use color code on tree trunk. Get Knife.

Scene 2
- Use hatchet on tree trunk. Get 6375 code.

Scene 3
- Input 6375 code. Get shovel.

Scene 2
- Use shovel on dirt. Get Snake Puzzle Stone.

Scene 5
- Use shovel on barrel. Get horn.
- Click on horn. Click on it again to shake out the 2nd round stone. Take the round stone.

Scene 6
- Use knife to cut the honeycomb. Take piece of honeycomb.

Scene 1
- Use honeycomb at swarm of ants. Get 3rd round stone.

Scene 2
- Place all 3 round stones at holes. Get saw.

Scene 5
- Use saw on tree stump. Get direction clue (Right, Down, Left; Up-Right, Down-Left, Down-right).

Scene 3
- Use direction clue to point the tops of the leaves in the correct direction. Get Crowbar.

Scene 2
- Use crowbar on boulder at base of cliff. Get bucket.
- Click on barrel in inventory. Use crowbar to pry off cover. Get scroll. Open scroll to reveal clue for wheel with colored stars.

Scene 3
- Click on wheel with colored stars and orient the stars to look like the picture. To move a star click on it, then click on any adjacent star and they will switch places. It's easy to do, but time consuming. Get Rope.

Scene 6
- Click on bucket in inventory. Use rope to tie-it to the bucket. Take the bucket/rope combo.
- Click on the well. Use the bucket/rope combo. Click on frog in bucket.

Scene 2
- Click on hole in cliff. Use Frog to lure out the Snake with the clue on it.
- Click on the Snake Puzzle Stone in your inventory. use the clue from the snake to match the symbols. Get Exit key.

Scene 1
- Use key on exit door. Win.

+1 soundtrack

Just forget it! First, you find a zillion places where you can do nada and then you have to find something to interact with those places. Too random!

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