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Mirchi Escape Castle 2 Walkthrough

Mirchi Escape Castle 2

MirchiGames - Mirchi Escape Castle 2 is another point and click series escape game developed by Mirchi Games. You have to escape by finding the main door gemstones of the castle. Assume that you are stuck inside the castle and have to escape from their by solving puzzles and collecting hidden objects and get the misplaced gemstones. Click on the objects to interact and use them at appropriate places. Good luck and have fun!

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play button opens new tab and loads http://www.mirchigames.com again

Yes - MIRCHI! Great!


Nini, same here!
Mirchi, can you fix that please?

Flags for chest

First sword beind barrels

Blue gem right of gate

Hi Dazz Ley - how did you manage to open the game? I'm playing in FF and it won't load.

Gear and lever for gate

Hi nini and rudiger, we didn't see the mistake like which you said.

Playing in chrone nini! Works fine

Check every crates and barrels for hidden gems and swords

Sliders hint rightost scene beside grid

Good one Mirchi. Thank you. worked fine in chrome?

Great, as always! Thanks, Mirchi!

same problem in chrome: play button doesn't start the game and opens a new tap...

hmm, okay, thanks Dazz.

Mirchi: everything works fine (incl. the ad...) until I get the 'play'-button. pressing it opens a new tab and loads http://www.mirchigames.com

well, never mind!

Quarter shades for lines after opening new room of sliders

hi Hotz - glad I'm not the only one with that problem! ;)

will come back later.

Have fun and good luck to all who managed getting the game to load!

Swords for sheilds in room of sand, yellow gem left panel

Hi all! I tried Chrome and had the same problem. Will try FF now.

I tried 3 browsers: chrome, opera and IE with same problem.

Sorry about that nini!

Magnet for sand

never mind Dazz - it's no drama :)

Hi players, Are you still facing the problem?

My last gem was the blue one in sheild of beginningscene

Gems go on columns of symbols

Nothing. No FF, no Chrome.

Thanks Mirchi - all good now!

Yes. Still the same problem

Do something mirchi plz! Im trapped there:)

Yes. Still the same problem

Hi everyone. Change gems according to barrels outside.
Worked fine in Chrome but couldn't post.

Rudigger lupp are you out?!!!

The banners are for the grid

Yes Dazz.
Nice game - thanks Mirchi!

Hi rudiger, do you get the problem again?

I tried IE now, same problem. :-(

No, this time all went out perfect
Thanks for fixing it (in my case) ;-)

Hello players, we didn't see any issue from our end. Kindly try again. Thanks for playing.

I tried again after emptying my cache, still won't let me in. Well, maybe I'm lucky later. Thanks Mirchi for helping!

hello Mirchi ,hello everybody :D

Hello petebarbu :)

Worked perfectly in IE

and out ,everything worked fine for me, nice game Mirchi !

worked fine FF


Thank you PeteBarbu and kevaus :)

love your games mirchi

they are sensible,logical and fun !

The reason why the play-button isn't working for some might be an overlapping ad. I closed one invisible ad from an X and had no problems at any point (Opera browser).

Nice game mirchi

Excellent game! Thank you.

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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